Barcelona – 10 Things That Shock Tourists about Barcelona, Spain

By | December 7, 2022

Heading to Barcelona and not sure what to expect? Well here we go through some of the typical tourists surprises that travelers and tourists bump into when they visit the European Beach capital Barcelona. From pickpockets, to cava, to parties, and more. The best fun tourists information you can use to enjoy Barcelona.
Filmed in Barcelona, Spain

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Hey there fellow Travelers Mark here With Walter's world and we're at the La Sagarada Familia here in Barcelona Spain And today what we have for you are the 10 things that are going to shock you When you visit Barcelona and probably The first thing that shocks people is Just how many tourists come here to Barcelona this city is packed all year Round whether it's the summer to hit the Beaches or in the winter to hit the Culture and get the nice weather there's Just so many tourists here that it Really overruns you so if you're going To La Rambo you're going to Sagrada Familia where you're looking for hotels Look you are going to get nailed with Higher prices with lines and all kinds Of stuff so if you can book Things ahead Of time all right so since we've had so Many tourists around here we're gonna Try to show you a little bit more of Barcelona from this video because you Have more than just a Sagrada Familia [Music] Foreign Now the second thing that's going to Shock you is when you do come here to Barcelona the number of pickpockets and Scam artists you will run into Especially here on La rambla and you Really need to be careful I mean make Sure you have you know have your wall in Your front pocket use your you know your

Money belt and things like that because The pickpocket artists here are insanely Good okay and the thing is is you might Not even realize it's happening so what I do recommend is if you do notice that Your wallet's missing or something like That just trace your steps back because Most of the time the pickpockets what They want is they just want your cash They take the cash then drop the wallet So check of the ground by where you've Been also the garbage cans by where You've been same thing on the Metro You've got to be careful and it's not Just pickpockets there are the scam Artists here and things like that and They don't you know they'll dress However you think they won't dress my Parents got nailed here a few years ago They literally they had some mustard on Their shirt and the guy says oh let me Help you and he cleans it off but my mom Put her bag down when it happened boom They stole it right there like that so You really get gotta be on your game When you are here and we've had lots of Fans and travelers comment and talk to Us talk about issues they did have here And the third thing that's going to Shock you is yes there are those Pickpockets of scam artists but the Third shock is how little the cops seem To care or want to help you when these Things happen now I'll be honest over

The last couple years the police have Gotten a bit better but man don't be Surprised if you go and say hey I've Been pickpocketed my bag was stolen and The cops laugh at you that's what Happened to my parents it happens with Some of our fans you really got to take Heart in that so you'll be shocked the Lack of help you will get if something Bad does happen so that's why I say Always make photocops your passport have Those numbers for if your cards get Stolen things like that because it is Bad because yes there's tons of Pickpockets that shocks you with the Lack of help from the cops that'll Probably be another thing [Music] So the next thing is going to shock you When you come here to Barcelona is the Crazy architecture you will see around The city Gowdy had a great influence Here so he has amazing things like here In Paso de graza obviously Sagrada Familia Park well when you can go Through and get your picture with the Lizard and see the cool architecture in The park but it's not just Gowdy that's Here there's great architecture from Multiple areas so if you're exploring The old town or the the gothic Barrio or You're born or other places you're going To see awesome architecture that will Shock you especially when it looks crazy

Like that foreign [Music] But crazy cool Now we're back here at the Sagrada Familia for our next shock of Barcelona And that is the line to get into Sagrada Familia is long it's hot there's no Shade it's really really crazy so what I Recommend is pre-purchase your ticket Online to the Sagrada Familia so you Don't have to deal with the shockingly Insane long line okay so our next shot We have for you is when you are here You'll notice kind of a lack of other Languages and lack of kind of decent Tourism hotels and things like that There are tons of hotels and stuff like That but the thing is you're paying a Lot of money and you're not getting a Lot for it and that's one of the biggest Shocks you'll have when you're here and Kind of going along with that is there Is a lack of other languages I mean it's Spanish or Catalan you'll find some English but very little and you'd be Surprised with such a popular city like This for people to come all around the World you expect more English and more German and more stuff it's not that way So you really got to learn some Spanish Or maybe in a few words of Catalan Before you come it'll make your time Here a lot easier but yeah the hotel Thing will shock you that you're like

Wait I'm painting this and this is all I'm getting You're Expecting you're Going to expect a bit more [Music] From the Barcelona's this is this is Sangria land I know when you think Spain You think oh sangria and Tapas Everywhere that's what everyone has oh No no no no here in Barcelona it's Cava So make sure oh if you don't know what Cava is Cava is sparkling wine like Champagne but it's a Spanish version and It's fantastic and I do recommend when You are here do have Cava go to elborn By the gothic neighborhood go to that Neighborhood there go find A Kava bar Have your Tapas your Pinchos and have Your your kava there and it is just the Thing you have to do but I know a lot of Tourists go hey why are we drinking more Sangria because this is the land of Cava And actually you can go do tours out in The countryside of where they grow the Cob and have that and do tastings and That's a really cool thing to do so the Ninth thing that's going to shock you When you come here to Barcelona oh we're Here at Camp noon now where Barcelona Plays and the ninth thing is going to Shock you are the beaches here this is Beach City Europe and actually the crazy Thing is those beaches are new those are Man-made beaches you're going to and What's cool is you can go there and

There's bars and clubs and restaurants And all kinds of stuff right on the Beach so you can have a great Beach time And have like a normal tourist time too Which is really really cool and the 10th Thing that's going to shock you to come To Barcelona is how much culture there Is here yes this is Beach City Europe And this is Party Central Europe but the Culture in Barcelona is fantastic from The national museum of Catalonia to the Picasso Museum heck you can come and Tour the cab new stadium of Barcelona Plays there's so much culture and History here in Barcelona the city Museum of Barcelona so many cool things To see that it's not just a party visit It's a cultural visit as well so you get It all together Foreign And then I want to talk about how your Watch see I didn't wear a watch anymore Here because your watch doesn't matter Here the kind of Manana mentality that You get in a lot of places in Spain that Happens here as well it's not as let's Say strong here's in other parts of Spain but you do need to know that Things will take longer and you are Shocked sometimes that man what's taking So long for my beer to get here what's Taking so long for the Tapas and things Like that so you need to make sure you Pack a lot of patience when you do come

Here because you will be shocked with All these tourists and all this hustle And bustle that service is kind of slow And you're kind of like oh come on guys So just know that this Manana mentality Will happen in stores restaurants hotels Check-ins stuff like that so you really Need to have a lot more time a lot more Patience with the people here because it Can get frustrating especially since Like I said with all those other Tourists here it can get you a bit Frustrated

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