BANGKOK ON A BUDGET (Thailand Daily Vlog #2)

By | October 4, 2022

This is how to travel Bangkok on a budget. This budget backpackers dream destination is also one of the most amazing cities in the world. Here's why.

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Thailand here we go a backpack fifty Dollars a day and no itinerary let's get Into it [Music] All right I've just booked us another Property do not catfish us again this Place is uh literally triple the price Of most other places like this most Other dormitories are like eight dollars A night it's already happening I refuse To change shirts with a backpack you Have to dig and pry and hope you pull Out the right thing so I'm just gonna Wear the same thing again all right Let's play rate the fit I'm not ready This is my FIT looks familiar Popped off cushion shorts oh and I did Give them a shot I don't fit in those Anymore all right we're getting out of Here [Music] Day one successfully stayed under the 50 Threshold we only had a third of a day But now we're going somewhere that's Going to push our budget a little bit 25 Of my day is going into this one place This is a step up So last night's place was 22 per person Per night let me show you with 25 got us Oh my God it's so nice We've got catfished at that last place So bad oh my gosh this is beautiful wow I can't right now here's the thing Hostels often charge more money than

They're worth and the reasons because You usually pay for Community they Charge more because you meet people you Come to a place like this you're not Going to meet anyone but you're going to Get a good sleep and we're already here With a group so this is definitely a Nice nice find for the night the cool Thing is we're in Chinatown which is Actually an epic place to be in Bangkok This is the view from our window and the Really rugged and rough looking building I just love this city it's got so much Character to it I think I prefer this bathroom [Music] No never mind I prefer the other one of My negotiating tools is to speak like a Local which is how I get all the best Prices So I had that spine treatment yesterday And I'm so glad that I did I've never Had my back crack like that and in the Moment it felt awful but today I'm Starting to regain some of my shoulder The nerves just got pinched I was for Three weeks just working for my Studios It's honestly a reminder that it's so Important to take care of your body Before anything else because if that Fails everything else crumbles and right Now I'm finally feeling 80 better but Even like I was getting shooting nerve Pains down both my arms into my knees it

Was really concerning on the bright side Though the 10-day Creator challenge is Complete I finished it all and now we're Just doing the final touches on the Editing and we're about to launch it Soon it's a program that I'm so Confident in that we have a money back Guarantee that if you don't get 10 000 Views on your content we give you all Your money back it was a lot of pressure To create that but it's all done and now I get to enjoy life here in Bangkok and We are on Route to ikamai foreign That was a lot of traffic I forgot how Bad it gets here so I've done a food Guide to Thailand before I went to a lot Of amazing amazing spots and this is one Of them I'm so excited to be back Hopefully it lives up to the hype and Hopefully it lives up to my memories Because uh it's been a while everyone's So hungry I am Their coffee menu they have Smoke on the Water black coffee I'm putting my daily Budget in danger right now this is uh Three dollars it's a dirty iced coffee Which is basically like a iced latte Without the ice this is one of my Favorite dishes so in Thailand you'll Have this ground up beef and they'll Typically do it with a lot of spice what They do really uniquely here though is Underneath that beautiful succulent egg Is rice

Oh that's spicy though oh No it's too spicy for her It's pretty spicy It's so good and check out this omelette Hopefully it's not spicy My milk is on fire right now I can't Taste anything the thing is like I grew Up Mexican and I love spice but this is A different kind of spy aggressive way To start your day my eyes are watering It's really good guys just know that you Need to tell them to go low on the spice Or not at all because Thai Spice is a Different League even the Mexicans are Back enough I think I remembered it Being a tad better but it was really Good let's go on our first Bangkok Adventure so this is how you cut through Traffic right now we're on our way to One of the most famous mango sticky rice Slices bye guys and this is how you get Around real quick in Bangkok I hope you weren't too heavy for you so This right here is like one of the most Famous mango sticky rice places in all Of Bangkok this is on my list this is on My Way oh this right here this is not Something you can find just anywhere the Thai mangoes are truly the sweetest the Most delicious ones on this planet maybe Maybe Mexico has something that can Rival it but not quite so you take that Something that's just naturally like

Candy and then you add the coconut milk With some white rice and it is just it Melts in your mouth like it literally Dissolves instantly one mango sticky Rice is one of these 100 baht moments of Truth we're about to try it oh Wow the rice is super Savory very Buttery very fresh it's not clumping Together and I actually like it and then The cream makes it sweet with a Savory Base and the mango is out of this World's fresh delicious oh my God yummy Delicious We are going to be taking the MTR I Believe that's what it's called it's the Metro that runs right down sukambit this Giant piece of concrete [Music] Oh yeah yes please going through our Fifty dollars pretty quick here so we've Resorted to not only the cheaper way but Also the better way uh it's 38 minutes By taxi with the Metro it's like 25 Minutes so you actually save a lot of Time here there you go much cheaper than New York Metro like the New York Metro's Like six dollars every way it's crazy [Music] Literally me and every thumbnail So this is Siam Paragon and I'm not Joking when I say this is one of five Malls all side by side And the one that I want to go to you can See it right there that is MBK that's

The mall where you get your elephant Pants when you're truly a local here So I remember this mall very distinctly Because when I was here as a broke Student I actually did a school exchange Here at Chula Longhorn University in Thailand I would always come to this Mall and I had no money to buy anything But I remember very distinctly upstairs One floor of up above us was a Lamborghini store where they had like All these beautiful exotic cars and so Many memories we had the most ruthless Motorbike taxi taking us back but he was The right guy for the job because Tonight was pretty much the only Obligation I have this week in terms of My schedule I had to be back here to do A online workshop for lost Creator Academy two hours later it's all said And done we went through all of the 10 Strategies to hook a stranger's Attention and now I'm gonna celebrate I'm gonna go and see what the rest of Them are doing I think tonight we're Gonna go out to a place called Sing Sing Let's see Gonna be amazing Tie a crispy pancake this is the coolest Thing about Thailand you just see foods And things that you've never seen before And then you get to try it this is not At all what I was expecting I thought I Was expecting cheese I was expecting

Like a Taco Bell [Music] Oh my God it's like a pancake with like Fruit and jam and actually that was so Good I'm not convinced [Music] [Music] Thank you Thank you So we're coming to this world famous Pad Thai place it's right near kosan I bet You it's going to come out so fast Because I see this lady working in there She's like Like literally she had four moves that It was just like into a place It's way too sweet it is too sweet and Get ready get ready [Music] The noise I love it now for the real dinner Thank you [Music] [Music] You're worthwhile

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