Authentic Seacoast Glamping Yurts in Guysborough, Nova Scotia

By | October 15, 2021

Spend a few nights in the brand new authentic Mongolian yurts at the Authentic Seacoast Estates in Guysborough, Nova Scotia. What used to be the 9 hole Osprey Shores Golf course has now been transformed into a vineyard and yurt glamping resort with 10 accommodations available.

Open year round the yurts all have stunning views of the ocean and vineyard, there are hot tubs to use and kayaks and a sauna for a rental fee. On site is also the Authentic Seacoast distillery where you can take a tour to see how their spirits and beer are made as well as try a sample for yourself or buy some to take home.

Most yurts are off the grid with solar lights so be sure to bring extra batteries and flashlights. There also isn't much for food in the area unless you bring your own or drive to the Hart General store about a 10 min drive away.

Come prepared and you will have a wonderful time!

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Hey it's caitlin from travel yourself And nova scotia Today i'm in guys borough nova scotia Staying at the authentic seacoast and One of their brand new yurts just this Summer they've opened 10 yurts here on What used to be their nine hole golf Course but is now a vineyard and a place For yurts and it is located directly on The ocean Travel yourself [Music] I'm staying in yurt number five let's Check it out [Music] Do Every year it comes with some nice Adirondack chairs and a fire pit there Is also a barbecue and outdoor picnic Table Then let's check inside There is a wood-fired stove i don't need That this summer though a nice chair to Sit in and this beautiful bed there is Some storage in the front here There is a place to charge your phones And batteries here it's also a radio and A light We have the garbage and here all the Bits and bobs you might need while Staying we also have a small little Dining area hand sanitizer a book to Tell you about the property and there's No fridges so i have my own cooler here

And of course i have it filled with ice And some of their brand new cran cherry Vodka sodas And then of course we have This bed it's a nice Queen-size bed With An incredible view Of the ocean here in geysboro Above the bed there is also a skylight And you can just so slightly open and Close it to let fresh air in All of the windows as you can see also Open up and you can zip them from the Outside for weather or on the inside for Warmth i think tonight i'm going to keep Them all completely open though we'll See how chilly it gets A nice thing about the yurts there are 10 of them here on property however You're not really that close to the Other guests there's some nice space However there is also a communal fire Pit Just over there there is an outhouse to Use in case of emergencies and there are Also golf carts that you can borrow to Drive around [Music] This is one of the guest services Buildings it has a shower and bathrooms In it And every couple of yurts share one Since there are no

Bathroom facilities in the yurts Themselves Each guest services building has four Shower and toilet combos And is made all of cedar it smells Really great [Music] There's a seal you can hardly see him Hello friend You [Music] [Music] [Music] On property you will also find authentic Seacoast distilling where they also make Their sea fever rum rare bird craft beer And a lot more you can take a tour of The distillery and also of course sample Some of their great drinks [Music] I am trying the fortress dark rum The sea piper's coffee stout uh maple Beer and brand new crayon cherry vodka [Music] This is a brand new dark rum by fortress Oh Oh that's nice This is the maple made with acadian Maple Oh that's very good It's very good And this is their brand new crayon Cherry vodka soda Oh it tastes like popsicles

That's really good [Music] Thanks for watching and please don't Forget to subscribe You

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