Amazing Atacama Desert – Flamingos and Salt Flats

By | October 24, 2022

The Atacama Desert is out of this world. With mountains, salt flats, and outstanding scenery, people often overlook the beautiful flamingos of the Atacama. We went to the Los Flamencos National Reserve to see three species of flamingoes feeding and flying in the salty waters of this high arid desert. #chile #atacama

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Well this is very exciting this morning We are at sector song course yes at the Los flamingos National Reserve so it's This massive Salt Flat as usual around Here in the Atacama and there are three Species of flamingos out here and we're About to go take a look yeah it's Something I've always wanted to see uh It's just to see flamingos in this kind Of environment is uh very unique so Let's take a look Well you know you have reached the Flamingos with the smell it's Smell-o-vision it's the smell of fish And salt that's what the flamingos are Eating and drinking so it's uh you can Tell they're close by

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