Airport Food Vouchers Aren’t What You Think

By | November 2, 2022

ever get delayed at an airport and the airline gives you food vouchers to help pass the time? well sadly not all restaurants and shops at airports will take those vouchers and if you get a very long delay or an overnight delay your vouchers may expire. so you should use them as fast as you can to be safe. the gate agents can't always help you if there is an issue either. some words of advice if you get delayed.
filmed at Chicago O'Hare International Airport
copyright Mark Wolters 2023

So your flight got delayed or canceled And the airline gave you food vouchers Which is great but one thing you need to Know is those food vouchers have a very Limited window like you might only have It working for a day or half a day or a Few hours so you need to use those Vouchers as soon as possible I know for Us for example we our flight did not Land in the actual airport we wanted to Be at Atlanta here at O'Hare and so they Gave us vouchers about midnight last Night and they gave us six vouchers Because there's three of us traveling And only three of them actually worked When we tried to buy food the next day Because they said they were expired even Though it said they don't expire for Another two days on the voucher it Already didn't work one thing I would Say is make sure uh have them try Multiple times or try different Restaurants and see if they will take Your vouchers if it does work because You don't want to end up with a 90 bill Because you have three people and it's An airport and all of a sudden they Don't take any of the vouchers because They're expired even though it's there So do be aware of that and one thing I Will say is there they do send you the Vouchers via email or via text Screenshot them so you have them in case You can't find it again but just know

That some of the gate agents they can't Do anything about that or they won't do Anything about that because I'm here and Half bars didn't work and but you know We we're fine but some of the other People here it really really ruined Their day let's say so just be aware of That because the vouchers are a thing That can be helpful but they don't Always work so what I would recommend You do is when you get them eat Something right away and then use the Rest and buy like candy or bag stuff That you can eat later on so you at Least have spent the money so it's there Because you don't want to show up the Next day and have ninety dollars of Vouchers that don't work okay so kind of Sucks but I just want to give you the Heads up on that because as flights get Delayed and your flights get canceled You get stuck places you want to make Sure that if the airlines are doing Something for you you actually get it Okay so just be aware of that

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