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Not a day goes by when I don't think about AFGHANISTAN. I've spent more than 5 weeks of my life traveling across 7 different regions on 2 separate trips, and all I can tell you is that it's one of the most beautiful countries in this world, with the most incredible people! I've been wanting to make this full-length documentary for quite some time now, and finally, it's ready!

Countless hours went into making this film, and I'd love to get your feedback in the comments below. How do you feel about long-form content like this? Your feedback is very valuable to me. Thank you, and please keep Afghanistan in your thoughts as they are going through a tough period.

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Afghanistan there is not a single Country in this world that I think about More often than this one and I mean it Look at the walls in my office they're Filled with memories from Afghanistan The truth is that I fell madly in love With Afghan culture since my first steps On the soil back in 2018 and after Multiple trips covering seven unique Provinces I am so excited to share this Country's Beauty with you in this Full-length documentary this arrived in Afghanistan over the next 90 minutes you Will see a compilation of afghan's most Beautiful sights from the Blue Mosque of Mazar Sharif to the traditional markets In Kandahar to the Jewish synagogues of Herat we've just arrived in the old Jewish quarter here and the synagogue is Right in front of me you will get a Glimpse of the beautiful faces from the Mountains of Pangea to the hashtand of Bach To the bustling capital of Kabul And of course you will taste the Incredible Central Asian Cuisine from The juicy kebabs to the dumplings and The fresh fruit juices oh man that is Good I am here to share with you the Best sides of Afghanistan that you've Never heard about on the news and that You never knew existed same hair color Same thing as someone who has visited All 197 countries in the world I can say

That traveling in Afghanistan is the Closest thing that you can find to time Travel With the exception of cars and a few Smartphones walking on the streets feels Like you're transported to the 1800s the Way they wear their traditional outfits Or make ice cream in buckets in the Markets extremely refreshing or sit on The floor and eat bologna and sip tea Afghan culture is the most beautiful and Peaceful in the world and this might Come as a surprise to you considering That the country has been at constant War for the last 45 years and as you've Heard since August 2021 it's been run by The Taliban but the stories in this Video will not address politics because The people of Afghanistan deserve to be Recognized as citizens of the world not Victims of an unfair genocide So I invite you to join me as I take you Deep inside Afghanistan in this Documentary and find out why it's one of My favorite countries in the world Quickly guys before we dive in I want to Show you this coffee table book that I Made which has my top 100 travel photos From visiting every country in the world I am offering the digital version of This book for free to you right now all You have to do is sign up for my email Newsletter on the link below and then You will be sent your digital copy

Immediately in my newsletter you get Real-time travel updates as well as Exclusive travel tips and hacks that Aren't found anywhere else alright now Let's dive into Afghanistan welcome to Afghanistan thank you bro [Music] [Applause] How are you Nice to meet you nice to meet you if There's one takeaway I want you to have From this video let it be that Kabul is A really cool City from First Impressions you might feel quite nervous And intimidated by all the security and Checkpoints but then you'll realize that They are just here to keep us all safe When you look underneath the giant Weapons you'll find a city that is full Of life and full of beauty our first Stop led us to a shrine on the outskirts Of the city we're going to the Blue Mosque of Kabul it's the 17th century Mosque built by the king of Afghanistan But unfortunately this mask was severely Destroyed and ruined during the Civil Wars of Afghanistan this mountain that We have in front of us this was the Front line between two parties it was During the 1990 2 till 1995. so we're just now pulling Up to the Blue Mosque is stunning just This little guy it reminds me a lot of Central Asia so Tajikistan Uzbekistan

Kazakhstan like the kind of architecture The the style of the mosque with the the Blue tiles and and the different Rectangles and stuff and as Noah tells Me it's the same Empire so 15th century Yeah so it makes makes perfect sense why It looks like those after getting my fix Of mind-blowing architecture it was time To hit the bustling streets of Kabul and Oh my God I just about forgot how Bustling they are just riding around in The back of the car and gazing out the Window is one of my very top Recommendations for things to do in Kabul it's almost as if the entire city Is one giant Marketplace and it was time To wander around this never-ending Bazaar we are rolling up to some really Busy markets here a lot of streets of Kabul like look at this We're here at the at the market you can Find vegetables fruits if you walk a Little bit more you can find like Clothes and buy skills and everything Bicycles it's a supermarket here Something I love about Kabul in Afghanistan in general is that the People where all of them wear these Traditional clothes like these solid Colored clothes you don't see any Brands No Nike no nothing no words on any Shirts they're just solid plain colors Sometimes Stripes it's just part of Their tradition and also it's very

Comfortable as well it is really Comfortable like super comfortable and I Prefer to wear this this white stuff in The tub is yogurt look at that there's a Lot of yogurt all the products are quite Fresh here so people would like to come Here for cheaper and more fresh Groceries exactly on that same note like All the fruit here in Afghanistan is Really good and really fresh it's Amazing you don't think about that when You think about Afghanistan really Really fresh fruit but look in front of Me right now That is the single biggest eggplant I've Ever seen in my life dude that's huge Tell him I've never seen eggplant that Big before We have bigger than that yeah Really It was time to devour one of my favorite Afghan dishes we're getting a little Breakfast slash lunch here what are we Gonna get North That's your favorite pizza yeah this is My favorite food in Afghanistan so Noah Took me back bolani is a kind of stuffed Flatbread and it's a very popular street Food all across Afghanistan it has an Extra thin crust that is filled with Fresh ingredients like potatoes lentils Or leeks and then fried until it's Dripping in juices it's really a must Try in Afghanistan wow that's a lot you

Have to help me out on that this is the Mixed vegetables Wow and this is a It's called Doom yeah it's a kind of Yogurt drink in Turkey they call this um Have you heard about it [Music] That's delicious yeah it's like crunchy On the outside Like a pastry but inside you have these Really fresh vegetables That bolani was exactly what I needed Before we continued exploring I think I've already showed you how crazy the Streets of Kabul are and so I was Looking for a little more chill Alternative newer told me about a Beautiful Lake in the city so off we Went so we found a very very chill spot On a beautiful Lake and lots of people Come here on Fridays well Friday is the Weekend in Afghanistan so lots of people Come here on Fridays to have a chill Time right he writes boats they smoke Some here it's really nice I think we Should have a try yeah yeah Great This is a A very different place than the hustle And bustle of the markets that we were Just at I mean look in front of me right Now it's just a beautiful beautiful Lake As we sat down for the moment I had to Ask Norris some questions about the

Current situation in Afghanistan let's Say like average 33 million population Is living in this country and uh All of them are having a normal life to Have kids that have family they're Working in the bazaars they work during The day they Farm you know they have Cows they have marriage parties their Children going to school so I I myself I Normally have a Slogan and I say that whatever you hear In the media that's not everything about Afghanistan well that that's something That's a small part of Afghanistan but There are lots of other stuff going on Around Afghanistan But nobody wants to talk about that Unfortunately that's what I'm here to Talk about well thank you so much Of course man that's why I come here [Music] To end this amazing first day back in Afghanistan's capital I somehow ended up At an old man's house to get my portrait Taken on a 100 year old box camera Foreign [Music] So right now I'm getting my photo taken By this massive box camera and this is Pretty wild I don't really know what's Going on but hopefully it's gonna turn Out okay [Applause] I was truly amazed at the manual process

That uses to take my photo in black And white can you just quickly finish Explaining how it works so I I really Have no idea uh there is a powder box Paper there's a paper box here this Isn't supposed to be open Photos There's the this one is the iPod this is The fixer so this solution is Machine that like it it Focus your face When you have your right angle then your Photo is taken and then they they take Out in the dark They open the box and put the paper here On the window and the glass here so That's the location when they catch your Photo got it and after that when they Catch the photo uh this is [Music] went on to tell me that his camera Is over a hundred years old and using it Has been his lifelong passion and Profession what inspired you to start Taking pictures on this please I really like this I like this because It was a new thing I was so excited to Know this and then uh there was lots of Computation a lot because at that time There were many other photographers Around here as well and I just love this And it was a good way of income as well So he was working with this he was Taking care of the family with that Full-time job yes that was a full-time

Job nowadays his clients have declined But he still enjoys using his box camera More than anything else and how did you Learn how to use it are you self-taught My teacher was my cousin he taught me in This type of Photography and it's like 60 years that I'm doing this are you the Only person left in Afghanistan that Does this kind of Photography All of them are lost this generation has Lost probably this is the only camera That I have here the last one and wow This is really really special thank you For the support opportunity One of the master who was making this Camera he's now he's totally dead he's He was the one who was making this type Of cameras and he said I ordered this Camera and uh not now no he's the master Yeah and now he's the master after I got My sweet photo taken took me down The street to get it copied and Processed at the local camera store in All honesty this is one of the best Souvenirs that I've ever received in all Of my travels this is such a cool Souvenir unbelievable thank you so much That's a good wow That's so cool man yeah Okay I'll take that to my grave with me invited us back into his house for A cup of tea and fruit so we are now Heading inside we have some tea [Music]

Thank you Wow This is beautiful look at this living Room I really love how all the living Rooms in Afghanistan do not have couches Or chairs but instead a beautiful carpet Where you sit and chat with family and Friends it's also the place where Everyone gathers to eat unexpectedly invited us upstairs to view his Entire camera collection which really Blew me away we're up in his Attic in His house and he's now showing me all These accessories that he has and other Really old cameras it's his whole life Collection when these cameras were in Use someone wanted to buy all of these Cameras with 300 000 F's I mean afghanis Uh well now it's like something close to Five to six thousand it's so refreshing To meet someone in the modern world who Still has this passion for Old school Camera equipment when did you first find Your passion to take pictures It was uh like 55 years ago Pretty much your whole life you've made A living through taking pictures Yes he was a photographer his whole life How how much did you use to sell the Pictures for like in the 70s and 80s add Me as short attacks They were taking four passport photos For for 60 apps which was close to one Dollar at that time and then they had

Postcard type of photos and also they Had this big type of photos so depend on The size of the photo so that the Biggest one was like 400. I was at that Time something like uh eight nine Dollars yeah what do you enjoy the most About photography in general Um This is the complication of Photography Was nice at that time but I really loved It because I knew a lot but the problem Is that right now I hate this type like Very easy everyone holding a movie like Click click click everyone takes photo And the that I loved it it made it very Easy so it's not really interesting for Him so he really liked the challenge of The old fashioned photography so because Of these cameras like this one I'm Holding he does he basically doesn't Have a job anymore It's interesting it's uh the new cameras Are nice it's very good so the only Thing is that I cannot use them but it's Okay I'm happy technology is improving Every day so in the old days we liked How to make a photo color because Everything was black and white so Sometimes we were coloring the pictures With our hands but uh day by day things Are improving and it's now now it's nice With these digital cameras you can do Like lots of qualified colored pictures It also made me grateful when I realized

That my job wasn't even possible until About 15 years ago I mean how on Earth Could I film myself with one of these Massive cameras what is one message that You want to say to the world What I really want is a little bit of Peace in Afghanistan that's the main Thing that we want we just want security And peace we just want to live our life And nobody at least bother us and I hope Everyone stay fine in their houses and Their cities everywhere in the world This is his teacher took this picture That's the king of Afghanistan yeah the Former King it's a it's a very famous Picture actually I saw this picture Everywhere and this is the original one This is the original one now you seen That picture everywhere yeah I've I've Seen that picture a lot like everywhere Where there's a picture yeah original One yes This is also I'm sorry what does that Mean for you is that cool to see that It's very nice actually but I didn't Know he had the picture of the king with Him After traveling back in time through one Of the world's oldest cameras let's step Back even further to an ancient Buddhist Yes Buddhist religion of Afghanistan That will surely blow your mind [Music] Thank you

That was really good everywhere in Batman you have incredible views Mountains Valleys the trees are changing colors Right now which is extra special and man What a paradise land what a hidden Treasure of the world really Fabian Afghanistan Oh my God This place is just about as good as it Gets roughly 240 kilometers Northwest of Kabul it's a mountainous region about 2 800 meters high in elevation and it was First settled around 3 000 BC The first thing that I like in birming Is Security In all over the Afghanistan is a secure Place for us from a global standpoint Pamian is most well known for its Massive 4th Century Buddha statues that Were literally carved into the side of a Mountain this marked the world's Westernmost expansion of Buddhism and it Was a crucial hub for trade during much Of the first and second millenniums Noah And I are now walking next to the Incredible Mountain that Had the Buddhas carved into the mountain From 4th Century they small Buddha it's 36 meters the big one Salsal it's 55 Meters these Buddha statues are Basically like 1600 years old yes That's wild yeah like nobody thinks that Buddhism came to Afghanistan you know

That they think about China Tibet or Maybe even like into Thailand and Cambodia that's like Buddhism but Afghanistan Afghanistan used to be the Center of the Buddhism one day like in Here they used to teach Buddhism out Here wow lots of important people used To come here to meditate and pray here Sadly the Buddha statues were destroyed By the Taliban in 2001 and since then Have never been replaced so in here are Pieces of the Buddhas they've been kept Here by UNESCO whoa one of the Buddhist Temples it looks and feels like a stupa Like you'd see in other Buddhist parts Of the world There's a steep Completely sleep Wow Wow Cool So this is Yeah We're like almost at the top of the Buddha here Um can you imagine Drew one day oh these Area sealing the sides all of this area Was nicely painted In blue and different other colors with Buddha meditating enough this uh their Their followers coming and praying with Him even during the recent years before The explosion the pictures were here and As soon as the explosion happened all of

Those plasters and pictures fold down Down there and smashed out We're standing up here Kind of in the opening way Of the second largest Buddha there's a Picture of the original Buddha And that's where he stood right here We're now standing above the head of Where the Buddha used to stand and guys Let me tell you something we are high up Here like How did they build this that long ago uh In the very uh early days they had the Type of uh Vice scaffolds they used to climb and Climb and work and work and work it was Like three generation took that this Buddha was completed almost a whole Century so the guy who started the Buddha he never saw this finished wow Yeah and we are way up here it's Incredible how they were able to build It so high so long ago while these Buddha carvings are one of the single Coolest things I've ever seen in my Entire life I came to discover that Bamyan is a lot more than that just Across the valley is an ancient Citadel On top of a mountain that carries a Fascinating history that place looks Stunning it's a 12th century Citadel That is like partially in Ruins Partially still standing and it's a UNESCO site and it just looks

Spectacular I mean look at this place Have you ever seen anything in the world That looks like this Surely I have not we are here at the City of Screams it's a very old Citadel That was destroyed by Genghis Khan During the 12th century why is it called The city of Screams Uh during the 12th century when Genghis Khan attacked this area he he faced To a very strong people who fought Against the Genghis Khan severely and During this Clash his grandson was Endured by a spear and then he was died And then the Genghis Khan went crazy and Said okay like smash this walls smash This city whatever you found kill them Every single living thing was killed at This attack yeah so all the destruction That we see left today is from Genghis Khan yeah his Empire yeah back 800 years Ago yes so let's go walk around and walk Up to the top of that Watchtower yeah Sure [Music] Faster It's pretty cool to walk around here Feels extremely old like I'm actually Pretty impressed how they build this so Long ago you know These are part of the original walls Those are renewed like restored this Original this is the original wall Wow but it used to be bricks

Look at this How many years of History coming off These walls there's a lot of different Rooms to walk in Now that is a wash Tower Oh man you can really see the whole Valley here so there are several washing Towers everywhere in the valley but this Is the main washing Tower to protect the City this elevation is no joke man Can you walk uphill I'm breathing heavy wandering around Here like a maze I don't even know Which way to go in here it's like Amazingly if you drive another half hour Deeper into the valley you'll come Across another Citadel that is just as Impressive in its own way all right nor So where are we now my friend yeah Drew Welcome to the hawk City or the red city In Arizona there's this place called Sedona which is all these red rocks and This really looks like that it's like These red mountains people still believe That the collar the red color comes from Lots of blood during the The course of the history and Empires Fighting here and what year was The Citadel made uh 12th century I just Stepped in Doug as I said that not Dark Horse yeah Cow dung It wow man this is so cool

This place is just awesome It's like Super red rocks and then all of a sudden You're walking up and you see this like Old Old settlement Citadel thing wow City Out there Holy smokes Sights and stuff that you see out there There are the washing Towers they used To uh watch From those little holes to make sure the City is safe I'm thinking we fly the Drone from here We can look like kings up here Yeah let's do it from here [Music] Foreign [Music] All of these historical sites are just Incredible but what really captured my Heart was the people and culture of Bamian the main town of a hundred Thousand residents is filled with Colorful markets a variety of street Food and a different face smiling at you From every direction and just when I Thought I couldn't discover anything More spectacular in bamyan I found People living in cave homes okay we have Now found this uh Little Village here Where the homes are caves in the Mountain literally

I've never seen anything that looks like This before All of them are man-made true Caves are from hundreds of A few so cool we're just walking through These Literally cave homes I've never seen Actual cave homes before this one is Probably a house where they keep their Animals inside oh it smells like horses Wow This is cool oh man welcome to African Cave houses cave home always the living Room looks the same In every house in this country The cutest thing I've ever seen [Music] It's a record [Music] [Applause] [Music] By now you may have noticed the faces of The people in bamyan which closely Resembled those from Mongolia or East Asia and that's because 95 of the Population here are Hazara which is the Third largest ethnic group in Afghanistan sadly they are the ones who Have been targeted the most throughout History especially from the Taliban over The last 25 years we those are people Have suffered a lot during the course of The history in this country especially Like we had a king during the 17th

Century who didn't really like hazarus And he executed like 62 percent of Hazard people in the central Afghanistan And then things became much better for Hazard people and told We had this Taliban popped out in 1994 And 1995. I remember the the governor of Taliban shout out loud behind the mic When they captured Mazar Sharif Uzbek Should go to Uzbekistan tajik should go To tajikizan land and Hazara people Should go to the Symmetry I mean digital Did and then they should go to hell That's that's what they meant but Through all this suffering the Hazara People are strong and resilient and they Have found a safe haven in bamion as nor Told me this has been the most stable Region in the country for the last 20 Years and it's the only place that I Don't have to be looking over my Shoulder or worrying about filming in Public bamyan is also a place where Women have the most rights and freedoms In Afghanistan pretty much everywhere Else in the country you'll find a Society that is extremely dominated by Men and the women are seen covering Their bodies from head to toe and they Are hardly driving cars or eating out in Restaurants but here in bamyan it's a Different story women are proudly Showing their faces showing their skin And are more equally accepted in society

In the past when we were cycling or we Were skiing men mostly they were telling To us that why you're cycling that is Bad for a girl to ride a bike when was That maybe around five years ago but now The situation is much better and the People now understood that women can do Everything that they want and they are Much stronger than they think and now When we are cycling or skiing now with Men women all the people encourage us How does that make you feel this will Make me really happy and really really Positive my trip around bamion has just Been incredible and almost life-changing And I didn't think it could get any Better but nor was saving the best part For last hello His family and I drove one hour away to A national park called bandi Amir and Little did I know the magical Wonders That I was about to discover [Music] Holy crap do you guys see how blue that Lake is Well this has to be one of the most Beautiful places It is and lots of people from around Afghanistan thousands of people weekly Come here to see Bandimere so in this Part of the world the donkey is used to Transport Goods really often and they're Really convenient and as you can see in Front of me

We got donkeys we're carrying heavy Loads Of something Hello hello how are you I'm fine thank You what about you I'm fine thank you You speak English all right so you got One Lake Two Lakes Three Lakes Four Lakes All four legs are visible from up here Amazing North it's a really cool spot Thank you so much for coming here Drew Of course man so proud of that I really Got no words to describe this place I Mean first of all we're the only ones Here like the only ones here got all of This nature to ourselves second of all It reminds me of Arizona I have this Weird attachment to this place because It reminds me of home And I don't know guys just Just the the pureness and the remoteness Up here Who knew this would be Afghanistan this Is like a Peace Haven this is like as Safe as safe could get up here and I'm Just really enjoying the time here I'm Also out of breath walking as I told you We're 3000 meters 10 000 feet high in Elevation so It was not that easy To walk uphill up here But man this place is amazing Now that we've had our fill of Nature And history it's time to head into the

City to see what kinds of souvenirs and Delicious foods we can get our hands on [Music] Foreign [Music] But we're in the city we're in the town Of bamion also yeah we're right now in Central Bazaar right actually this Bazaar was uh built after 2001. oh yeah When when the Taliban were out from here Because the old Bazaar of diamond was Totally ruined and destroyed you saw the Walls out there close by to the Buddhas So uh this is like a 20 year old Bazaar And there are any type of things here Lots of people it's full of life and I Can see all these little street food Vendors setting up on the side of the Road yeah and right now it's about four O'clock and it starts to get really busy Sure with people eating So probably the most common street food That you can find in all of Afghanistan Are kebabs and they usually make them on The side of the road and they have the Big fan and they're they're Fanning the Meat and we can see one right in front Of us so we are going to try a delicious Uh Kebab right now wow man those look Amazing don't they yeah so you just kind Of take a piece of bread and grab the Kebab Like that [Music]

Give it a try [Music] It's one of the better ones I've had Very good You dip it in this stuff it really does Enhance the flavor in my opinion The type of herb we call it the order It's made out of raw grapes which is Sour it gives a special taste to come up When we when we have it nor how much is The Kebab it's 160 which is normally something plus two Dollars two dollars two dollars for all Of those kebabs yeah so whatever you Have here and whatever you did So cheap thank you Fish are good right in front of us I see The uh the soup vendor and he's going Crazy right now pouring those balls of Soup I'm excited to try this man a local Afghan made chicken soup [Music] This man has just made it right here on The side of the street they add some uh Wow that is a huge Bowl man yeah ask him How many bowls of Suki sells in one day It's like 200 vowels 200 balls yeah What's great about having soup is it's Cold here in Bangla and it's something Like 35 degrees Fahrenheit or three Three degrees Celsius and so having a Hot bowl of soup is really necessary Yeah And especially like during the evenings

Now the sun is gone yeah as soon as the Shade comes it's a super super cold so Everyone still warmed them up Foreign A lot of interesting colors in here [Music] Really thick and creamy yeah I've never Had a soup with this consistency like This texture before whoa Super tasty I Really like this how it tastes yeah like This red sauce is this like pepper it's An apple vinegar apple vinegar which Makes it really tasty and I'm sure the Apples are locally grown here some of The bombing districts are quite Chemistry it's uh Apple I have a Question for you you come here a lot to Eat this soup He says he makes the soup very well That's why I come here all the time do You know how much it costs Each soup was 20 amps 20 apps yeah so Like 30 cents 30 cents yeah wow because You could Bye-bye it's 20 amps because we added an Extra egg boiled egg in that so how much Is it originally it's like 10 ounces 10 Apps for that soup unbelievable I'm Still hungry I got a little bit of room Left what are we gonna eat now maybe The whole Afghanistan people's favorite Food and you know that bolani is Announced as a tastiest bread in the World as well I absolutely believe that

Speaking of bread look what we just Found Wow Wow So we are on a mission now to find the Best bologna in Famion where can we find the best bolani Thank you Okay we got a recommendation from a Local what did he tell you I said like Uh walk the block down there there is a Very Good okay We're gonna take his word for it [Music] We have found the bologna my friend Right in front of us lovely man cooking A baloney How are you you speak English I would love to try your bolani [Music] Literally like 15 cents for a baloney Can you tell me what is bologna what's It made out of it's made out of uh dough As you see like they make the dough like As flat as possible like a piece of Paper and they use some tomato inside uh Sorry potato and also they use the Spring onions and leeks as well so now That's a mix one with a spring onions And potatoes inside They just close it like a half in shape And then they fry it It's always vegetarian yeah how many

Years have you been making bologna So you have the best bologna and Banyan Yes number one awesome All right turns this like brownish color Which means it's super fried and ready To go oh wow Hold it on the hook right there the Korean newspaper I'm telling you there's So much Korean everywhere there's like Korean cars Korean Did you know this is Korean yes I used To live there so it's yeah it's so funny To see So much [Music] Thank you mashallah so how do you use Your hands um yeah normally people just Use the hand tool make sure your hand is Clean yeah they're clean enough clean Them out you just use hand sanitizers And then you just round it like this And yeah just just go cheers man yeah How's it It's nice the ingredients is nice [Music] Really good man no but that's why I can Describe it as like a potato pancake With that spicy sauce thank you very Good Be my guest He says no it's okay you can you can be My guests yeah Okay North so we've eaten all this Amazing food and I'm really thirsty

Shall we try some juice or something we Should try some fruit juice so something I love about Afghanistan is that there's So much fresh fruit yeah lots of fresh Fruits and lots of fresh smoothies out There they just make it right in front Of your eyes that's it everything is Extremely fresh yeah uh extremely good We already saw the pomegranates in Kandahar yeah and I know that there's Apples and bananas and oranges and yeah Lots of all kinds of fruits so uh what Kind of food juice do you think you want To get right now uh I would love an Apple one because it's very fresh from Bamion itself okay if that's the case I Also want to get an apple juice so let's Find the spot Foreign So that guy made this by cutting the Apples and then he put it in this like Apple machine yeah yeah it's just sneak Out the water this is straight apple Juice nothing else added cheers yeah Cheers Cheers bro [Music] Holy crap man Peel the Apple in there It's as if you're eating an apple it Literally tastes as if you're eating an Apple Damn that was good All right man that was a great feature Thank you so much for trying we had uh

Chicken soup we had kebabs we had bolani And fruit juice fruit juice yeah my Stomach is So Satisfied I want the world To know that the food in Afghanistan is Actually delicious and it seems like This is only in famion this is only in Barmendra if you go to Kabul or Kandahar Or hirath you'll see different types of Other street foods when you're on the Road there's no time for food Comas Because now we're headed to herat one of Afghanistan's largest cities to see how Persian culture influences this Northwestern region Thank you Harat was a very important stop on the Ancient Silk Road and today it remains Afghanistan's third largest city it's Located just 100 kilometers or a 90 Minute drive away from the border of Iran in fact I've noticed so many Cultural things here that overlap with Persian culture and it makes me so happy Because Iran is one of my favorite Countries on Earth the architecture here Reminds me of Iran it's got a lot of Persian influence like the building Behind me at the market it's very very Cool everywhere in Iran when they have Tea they put this kind of rock candy Inside of the teacup and this is the Only place nor in Afghanistan I've seen That they have this Thomas and I have Been talking about coming to Afghanistan

Together for over a year and I'm so Happy that it finally has worked out Thomas is a revenue in Afghanistan We're here to pick them up dude how are You oh my god welcome to Afghanistan What are we doing right now oh my gosh Look at your outfit you made it Thomas Is really a great dude and I very much Look up to him and his content so it's a Special experience to be telling stories Together we're going we are going right Now to head out so excited man it's your First time right first time you head out Yeah yeah super pumped if there's one Thing I know it's gonna be an amazing And crazy day packed with activities and Adrenaline the question is are you guys Ready [Music] Our first destination is one of the most Epic mosques in Afghanistan we just Entered this incredible Plaza here okay Drew um welcome to the Friday Mosque of Herat it's also called the Blue Mosque Of herath as well uh this mosque was Built during the 13th century by the Timaritz they call it the Friday mosque Because lots of people come here on Fridays to to do the Friday prayer so Friday prayer is a very important prayer For Muslims and they all gather at the Yard here like a probably more than a Thousand people is coming here on Friday This mask reminds me a lot of the one in

Samarkand Uzbekistan you have the same Kind of archways the same kind of tiles The same kind of design and these huge Plazas is just so incredible like I I I'm out of words right now like it's Just so cool to be the only ones here And tucked away behind the mask is the Original tile Factory which has been Using the exact same process to hand Make these tiles for over 700 years Years we couldn't help but take a peek Inside so right now we are in the tile Factory that's literally behind the Friday mosque here these guys are like Literally like on their hands and knees Banging Um and making these tiles like as Perfect as I can and it's been passed Down generation after generation and They still use the same Um ways that they've done it hundreds And hundreds of years ago Mr umit is the Head of the style Factory and Everything's handmade making sure how Much is From soil to actual tile it's made out Of hands the tile making process goes Like this first the soil is gathered From nearby areas and it looks like mud Do you love me That process is Really interesting then it's right here In bulk and carefully crafted into Square shapes where it is left to dry

Can you ask him how many tiles he can Make from all that much Like around 500. after that each tile is Covered in an outer shell that consists Of broken glass which gives it its shiny Texture next it's thrown into the oven To be cooked at 50 percent and then each Tile is colored and then given a Detailed design before being assembled Next to each other like a puzzle once a Sketching and everything is done and This is how they bring the puzzle Together here it's so much work finally It's drawn back into the oven and cooked At 900 degrees Celsius and voila you Have a tile while everything has been Fun and games so far if I'm being honest It's quite stressful to shoot content Here this is something that I'm used to For my travels but for Thomas it's the First time he has come across this Challenge yo put the camera down it's a Little nerve-wracking with the cameras Yeah I'm like this is the first time I Ever traveled to a country where you can Like legitimately not film like most Places we've already been yelled at Multiple times since we landed and we Just landed So it's uh definitely sinking in the Reality of like wow this is going to be A very different story like a part of The story is figuring out like how do we Even film here as I'm saying this I'm

Looking at two giant trucks with big Military guys with a huge gun uh pointed At the street and they just drove by but This is all part of the deal when Traveling in Afghanistan the way I look At it is high risk to shoot but higher Reward to tell these stories it's like a Game dude like knowing where to shoot And stuff like keeping it down putting It up A fun game though we made our way Onwards across town to the former home Of Alexander the Great Yes you heard me Correctly this is so awesome Because today is a holiday the entire Citadel is closed but nor was able to Pull some strings and get a secret Access and guess what we had the entire Place to ourselves like nobody's here Right now Literally oh ah What uh what a privilege to be here Right now dude it's so cool oh look at The views of the city now We don't need a drone when you can uh Elevate yourself Alexander the Great's Castle why do you need a drone if you Can do that I'm so thankful to be here Right now in this moment you can see the Whole city of Hera behind me up here This is a very special place and I'm Just uh so happy to be here Drew Tomas Here right now uh at the castle of They believe according to the excavation

They did here in this cerebell they Found they stumps and lots of remainings From the time of Alexander the Great Which is like back to 330 BC so everything we're seeing now is Not original it's all been rebuilt over Time you can you can see like parts of The walls are original but parts of the Walls are are renewed for example gray Spots are new and and be like much like 10 spots or old These are probably like That's wild the color is still here Right now I'm getting lost in Alexander The Great's former home There's so many levels to this place It's like amazing here so this uh area There like you will see some dark rooms So they used to be the presents where People like doing some crazy stuff when Speaking with the police officer on duty We came to find out that the Citadel is Somewhat haunted it says like lots of Bloodshed here like during the course of The history even during the Taliban now Sometimes we are scared even here like During the nights here and the some of Our guards and some of our caretakers They cannot stay inside the castle so we We moved everything outside of the Castle now and now we are just during The nights we take care of the castle From outside on one recent incident he Claims to have encountered a ghost

There's somebody who calling my name and I was trying to see and find where the Voice is coming from and I couldn't find It and he says like in one location it's A very dark room and says once I felt The sound is coming from that room and Then when I saw there was nothing and I Was really scared and I said I I came Back to our base here as we were on our Way out the caretaker of the Citadel Invited us into the back room for some Chai he's offered us three times so we Finally took it that we finally took his Offer imagine walking around the U.S in L.A and you meet someone for the first Time and they're like hey do you want to Have a cup of tea like it would never Happen yeah lemon candies Is it sweet great way to break up the Day have a nice cup of chai A little too hot to drink but I still Fishing and burned your whole time right In my mouth he told us that he was open To being interviewed about some of the Dark days that he had seen and what he Told us was shocking I'm really curious To know Um what his experience was like when the Taliban took overheads He said he's like we have a very very uh Unhappy experience like the unhappiest Experience ever She says first of all it was warm Bloodshed everywhere I'm talking from

1995 to 2001. uh he says like Taking a shower having a mom is Something necessary in unity but women Were not allowed to go to a public her Mom The women were not allowed to go to School and if you were caught like Stealing they were making your face like Black and take you in the middle of the Town like walking they were whipping you And then after the other day and they Were chopping the house literally chop Off the hand in public and myself I saw Hands hanged on the tree in a square in Missouri Sharif Very far so you're not good he says this Black series that you see here this is From the uh the Taliban time when they Shoot an RPG at the people here killed Like six seven people and then the house Was on fire because there was carpets And stuff and since the smoke is from From that day wow As we hit the busy streets yet again my Brain was trying to process everything That the old man just told us I feel so Bad for these innocent locals here who Have to live through this horrific Taliban regime it's just terrible our Next stop was a place that I was looking Forward to visit for years the old Jewish neighborhood and synagogue of Herat We've just arrived in the old Jewish

Quarter here and and the synagogue is Right in front of me so uh we got the Key to go in and uh here we go This place was really special to visit Because as a Jew myself it's so Fascinating to connect with my Heritage Around the world is all original part of Them are original part of the memories Wow Holy crap This is really cool Whoa wow I was expecting it to be in Ruins or not beautiful but you have all These original paintings up here those Parts that you see those were broken Also the ceiling was broke they just Restored all these new bricks roughly 2700 years ago juice settled in herat And built a thriving community in this Very neighborhood in the mid 19th Century it's believed that there were Over 40 000 Jews living in harat who all Left for Israel in 1948 except zablon Simentov who is still in Afghanistan the Synagogue which was built hundreds and Hundreds of years ago is still left Behind and it's an incredible condition So in Judaism we have these places Called a Mikvah which is like a a bath Where you just get in naked and watch Yourself it's usually a running stream And here was the Mikvah right here you Go down there and wash yourselves that's Exactly what a makeup looks like

Yeah I was really curious to see if anyone Living in the neighborhood today Actually knows that they're living in a Former Jewish settlement so I asked them I'm curious to know like do you know That you live in this former Jewish area Outside but we don't really know it's a Jewish area what do you think about the Synagogue It says um It looks like a very nice place it's a Historical area but he doesn't really Know what it is and he said but I've Been there several times do you know What Judaism is have you heard of the Religion Yeah We have just heard some time about them Do you ever feel worried Andrew not Really nobody knows I'm Jewish I don't Tell people I'm Jewish or wear an Israeli flag around my neck or anything So I've never had a problem in fact it's The opposite when I tell people in Muslim countries they're curious and They're like oh I want to know more About Judaism and it's never um I've Never had any hatred or something like That so right now we're driving through One of the main squares and head out and There's so much activity around us like Markets everywhere like my eyes are Glued out this window right now and so

Many things to see there is so much Traffic in harat 24 7. it's honestly Insane but it makes for great views out The window Be right over the bike [Music] No big deal I just went straight into The to the bike yeah that happens Sometimes we just gotta run over our Bike even when we're stuck in traffic People will come up to our window and Just smile it's impossible for me to Tell any story in Afghanistan without Mentioning the hospitality countless Times every day we get stopped randomly On the street with people who just want To say hi have a conversation and invite Us into their home for tea we don't even Know him he's just a random guy yeah why Would he invite us into his house I told Him that we are so sorry that we have a Flight at 11 o'clock tomorrow and then He said that at least I want to take you To the airport myself I've said it Before and I'll say it again the people Of this country are one of the top Reasons why Afghanistan is one of my Favorites in the world our next stop was One of the holiest sites in all of Afghanistan and that's saying something Because this country is full of sacred Places [Music] Welcome to the shrine of khaja Abdullahi

Ansar an elderly Mula a Sophie a philosopher and a poet Of hirat during the 10th century and People used to come to him for their Problems and he prayed for them and Helped people relief with their pains And mental problems and everything so Even today when you go inside though You'll see lots of followers coming Especially today is Friday in the Afternoon lots of people would come here Every of his follower when they were Dying they wanted to be buried close to The shrine was totally full and then They started burying their bodies here Here and then on the other side we're Not supposed to be filming but They said we can use our phone and GoPro It's fine It feels different doesn't it any other Places we went it's very quiet yeah it's Very cool so that's the actual tool S Of the very difficult artworks Looks like A whole week to be finished like each of Them is a secret part of time We saw how they make it so Incredible in here just because this is The first place we've been where it Almost feels disrespectful to speak So quiet here Probably only this gravestone probably Took like five years to become

Definitely for like the holiest sight We've seen so far yeah you can just feel It in the energy of the place and the People there like it yeah it was the Only place so far that felt hesitant to Film and even speak at all and finally To cap off an amazing day in herat Thomas and I decided to head back to the Friday mosque for sunset in the park on Our way in we stumbled across a cricket Match [Music] Many people don't realize that Cricket Is the national sport of Afghanistan and Is played all over the country I just caught it I wasn't prepared for That we headed back into the Friday Mosque and it was even more glorious Than before because the colors were Starting to pop out for Sunset lucky us We happened to catch prayer time and it Was a really special moment where Everything came around in Full Circle [Music] Foreign [Music] Jewish Heritage and feeling inspired by What I just saw in herat I sat out on a Mission to find out what Judaism looks Like in Afghanistan today the answer is This guy this is zablon simentov I am a Only one Jewish [Music] Very good very good

[Music] Foreign 1945 Afghanistan have thousands of Jews Mostly living in the western city of Herat but they all left for Israel Europe and the us because of War except For zablon who Still Remains yes this Man is the last Afghan Jew living in Afghanistan a country of 36 million People just wait until you hear the rest Of his story as a Jew myself I am proud Of my religion it's something that Always stays with me when I travel and Even though I'm not religious I like to Connect with Jewish communities around The world so yesterday when I found out About zablon I booked a last minute Flight to Kabul and the search was on to Find him after asking around a few times All right I guess we found it sure Enough I tracked him down on the third Floor of this old apartment complex How are you Coming to me I'm from the U.S But I'm Jewish Yes nice to meet you yeah So how do you practice your Judaism as The only Jew in Afghanistan yeah I do take care of the days and Everything and the timings and I do the Right prayer all the time just in this Calendar born in 1959 zablon and his Family come from herat he was a

Successful businessman for decades Making a fortune trading carpets and Traveled all over the world for [Music] Businesses [Music] He came back to Kabul in the early 90s And woke up one morning to realize that All his carpets were robbed at Customs By the mujadin when they overthrew the Government Escaping like it was it was robbed and Steel and Tiff soon after the Taliban Took control of Kabul and they threw Zablon into jail beating him up and Destroying most of his possessions Including his beloved Torah They broke it Really The Taliban destroyed all of this stuff Yeah Oh my God that's horrible they tried to Force him to convert to Islam but he Wouldn't give in In general he says the Taliban was Creating a problem for Jews they just Went there Islam and they didn't even Want shias and he's asking me that you Don't know this and you ask me did the Taliban know about him being here So within a few years he went from a Rich businessman to being broke and Under control of the Taliban meanwhile His wife and two daughters left for

Israel zablum was eventually freed and He has made his home here in Kabul to be The sole caretaker of this synagogue Okay so we're now entering the synagogue Oh it's amazing it's the only synagogue In Afghanistan wow That's super cool like one of the most Special experiences I've ever had on all My travels is right now Miraculously he has kept Orthodox Studying Torah practicing Shabbat and Keeping kosher in 1992 I went to oh I Went to Patrick and then learned how to Do the like slaughtering stuff and he Says I never buy food from here from the Bazaar when I asked him if he wants to Move to Israel he said why this is my Country and I'm not going to leave as You can see straying from the norm here In Afghanistan is a bold way to live Stay with me as I head to Kandahar Historically one of the most dangerous Cities in the country so we're we're now On a Zone where you Osama Bin Laden and Mulan are the leader of Taliban used to Stay here so it was the base for them During the Taliban regime they were Saying right here yeah those walls you See Like inside those compounds crazy He was like right there yeah Called this rajama or the red mosque This is a place where the leader of Taliban he used to come here often and

Pray at this area makes me feel a little Bit uncomfortable but Still cool to see See all these sites [Music] Kandahar is a former capital of Afghanistan and is located in the Southern part of the country over the Last 25 years Kandahar has been home to A lot of attacks and destruction and it Just became safe enough to visit last Year I was nervous as hell to come here Because any situation with the Taliban Is game over for me getting kidnapped is My biggest fear and that's exactly what Could happen but I was so curious to see What Kandahar was like because I know That there is another side to the story Among its 1 million residents so off I Went into the unknown for probably the Most daring travel adventure of my life All right we are now pulling up at the Airport heading to Kandahar in the south Of Afghanistan All right let's go to pandahar [Music] We're at Kandahar airport we have made It to Kandahar Afghanistan I truthfully Never thought I would make it here the City's been off limits for almost Decades yeah but we're here and uh Really excited too Let's see what's going on Crazy like fortification system

Super secure Super secure these like Huge walls Crazy military checkpoints to leave the Airport but despite all these tense Feelings it didn't take me long to Realize that there's certainly another Side of the Kandahar story and Frankly Speaking it's beautiful assalamualaikum And welcome to Kandahar AKA the Pomegranate city of Afghanistan I got Extremely lucky to visit Kandahar right At the peak of pomegranate season and in Case you didn't already know Afghanistan Has some of the world's finest fruits All right so we're just rolling up now To a pomegranate Farm out here in Kandahar All filled with pomegranates well for Some reason the weather in Kandahar is Kind of perfect for for pomegranates and Since I was very young I was hearing Always about pomegranates of Kandahar Even there are very famous songs really Yeah like They say that they are like the best Pomegranates in Kandahar and so all the Pomegranates in Cabo come from here yeah Exactly all the pomegranates in Kabul They're from Kandahar you can imagine Like probably like two days ago did they Eat the packs you saw they're packed Only two days ago so guys literally like Straddling the entire tree

Just to pick these pomegranates in the U.S like pomegranates are a huge thing And everybody wants to have them and Drink the juice but we don't we don't Produce them yeah so it's really cool to Come to Afghanistan and see the whole Production aspect yeah all I'm Witnessing in these pomegranate fields Are pure happiness from the locals I Mean wouldn't you be happy too [Music] You just ate that entire pomegranate in Like 20 seconds ask him how many people Are going to eat in one day 10 to 20 pomegranates in one day in one Day Look at this fresh pomegranate Looks so good so these kids just hang Out in the pomegranate fields and they Just eat pomegranates all day literally They have pomegranate stains all over Their mouths and they're so cute they're Following us around now my name is Drew What's your name my name is Nice to meet you Nice to meet you nice to meet you you Like Afghanistan yes how about you yes Yeah like people in Canada automatically They just like pomegranates and they Just cultivate pomegranates everywhere Yes [Music] For real this is the best pomegranate I've ever had yeah it was like straight

From the source look how fresh it is Yeah yeah this is wild literally I'm in a pomegranate field in Afghanistan dude this is so cool so We're on our way out and what just Happened yeah these guys just wanted to Give us some some pomegranates so look At these yeah he thinks that we're Guests here and then uh it's it's not Good to get out of this Garden without Any power minutes so what else is Happening in Kandahar besides Pomegranates it's time to explore the City [Music] Hi Joe welcome to Afghanistan Thank you bro thank you Bye-bye so we are taking a tick tock Ride because that's the thing to do here In kandahara Whoa fancy fancy All right Have you ever ridden one of these in Canada First time first time first time for North that makes me happy if it's his First time yeah sure Foreign [Music] Public transportation when you arrive Somewhere just to kind of scope out the City and do you think there's any other Tours here No

100 sure yes The workers but they're not tourists It's really special to be here to see A city that The world really doesn't know about yeah Our first stop the market we're now Walking through the many bazaars here The oldest Bazaar in Kandahar right in Front of us this place feels extremely Old like a time machine yes like wow I Can't even get the words out of my mouth I simply cannot visit any City without Seeing the market because that's how I Can wrap my head around its culture and The overall Society but this one here is Pretty special nowhere I've been a lot Of places in Africa Like everything's made of mud bricks Yeah and you feel like it's so old but Nothing in here has become modernized Nothing it's super authentic and look at These shops I think that's one of the Best thing about pandahar actually it's So cool man and the women have different Color uh chattering chattery usually It's always blue but here is all Different colors I've learned to let you Cross first because I almost got hit by A car earlier today Sometimes the best Thing you can do in a busy Market is Just get lost on purpose because after All the best experiences in life come From being spontaneous oh look at this Place

Where are we right now It's cool yeah we're in the very Backgrounds so we went in some like Some back hour here near the main market So up here on the top level of the Market And you can see it's made of like truly These mud bricks Like literally the definition of a mud Brick is this you have bricks and it's Made from mud and it's super old these Balls were not made yesterday that's all I know okay That beautiful minaret up there much to Our surprise we found a shop so we went Inside to check it out [Music] We made it up to the second level here And we found this Taylor shop in this Really friendly man who's got really Cool posters on the wall uh gave us some Teeth and it's totally letting us stay Up here and get some shots off the city Such a nice guy just so awesome from up Here to be able to see the life Happening below us and we're really the Only people up here there's not like a Second level really it's just it's just Us can I ask you about Kandahar it's my First time here so what do you enjoy About the city Energy Yeah [Music]

It says Kandahar is nice I was born here In Canada and raised here and I never Went anywhere I like the city he says Like my kids are went to school I saw Them grow here and now they're having Families we are having a big family in Kandahar yeah the only thing is that This security a little bit bothering Guys we're happy with our life and Belongings and everything and kind of Hard the only thing is that sometimes This security type of issues bothers all The people including me what do you mean The security is wrong what's wrong with The city Oh it says I I always pray to God for The for the security well he says I know The the inside the city is fine a little Bit with the security but around kind of Hard like like in the outskirts and far Areas like Villages and districts People doesn't really have a a secure Life out there and he says I'm also Bothered when I see my fellow countrymen And friends not having a good life Around Kandahar he says I hope one day The security comes and that's the only Thing we're missing well it's a pleasure To be here thank you for having me and Thank you for letting us in your shop Says you're very welcome here it's also A pleasure to me and you you just came Into my little shop here it's it's just A pleasure and uh I I pray to God to

Welcome any other type of people like You and it would be a pleasure to honors What an experience that was well we Stayed up here for a good half hour Getting all these shots And the guy was super friendly to let us Uh stay Nor I think we hit the jackpot on that One yeah Wow That was the coolest Market I think I've Ever been doing my life Whoa man It's so hard to leave that place I could Stay there all day that cobble's Different it's just different like There's more people on their phones it's More modernized There's You know the shops are more modern in Kabul yeah you know here is like if you Remove the cars from the streets You've entered the year 1835. Right exactly it was time to visit the Many famous shrines around town because Nord tells me that they're all amazing Uh we are here at the Tomb of the shrine Of Midwife Hotel the emperor of the Hotel Dynasty during 17th century in Kandahar he was against the safavids of Iran who was ruling over these areas and Then he fought against them and he Brought the freedom for this area and Put Kandahar at that time and when was

This Shrine made the shrine was made at The mid 17th century and everything I'm Looking at is everything is ready these Shrines are one of the shrines that Survived during the wars and nobody has Touched these areas From the outside it was a little bit Rude but from the inside everything's Okay this place is so beautiful it's not That often where I've seen these like This kind of architecture this kind of Paintings these different colors Um all in one spot and it's I can't Believe that these are like 400 years Old it's really really beautiful to walk In here as we were making our way Onwards to the next Shrine we found out Some bad news nor accidentally left his Phone in the tuk-tuk that we were in and I'm really hoping we're gonna get it Back because this guy needs his phone His whole business is run on this phone And how can I text you Out your phone man it's it's my fault I Just forgot it I really hope we're gonna get it back Our drivers been on the phone all day Trying to call people and show the Picture of our driver so Hopefully we can get it back we will see In any regard we made our way to the Next landmark and all our problems were Gone so beautiful this marble Incredible

Hello [Music] This building right behind me is the Shrine of babawali babawali is one of Those holy men from the 40 from the 15th Centuries who used to live in Kandahar And all the people believed in him as a Holy man and they come to him for their Problem to get solved and even now he Has lots of followers who's coming Normally here on Friday I don't know what's going on Very interesting encounter That was quite interesting with those Guys our next destination completely Overwhelmed me in the best way possible Wait until you hear about this 2300 year Old settlement so Nora there's these Massive Buildings behind us that look really old Where are we right now We're at the Citadel of Kandahar it's a Very old one from the time of Alexander The Great Really yeah it's called It means the big city so it's a citadel Do you have any idea what year it was Kind of made Alexander the Great came to This area during the 330 BC yeah Probably it's like that time it was nice Before but due to years of war and no Protection and like natural Problems like rains and snow This happened to the walls and they're

Digging underground to discover more of It yeah nowadays the excavation is going On they they're probably looking for Something to find out The excavation is going on by the Department of information and culture Wow please definitely feels really Really old man Look at this Look at these walls This is some really cool stuff ancient Seated out of Kandahar Afghanistan Hiking up to the top now Of the Kandahar Citadel And holy this place is cool so we Made it to the top of the Kandahar Citadel And it is just beautiful Looking at the views Over these little communities Everything is the same shade of brown Welcome to the old city of Kandahar Drew Thanks man look at this That looks like an old city there's Still people living in it But the houses is extremely old there's One thing I feel right now is just Ancient historic this place is just Surreal to be up here right now on our Way back to the city we came across Something unexpected that was quite Nerve-wracking to explore just out the Window we see these like little nomadic Homes they're really like tents and

Noah's telling me that these are nomads Nomadic people who depending on the Season they move around And uh we're trying to get permission to See if we can Said yes this he was waving at us to get Permission to uh speak with them do you Feel comfortable to go in there I don't know kind of Do you Know we can go where's the driver gonna Go I don't think he can stop the car here I Don't think he's allowed to park here We're like on the middle of the highway Right now it's okay he can This is Afghanistan yeah sure he could Whatever you say Noor This life is crazy Drew can you believe Like moving around the country From here to another place and from Another place to another place That's crazy nomadic life man thank you It's pretty crazy Look at their houses here check this out Yes this is the house Have they ever seen a tourist before no Have they ever seen like anyone else Come here no never never that's quite Interesting man First ever visitors they were actually Like kind of friendly They were just suspicious like why are You here yeah why are you here usually

Because People are very poor here and when like Some strangers like us when they come Here they expect like maybe they think It's government people or they're here To help us something like that but I was Like honestly trying to explain to them That we are not in the organization we Are not from the government right we're Just here we saw we're curious yeah We're curious and we just came here to Just say hello to you to celebrate an Amazing and safe two days in Kandahar Nor and I headed back to the old Market One final time to get our favorite juice Probably I can find my phone here yeah It's already on the market for the Record his phone was never seen again But that didn't stop us from enjoying The trip we're in one of the main plazas Here and we're gonna get a pomegranate Juice [Music] That big block of ice that they use to Chunk it up Oh man what is that I just used that Bucket to clean the straws no I don't Know if I think I might get sick he just Used this water to clean like the straws And that water is definitely it's Disgusting if I get sick then I get sick Foreign Oh man that is good When you go to the pomegranate fields

And you try the thing in real life So freaking tasty traveling around Afghanistan it's not hard to notice that It's a very men dominant society and it Kind of makes me feel uncomfortable when I'm out on the streets and I see 95 of The drivers the shop owners and the People walking around being men but the Truth is that there are just as many Women as men in Afghanistan many of whom Are doing very inspiring things so I Spent my last few weeks in the country Meeting with women behind closed doors And in this next part I want to share With you a few of their inspiring Stories Foreign [Music] What do you do what are your hobbies I Do cycling skiing snowboarding running And some else I am riding bike about Four or two five years and I've got many Awards about one or one and a half Months ago in Birmingham there was a Cycling race between all the women of Afghanistan so I could cut the first Fourth position and now I am a member of National cycling team of Afghanistan Talk about the the women in in society In Bangalore the women are much better Because this situation is much better Than the past telling to us that while You're cycling that is bad for a girl to Ride a bike or to ski or to go out of

The home and to work but now the Situation is much better and the people Now understood that women can do Everything that they want and they are Much stronger than they think and now When we are cycling or skiing now men Women all the people encourage us do you Hope that the situation around Afghanistan is better for women I hope And I pray for all those women and all Those girls who are living Kandahar Ningerha and those kind of those Provinces that Taliban are there and They cannot get out of home and they Cannot do Sports I really pray them for Them to be free in Kandahar and those Places women are not allowed to go out But if they go out they have to Cover the face but I cannot cover my Face Foreign [Music] Like my husband was not working my son Was not working and like everybody was At home so it was like a big tension for Everybody like not having income and Then she said I was I was very good at Cooking look I I cooked a lot before and I was working in some restaurants as Well so I said let's uh let's let's just Use my talent let's say just start a Business and and then we set it up like A page and then like accepted people's Orders on Facebook yeah on Facebook and

Also they have a phone number so anyone Who called them they will just prepare Food for them and then they send them I Would like to know what are some of the Challenges that you face starting a Business here as a woman Foreign [Music] What's your name and where are you from The center of Province and she's here to Learn music how old are you and are you Studying or ma um She's 11th grade in school and she's 19 Years so beside this music she plays Football as well tell me your story how You learned and how you became Interested So she says when I was like so young I Had a special interest in field of music And I just love music so I try to follow And I try to continue learning Especially when this group was organized Here like two years ago in bamia the Name of the group is Salsal and they Just started learning the basic of the Music here and also during their school Holidays like during the education Holidays especially during the winter When it's too cold here she goes to Kabul and learned music out there do you Hope to be a role model for other women To follow their dreams or to deal with It like follow their passion or I know Says exactly that's what I want so

Obviously Afghanistan is a very men Dominant Society how do you feel about That and and do you hope for change for Women to have a more important role in This Society [Music] So yeah this is this is true that Afghanistan is a main dominant country But it doesn't mean that we're like Powerless we have talents we're trying To show that what we can do and what we Are capable of we try our best we will Never stop doing this hi I'm Fatima and I am the first female mystical dancer in Afghanistan That was amazing yeah how do you feel A piece how did you get inspired or how Did you start learning how to dance Because I When I Saw [Music] Sophie's sitting around working around Reading like working on mystical dances Together she was so inspired by them and She wanted to learn that what do you Think your role is as a female are you Trying to inspire other women Normally this mystical meditation and Musical dances normally done in a Private area just you and the universe But she says I tried to do this in the Public because I had to do my mystical Targets as well and at the same time she

Says that I want to show that women can Can and they are there if we are doing This it's on private with ourself but Now I want to do this in the public so Anyone should see and they should Believe that they are there have you Gotten a lot of hate or backfire or People saying you can't be doing this or Any any sort of that thing happening to You uh yeah there was some people uh From the public that they say that You're a girl and you're a Young girl that you should not do it Because it's main based sense and you Cannot do it you should not do Especially I can say to them that I'm a Human and I don't care that what they Think I do anything that I love if you could Say one message to the world anything What would you say to them my message in Depth to all of the people in the book But it's that if you want to change the World you can start from yourself so Please tell me what's your name and Where you're from My husband from Afghanistan I see that You're a very good photographer tell me How you got inspired to take pictures Professionally It was a passion for her since childhood And she really liked to take photos as Soon as she was able to do it she Started and she had the specific

Education for that and now she's she Loves to take photos of the beautiful Places of Afghanistan what are your Goals in the next five years where do You see yourself Teacher so she wants to be the highest Peak of what she can do to show the nice Aspects of Afghanistan Is Through My Lens I want to show that Women are capable of doing lots of Things like being active as a civil Society activist like business and every Other aspect of life and especially Myself I picked photography to show the Activities of women from around Afghanistan especially these are my Friend fahima doing the mystical dancing Now I've just started with her so is There anything else you want to say About women in Afghanistan is She just want to say that the woman in Afghanistan are very powerful they are Very talented they can do lots of things But there are some problems mainly Insecurity I mean the there are other Like aspects of life that they push her To stay more at home and mainly like Religious problems traditional problems Cultural problems and stuff like that But if you concentrate on the power of Women in Afghanistan and the amount of The promotion that they had during the Last 20 years it was great and amazing

And that they're doing better and better How does it make you feel about Afghanistan being such a mandominant Society This is actually sad it is it is a big Problem but it doesn't mean that we Should stay quiet it doesn't mean that We shouldn't begin from somewhere where We need to start from ourselves we need To bring changes to ourselves and then You suddenly see the magic happens and Then everything will be fine and okay What's your name and where are you from My name is So what is your job I'm a finance Manager for a company do you think women In Afghanistan are having more freedom Or less Freedom the situation is Different for example in Mazar Sharif Couple herat bombian is Good for women they can do everything They can study they can work they can go Out from their house but From the Far away Province they can't Study they can't work they can Get out from their house and Do some something okay so talk about the Women's role in their families around Afghanistan it depends to their family 60 to 70 percent of them they have to Stay home they have to cook wash take Care of their kids but Uh 25 or 30 percent of them they can go

Out they can work they can do Something like me like you is there Anything else you want the world to know About women in Afghanistan They they are not comfortable with the Camera And they are shy culturally they are not Comfortable with the strangers With their photos [Music] So after watching this full documentary Of Afghanistan are you now inspired to Visit I can't tell you enough that this Is one of my favorite countries in the World and not a day goes by where I Don't think about my time in Afghanistan The people are among the most friendly And hospitable in the world and they Deserve better they deserve recognition As people as humans and we can only hope That the situation with the Taliban gets Better soon thanks for watching keep Afghanistan in your minds and I will see You guys in the next video I need to see Q is R me w x Y z pretty sure this is the cutest kid In all of Afghanistan

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