$50 VS $500 in PRAGUE!! Europe’s Best City!!

By | October 12, 2022

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I’m so happy to be reporting to you from PRAGUE – Woohoo!! This is the city that kicked off my travel bug in 2012, and until this day, it's my absolute favorite city in the world!!! Prague really has it all – it’s centrally located in Europe, it’s affordable, it has amazing historical sites, and the culture has a vibe unlike anywhere else. Join me in this video, where I show you what it’s like to travel to here on a tight budget (of $50 per day) vs. a luxury budget (of $500 per day).

PS – I got scammed along the way

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Right now I'm in Prague Czech Republic And I'm going to show you what it's like To travel here on 50 a day versus 500 a Day and I'll let you decide which is Better Prague is my favorite city in the world It's the city that ignited my love for Travel it's where I was first introduced To new cultures and experiences and it Will always be my home away from home The Czech Capital has all the amenities That you can find in Western Europe but With a culture and a Vibe of Eastern Europe that is the reason why it's so Unique you will instantly fall in love With the cobblestone streets the Medieval architecture highlighted by the World's oldest castle and the abundance Of charming cafes that are all centered Around the Old Town Square miraculously The city is so clean even though there's So many tours here because these amazing Ladies cleaning the city all day long It's amazing I'm going to take a free Walking tour right now so basically you Meet with the tour guide you walk around The city for free they explain stuff and Then you give them a tip if you like it And they're all over Europe at 10 O'clock is when the free walking tour Starts every day this is one of the best Things to do if you're if you're on a Budget and you're traveling in Europe Any City you just go to

Freewalkingtools.com and you can find a Guy that's going to show you the city For free see this uh Stone Bell House Don't go house is one of the oldest Properties on the Square I'm gonna give Him a nice little tip for his time we Didn't say the whole time so I think This is appropriate cheers man thanks Well now I feel enlightened about Prague And uh we're gonna go get some beer Because that's what you do in Czech you Drink beer I found this little dive bar Here flash restaurant called restaurant And they probably have really cheap beer But it's cool you have the apartment Complex you got people hanging their Clothes on the balconies and right Underneath is the restaurant let's check It out [Music] One cut off please The new chapter I haven't heard of [Music] The way she pours beer is like an art Form it's like perfect every time in the Cup [Music] It's like 11 A.M right now there's like Four or five people sitting in here just Drinking their beer cheers Hmm that's kind of a fruity taste Fruitier than most beer in the Czech Republic is literally cheaper than water If I ordered water right now it would be

Like two or three Euros for the same Amount Ciao No it's okay For the record this is just happening in Real life this is not my friend beer I Buy you one beer okay Do you speak English no Yeah What's your favorite chicken beer [Music] The best did you know that the Czech People drink more beer than any other Country in the world I mean in in the U.S like nobody would Drink beer in the morning [Laughter] [Music] I'm curious why you sat right next to me Because there's so many tables open so Like why would you come here and just Curious why you sat next to me Oh this table okay I sat at your table How many beers do you drink in one day Four or five beers [Music] I finished before you and I'm not Checked okay [Music] We're in uh Prague one which is the Beating soul of Prague just north of Old Town Square I want to get some local Czech food the cheapest food I can find And my buddy told me that there's a

Czech restaurant here called Check is a weird language and so uh I Think it's in this building so I'm gonna Go check it out and get some food This R is an only Czech thing it's Pronounced Interesting hard to say it took me 10 Years to figure it out Super local I feel like I'm in like Elementary School getting getting much this is as Check as it is [Music] Big salad Yeah Yeah which is this has been most checked Food you can get it's basically pieces Of beef in this soupy thing with these Like I don't even this is technically bread Maybe but it's like squishy texture So basically what you do there's a Couple things you can do you can just Take a piece of the meat first and dip It in the sauce like this Yeah It's kind of sweet sweet and savory at The same time really tough tough meat um When you mix it in the sauce kind of Like a soup almost but you can also take The bread or clean the key as I call it And just kind of dip it in for five Bucks this is this is pretty good try The salad

[Music] Kind of like a Greek style salad cheese On top peppers and cucumber [Music] Damn it I got sparkling water Every time you always have to ask if you Want to steal your sparkling because in Europe they love sparkling water not my Favorite So far I've spent just 11 on a walking Tour a beer and lunch and I still have 39 bucks left to spend on this 50 Challenge The Best Is Yet To Come let me Move onwards these columns are really Cool definitely makes you feel like Communism was here at one point like you See that in all of Eastern Europe those Kind of pillars this is kind of the Lesser visited side of Prague even Though we're really close to the Heart Of the City most tourists don't go like North and east of the river they kind of Stay Central or go south what do you Like about Prague the food the culture The people the beer I've never met a Tech person that doesn't like beer It's nice meeting you good to meet you Too bro there's a stereotype to check People don't smile and they're Unfriendly it is true that they don't Smile but once you speak to them they're Friendly and they're they're amazing People really it makes me feel so good To see the support for Ukraine around

Prague and everywhere in Europe I made My way by foot to the famous 14th Century Charles bridge we are Approaching the famous Charles bridge One of the oldest constructed bridges in The world and there's a beautiful little Structure that you walk through to get To the bridge and this is tourist haven If you notice like we started walking Across the city in the last touristy Part there was no one around and we just Walked for like 15 minutes and now we're Slammed Good to meet you man good to see you Take care You know even though it's so touristy Here they've still done a pretty good Job of making it charming and authentic And these beautiful statues that are Super old like this one in front of us Has Jesus Christ on the cross which Hebrew under him This is it man this is my favorite city In the world it's Where it All Began 10 Years ago when I studied abroad exactly 10 years ago I was living here as a 20 Year old couldn't even legally like Drink in America and then I come here And have the most wildest experience of My life and I fell in love with the city And then I kept traveling and eventually Went to every country and now I'm back Spending a few months here and I really Think it's the best in the world I mean

It's it's it's big but it's small so you Can literally walk across the city in Like 30 minutes or an hour you can Literally make a loop maybe one hour you Can make a loop around the whole city And if there's anything you take away From this video come to Prague and you Will see how amazing this place is if You want to do Prague on a budget you Got to take a tram they're amazing They're old and historic and beautiful And it costs like a dollar to ride them So I'm gonna take it to the other side Of town so let's get on one right now Boom and not to mention the whole City's Connected by tram like super easy to get Around and for about a dollar I don't have accommodations tonight you Know staying on 50 a day I'm gonna find A hostel which is basically a cheap Accommodation like dormitory fun place Where you can meet young Travelers and Party I'm not necessarily A young traveler Anymore I uh The last time I stayed in a hostel I was Probably 24 now I'm 31 but let's do it Okay we have made it too Ahoy hostel for Ahoy Hospital press the Buzzer wait for answer and push the door Please [Music] Foreign [Music]

You don't have any beds open Well that was a failed attempt At One hospital so now we must go to the Next the madhouse Prague see if they Have a bed This looks fun Oh yeah dude this one's vibing Hi how Are you how's it going Oh cool how you doing Do you have any beds available for Tonight even in like the biggest dorm Room actually I Think yes can I take it yeah you can Amazing all right Oh cool [Music] Because people get too drunk and they're Just like oh now I can see [Music] Wow Yeah Thank you all right Wi-Fi password is on The desk sits on fire and there's a Beautiful painting Okay okay First beer is free oh the first beer is Free I'll certainly have a beer that's Like a nice beer It's viani not bad I can't explain to You the feeling that I have to be inside Of this hostel it's like stepping in a Time machine back to my college Years Wow One two three are currently free like

They won't eat tonight but oh I got it What's better top or bottom genuinely Bottom But sure wow I am completely reminded of All my hustle days in my early 20s I Kind of love it excited to meet some People go out and party And uh live this into life all right we Are we are joining the pub crawl first They have an underground karaoke and Then we're going to a club hi love [Music] Smells like beer and frog [Music] S I literally feel like I'm 20 years old Again and it's amazing all right now we Are all gonna flood the streets of Prague and walk to uh one of my favorite Clubs back in the day called duplex it's Gonna be funny [Music] Oh my God [Music] [Applause] [Music] Let me look like this please this is how I want to look beautiful [Music] Oh man that was a super fun bar time I Drank a little more than I usually do And I'm heading back to the hospital too Take a rest and sleep Hey guys quick update today I launched a

Brand new product called link by just go It is a unisex charm bracelet with flags That celebrate your favorite countries Your ethnicity or countries that you Just love and support we only have 500 Braces available in this exclusive drop And its first come first served on the Link in the description below alright Let's get back to Prague Good morning from Prague it is a lovely Day and it's a luxury day I have a Budget of 500 US Dollars and I'm gonna See how I can enjoy the city with the Huge budget and we're going to start With taking an Uber ride to the other Side of the city travel tip take Uber When you can because regular taxis can Be sketchy and especially here in Prague They're known to rip you off and scam You so take Uber four minutes away and The cost is 166 Czech grounds Lovely then [Music] All right that was easy many of you guys Might know or not know that I collect Paintings when I travel and here on Charles bridge they have some really Nice paintings so I'm gonna buy one not Sure what it's gonna cost this is the Most iconic viewership about 50 or Approximately 1250 can I pay 50 US Dollars 54 years old Oh I'm gonna put it in my house did you

Know that there's no ugly streets and Prague like every corner you turn you Just see phenomenal views this is a Lovely tourist Market Street in between Old Town Square and wencesla square you Can buy fruits vegetables souvenirs All kinds of good stuff Please and this one And one clock I think Um they're all the same price yeah the Same same size same price okay this one Perfect okay Thank you so much have a good day Bye-bye for accommodations Deanna and I Decided to go with Airbnb instead of a Hotel because hey we have our dog with Us so it's easier and B it's kind of Nice to live like a local you actually Feel like you're living in Prague and so We're I'm on the street of the Airbnb Now I'm gonna go uh go inside and give You guys a little quick tour [Music] Buzzer [Music] All right This is the Airbnb got it for a few days Here it's pretty nice it's a one bedroom This is actually the main living room But that is one bed that was turned into And then over here Another bed and we got a couch over here TV they don't have AC here in Prague Because it's usually cold so you just

Open up the windows and you can have This like window AC thing kitchen over Here fridge oven microwave Shower here and then over here the Toilet it's actually kind of nice that We have a washing machine unit and then To dry the clothes you actually use this They don't have dryers in Prague or it's Only for the ultra rich like nobody uses Dryers losing well this Airbnb are you Happy It's not super expensive it's not super Cheap somewhere right in the middle and Um pretty comfortable The coolest part about this Airbnb is The views outside so you have this Really European looking building here There's a nice restaurant down there and Then boom that Tower it's time to eat And there's no better ripoff in Prague Than Old Town Square I'm heading there Right now they have this old Prague hand Stand it's always been here for the last Like 15 years So on the side it says 100 grams is 97 Crowns and this was 184 pounds so that Is Ridiculous it's the smallest portion new Friends from Korea Malaysia and Sweden It says that 100 grams is 97 crowns but This is like 200 grams so this they Trick you it looks like you're only Going to spend 97 crowns but this was Like 200 crowns

It's pretty good ham it is you see it Like slow cooking so it tastes good Much expensive if you walk 10 minutes in Any direction it'll be in the Residential side everything in this area Is crazy expensive It's not long ago but this is pretty Good though Good help so the verdict is the hand was Good but not worth the extreme prices oh My God this is our last day in Europe This is probably even the best weather We've had on this whole trip there's a Bunch of cafes here lined up all Throughout Old Town we're gonna sit down At one and just people watching enjoy we Potentially have the best people Watching Steve in this entire city right Here In front of the Cloud Tower Tourist central Ramen one of the best the pilsner in Prague you've got to watch out for scams And little did we know that we were About to be a victim of yet another scam Hi guys You work here yes cool sure all right It really is nice to sit here to be Honest I don't know the price yet of This beer I'm guessing it's 10 to 15 but This is what tours do like this is what My parents would do if they came here This is what anyone would do that's Really smart to take pictures and then

Sell it to people because it's only if They want that's really smart of you Guys that's a it's a good way to make Extra money so what's the cost 300 Pounds reason for one which is Okay let's get the kissing one I like The kids What what are you gonna do with this if We don't buy it what are you gonna do With it they are recycle it like in the Trash Okay okay yeah thank you thanks bye bye So if you'll notice she was dressed as a Waitress with the skirt pockets and Wallet to collect the bill but she's not Affiliated with the restaurant she Straight up lied to me when I asked if She worked there we got scammed you know What we're gonna put it on our fridge And remember the time that we sat here In front of the clock tower that was 500 Pounds right So that's about 25 you could fly from Prague to Krakow to Prague for that Amount of money that we just spent to Get the phone Yeah it was nine dollars to fly to Krakow How do you feel that we got scammed Yes cool yeah oh yeah we're here two Things I want to say one I respect the Hustle everyone's got to make a buck But number two there are a lot of scams In Prague and not only Prague around

Europe and you just got to be careful if You're traveling you're on a budget you Gotta try to think logically and Understand what's happening she she Totally pranked me I thought she Actually worked here so I fell for her Scam but now you know what it looks like And just be aware she got another sale [Music] She just made about sixty dollars within 20 minutes Much sixty dollars because she sold Multiple of them just now that is insane It's absolutely crazy Okay thanks man appreciate it all right We are gonna take a horse ride around Old Town Square Yeah yeah the old man he's cute Hello how much for like 15 minutes nine Times for 15 minutes 20 minutes Thank you Feel like a tourist right now Oh what a great way to see Old Town Square when you can just sit and enjoy Without moving your kitchen [Music] The cool thing about riding on the horse Is that it forces you to look up and see All the little details that you wouldn't Normally see by walking And there's so much symbolism in these Buildings like There's little statues everywhere

Look at that painting right there I Don't never see the same thing twice Thank you keep it thank you good Experience 1000 crowns later 40 bucks I would do it again Pretty cool way to see Prague even Though it's expensive travel tip always Carry small coins with you in Europe Because when it comes to using public Toilets it ain't free but you know what Is free my weekly email newsletter which Has exclusive travel tips hacks and Updates in real time sign up now on the Link in the description [Music] Okay [Music] Thank you The concept of pen to use the bathroom Is pretty crazy for me as an American we Would never do that But that's how it goes in Europe not Only here but everywhere it's like a Library but for one it's a Wine Library Prague has a lot of wine bars or wine Caves like this one you can see all the Beautiful wine options so we popped in Here gonna grab a quick glass Oh good sound I'm not a big Wine Drinker but this is Rose champagne That's very delicious Yeah I like sweet

Like sweet wines I could I can mess with this Beautiful thank you very much Foreign Restaurant for dinner to meet our friend Yuri who we met in Bangkok when we used To live there I haven't seen him in many Years since the um this Festival in Slovakia but we're gonna have a nice Czech meal for dinner and he's from Slovakia so it's kind of the same [Music] Without Drew I'm Phil nice to meet you What's up man hello good to see you We're gonna stay for the hug good to see You man Hey guys that feels good So I'm saying this is 10 years I'm Convinced that this is the absolute best Beer in the world I'll have um please uh Solely braised smoked beef It's a liver yeah It's like really tasty yeah [Music] Very good we're about to go inside the Bar at the dancing house which is this Amazing futuristic modern architectural Building and Prague right on the river Never been first time The view at the top of the dancing house Is magical that's the voltaba river Proud Castle we're at a bar in Prague The five sword club and right now robots Are making our drinks check this out

Okay I got a swimming pool this drink Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign To wrap up this video for the budget Portion of 50 per day I was able to get A walking tour a Czech beer a plate of Czech food one tram ride one hostel bed And a pub crowd to all my favorite bars And for the luxury 500 challenge I was Able to get an Uber ride a painting Souvenirs at the market an Airbnb Apartment one plate of ham two scam Photos a beer and wine one horse ride a Bathroom stop two glasses of wine and Cheese a fancy dinner on the main square And a night out at all my favorite clubs Alright guys so there you have it Prague On 50 per day or five hundred dollars Per day and if you ask me which is Better definitely the budget option Which I hope gives you some inspiration To know that you can travel Europe on a Budget for cheap it's amazing I hope you Enjoyed this video Prague is my absolute Favorite in the world and with that all Being said I'll see you in the next Video peace make sure to subscribe to This channel for more epic travel Stories from every country hit up my Podcast called roots of humanity and I Also have a second YouTube channel where I share more unseen travel stories until

Next time stay safe be well and just go

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