5 Ways JAPAN Is Ahead Of The World

By | January 23, 2023


Traveling to Japan is like going to the Future Here are five ways that Japan is ahead Of the world number one bullet trains Getting around the island by train is so Quick and comfortable who needs planes Number two interactive robots need help Finding something at a store in Japan Robots are ready to assist you number Three insane arcades it's no surprise That the home of Nintendo has the best Arcades in the world the locals are pros At almost every single game number four Super toilets when the world ran out of Toilet paper in 2020 Japan was not Worried at all they even have heated Seats number five vending machines Are you hungry for some late night Ramen Need an extra hot coffee in the morning You'll find whatever you need and more At a vending machine Japan is truly Amazing there's so many more things About the country that we're not listed In this video but I hope you enjoyed Watching and I'll see you next time if You want to get the free digital version Of my top 100 best travel photos click The link in my bio and I'll send it Straight to your inbox

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