5 Turkish Meals for Less Than $2 (Insanely Cheap)

By | August 28, 2022

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HELLO FROM TURKEY!! 🇹🇷 It’s so wonderful to be back here, one of my favorite countries in the world. This video is all about TURKISH FOOD with my local friend, Anil.

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What's up guys drewbiskey here in Istanbul with my friends hello i'm two Years ago we did a six-week road trip Around turkey and it was incredible and I'm back here and in this video we're Gonna try five turkish dishes for under Two dollars each are you excited yes i'm So hungry and so excited [Music] Istanbul is the central city of our World formerly known as constantinople The city is home to the second oldest Underground metro the world's largest Covered bazaar and well over 3 000 Mosques my favorite two are the hagia Sophia and the blue mosque which cannot Be missed at over 15 million people Istanbul is the 15th largest city on Earth and that means that there is no Shortage of amazing foods to try when i Was here if six lira was one dollar yeah That was just two years ago now no it's Much terrible and it's 17 lira is equal To one us dollar so the inflation is Around 160 percent so people are struggling to Buy milk to buy groceries everything up Everything life is getting harder and Harder in turkey but we are trying to Survive this is called easter cloud Street this is the most touristic and Most popular park in europe's side Istanbul is the only city in the world That is split between two continents so

You have asia side and the european side The european side is way more touristy Yes yes but the asian side is more Charming yeah asian side has some cozy Cafes and bars you can chill out like Neighborhoods are really nice but this Side is more touristic with all the Sightseeings and everything i recommend You to spend time in the boat [Music] This is called durum zade and they make Amazing adama kebabs maybe the best you Can find in istanbul of course and i see A big picture of anthony bourdain on the Wall so if he approves then i'm gonna Know i'm gonna approve Thank you The thing i love about turkish kebabs is That they kind of make it in the window Here and they have all the ingredients Down below so you can see before they Cook it and it's also a very outside Culture like you sit on these little Chairs right here and drink some tea and Enjoy your food i hope you didn't eat Breakfast no abby i was waiting for you Yeah i knew that we were gonna eat like Crazy yes All right sitting down with like so My role model everything i do is because Of this man i used to watch him in high School with my dad antonio His brother served him food and after The food anthony bourdain generally

Makes few sentences of a comment but he Made only one word comment for this Place this is amazing and as far as i Know after the official record he came Here three more times by himself Thank you thank you whoever comes here Should eat two adana kebab in one rep so This is double adana wrap that is the Key and they grill even the bread and It's so hot so like so fresh amazing Oh yeah hot It's juicy Onion tomato like you can feel all the Taste one by one I love how he's behind you just like yep Yep he's like i know it's good It's hot bro It tastes just like the one we had in Adana very good man you have cilantro Onions Tomato spicy sauce and the best meat You've ever tasted in your life all Wrapped up in one sandwich I have no words This is very very turkish how can you Explain what it is this is yogurt water And salt That's that's all only three ingredients It is refreshing I actually like it a lot as you're Eating at the table you have cats that Just come sit next to your Inshallah For the next dish coming up you know

What it's going to be baklava you know When i was in iran three months ago they Told me that baklava's gonna be wrong No comment Like everyone should come to turkey and Try our baklava decide by themselves Absolutely i always recognize that guy The little logo right here This is the Heaven and we are gonna try some Different types of baklava oh my wow oh My god [Music] This store is just beautiful beautifully Decorated colorful [Music] What's so good about baklava you have Layers and layers and layers it's like a Pastry a very sweet pastry with honey on Top and pistachios mixed in the middle So detailed the taste is just so good Baklava and turkey i don't know if it's Better in iran or in turkey but both It's amazing Good in turkey We just turned into one of these side Streets here it's very narrow and you're Literally covered in restaurants cafes What i love about istanbul is the Melting pot of of like muslim countries So you have a lot of like afghans you Have a lot of iranians Syrians Turks it's cool because they all kind of

Meet here This is chestnuts and this is such a Winter thing for us to eat keep it in Your hand and like eat in the cold Winter days we'll get one bag of these Chestnuts 25. that definitely fits the budget 25. Well grilled chestnut It's kind of sweet And it doesn't taste like any other nut That you've probably tried it's very Different it's kind of like a walnut Kind of but sweeter sweeter and softer When you chew it they grill it With their own Shell so they burn the shell and gorilla The next one it's like a coconut exactly Is that him it's pretty tasty And Kind of a great way to break up the Heavy meals and the sweets just have Some nuts why not thank you check it out I know what's next on the menu Is A super thin bread with some grinded Meat and spices on top It's so thin so crispy so feeling so Tasty that's all i need to hear i want Some let's go Going down some kind of side street here With a bunch of shisha places what i Love about this place is the smells Every time every corner returns a Different smell

[Music] All right so this is more or less a Turkish pizza In judaism we have this stuff called Matzah have you heard of it it's a kind Of food that we eat it's like a cracker Bread so it's also so crispy like It's extremely crispy What's on top of it minced meat oh yeah It has some tomatoes some onion parsley And mint you fold it the turkish way is To fold it ah i i like it Like he will fold it i will not fold it Oh man Very delicious it's amazing man it's Very it's light it's very thin and it's Like a cracker and you just have some Meat some vegetables on top it's a Starter kinda but it's something so Tasty so we started eating as a main Dish like i want four i want five i want Three in lebanon and syria they eat Manuscript which is very similar almost The same this is like a turkish Manuscript you've never heard of that Before All right i think i have room for one More Sheep turkish Dish yeah ice cream This is called colonia A traditional hand sanitizer in turkey We use it for like centuries it smells Like lemon

It is hand sanitizer so it cleans you Yeah yeah and in kobe do you guys use This like it has 80 alcohol and for Years for hundreds of years we were Using it when someone comes in our house As like welcome and when they're leaving So this is a coveted precaution which we Use for centuries and it smells so good Lemon Fresh We are now heading to the final dish Abby we're going to get some ice cream Yes famous turkish ice cream this ice Cream is from karaman which we went Exactly two years ago and they say i Don't know they say ice cream is Invented in kahrawan marash so we are Gonna try and we'll encourage you to try And you will tell if it is invented in Turkey absolutely The ice cream place you will see Hundreds of them all around turkey They're all similar and they are with You hi how are you See Make it easy I lost if you come to turkey you have to Try ice cream [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] It's impossible even for a turkish Person it's impossible Thank you

Thank you it's like creamy It's like hard and creamy that sounded Gross but it's really good man It's melting already dude It's so hot What's different about turkish ice cream Is that it's like really hard You know it's and really flavorful It's not like gelato yeah it's not that Bubbly and soft yes It has a hard texture almost like taffy Yeah And it's refreshing look at my hand It drops on the street i have to That was an amazing food tour of this Symbol i'm so full and this ice cream is Dripping off my hand but i really Enjoyed man thank you for taking me Around thank you abby thank you for Coming back to turkey and we are gonna Do A lot more tasty and interesting trips Thank you guys for watching love you all And i'll see you in the next video peace I'm drubinski and thanks for watching Make sure to subscribe to this channel In the bottom left if you want to see More adventures from every country and In the bottom right you will find my Second channel which are bonus travel Stories that have never been seen Lastly on that middle link i'm giving Away for free my best flight hacks until Next time stay safe be spontaneous and

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