5 AWESOME Days in New Orleans with Kids | What to Do, See and Eat

By | August 11, 2022

We're back in New Orleans…this time with our daughter. And guess what? New Orleans aka NOLA needs to be the next destination for your next family trip. Beignets, Jazz, Ghost Tours, Gators, Swan Rides, Carriage Rides, Incredible Food….New Orleans has it all.

Now, you may have only thought of New Orleans as a destination for a girls weekend or bachelor and bachelorette parties, but there's so much to do in this city as a family with small kids. We recently spent 5 days there and had a blast! I even sacrificed my gluten-sensitive-self and devoured a beignet or two. Totally worth it!

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We just spent five days in new orleans As a family many people don't think of New orleans as a family destination but We're gonna show you all the fun things You can do and places you can eat as a Family with small kids we're talking Gator tours jazz concerts ghost hunts Plenty of beignets carriage rides swan Rides and so much more The variety of activities we chose Combine fun with learning and rich Culture for the whole family to enjoy First stop a kids ghost hunt walking Tour [Music] There are a lot of different walking Tours you can do here in new orleans Like historical tours food tours but Today we're doing a very specific tour a Kids ghost tour these tours are designed Specifically for young kids And it's not designed to scare them it's Designed to educate them [Music] Who knows what we're doing today A ghost toy yeah so ghosts can't hurt us They can't touch us but they are really Interesting and can i tell you all a Secret kids Can interact with ghosts Better than grown-ups This is one of the most haunted cities In the whole world but it's okay nothing Can hurt you

Our guide was very charismatic each kid Learned how to connect with ghost energy As well as use a ghost meter and Detector to connect with any ghost Nearby i think i think we found one Anybody that's definitely one that's Definitely that's a really cold one We're gonna go and we're gonna scoop up The energy we're gonna do that a few Times Scoop it up scoop it up and then you Close your eyes really tight and bring Your hands up to you scoop all that Energy into your heart okay now point Where you think we're going to talk About Point anywhere kaika i don't know where [Music] Whoa look how high that number is [Music] The tour also included a pirate ghost Treasure hunt which our daughter was a Huge fan of what do you have A treasure map Whoa Is that the clues to find the treasure Yeah [Music] Use your detector Guys look gold Chocolate we found john with these gold You get to keep it michael i found this Is this it whoa Pirate treasure yeah

Is this a cool thing for kids to do Think i think i want The chocolate now After the ghost tour we recommend taking Some time to walk around the french Quarter there's so many interesting and Cultural shops you can check out like Jackson square French market Voodoo shops royal street and so much More of course you can also get your Hands or mouth on as many beignets your Heart desires There are several cafes around the city That serve up the famous deep fried Powdery pastry that is very new orleans We recommend trying them at the famous Original cafe du monde in the french Market and at one of the few cafe Beignets We are cop bird in powdered sugar i Think if you're not covered in powdered Sugar you didn't do beignets right [Applause] She's like sugary sugary [Music] Now you do not go to new orleans without Seeing some live jazz We took our daughter to a show at the Famous preservation hall Here you can be part of a very intimate 45-minute jazz concert put on by some of The city's finest I really loved how intimate and cultural

The experience was [Music] [Applause] Bye [Music] [Music] [Music] The fact that the show was only 45 Minutes long made it the perfect length For our daughter to be able to enjoy Yourself and not feel restless Do you love this music Another great activity to do as a family With small kids is the swamp and bio Tour [Music] We're headed on a bayou swamp tour and i Haven't done one of these since i was Maybe 12. kai's never done it before so It'll be Fun to experience it with her We're going to look for Swamp life probably birds gators Definitely Maybe some fish And learn about the wildlife here [Music] We booked our tour with gray line and Got to see several alligators Are very gutsy but experienced tour Guide also told us the story when he got Bit by a huge gator But still loves them more than anything That story's enough to keep your kids

Hands inside the boat at all times [Music] If you want to tour the city in style Learn about the history and also if your Kids love horses as much as ours does Then definitely book a carriage ride Through the french quarter and Surrounding neighborhoods we are Taking a horse and carriage through the City learning about the Historical parts of the city And just you know a little taste of new Orleans but in style and we did this for Kai because she loves horses We did this for her And she sound asleep sound asleep All right there's horses baby we're Where the horse is calling us Have you ever been on a horse and Carriage before Yeah first time What's your favorite animal You know We learned so much about the fun history Of new orleans and even got to see a Second line in action you can learn more About what that is on our blog [Music] After all the action a laid back day may Be necessary We recommend spending a day at city park Today is about more fun activities with Kai everything she loves to do she loves Being outside she loves animals she

Loves exploring parks so we took a quick Ride in the trolley up to city park And here there's a lake there's a Sculpture garden there's a children's Museum there's Endless endless fun things to do For kai so if you if you have kids Or your family and you want a fun day Outside exploring And draining your kids energy This is a place to come I am your swan uber for the day Thirty dollars an hour One swan power tip your driver though After a relaxing swan ride on the road And we did a little biking as well Around the park we're walking around the Sculpture garden And there's some pretty interesting and Random sculptures here hi mom hi guys Everything we're doing this morning is Just really chill Relaxing which is nice after a couple of Really like On days we did a lot of running around The city a lot of action this is like The let's just take a relaxing morning But still enjoy yourselves and Experience something new [Music] That's a lot of sias I don't think i can handle that when you See us Barely handle one

Fear the monkey Always finding the best trees to climb [Music] After walking through the garden you'll Probably be hungry We highly recommend acorn cafeteria Which is conveniently located in the Louisiana children's museum which we Also recommend spending a few hours at We're at the children's museum kai is Asleep so it's just going to be us Adults having fun at the children's Museum no we're going to eat first and Then she should be up and then we'll be Able to all enjoy but the food here at Acorn cafeteria Is so good the head chef said that they Make pretty much everything in-house Which is awesome And uh there are a lot of healthy Options and then there's pizza i yeah i Got a pizza but We did get healthy options we got Avocado toast we got cauliflower bites We got brussels sprouts and it all looks Amazing and the coffee is so good i Haven't had This good of a coffee or a latte in a While so i'm very happy right now i'm Very happy with my pizza i've been Seeing pizza signs all over the city so Parents are happy Kids are happy Everyone's happy

The children's museum is designed to be A social cultural and learning resource For children and families that's Interactive and fun There are tons of hands-on way to learn Literacy health wellness art culture Environmental education science Technology engineering and mathematics i Could have some fun with this oh i have Before these are pretty sweet and it's a Metallic floor too so it's right nice Yup Good job what are you making today Amazing What's Gotta say i would not want to be the Worker here cleaning up after all these Kids I got one kid And it takes like all day to clean up The house so i can only imagine just how Much effort it is to keep this place Tidy the children's museum is a great Place to come especially on a rainy day With your kids there's endless things to Do Lots to learn there's two levels you can Even have private birthday parties here Looks like there is even some sort of Camp going on today And it's just so much fun i would have Loved to have a place like this as a Child Now i don't know about you parents out

There but no family vacation for us is Complete without some Me time sometimes when you're having too Much fun A little tired On me though Kai and sia are taking a nap and i'm Heading to jam nola which is an art Exhibit i'm really excited i've been Wanting to come to this as soon as i Heard about it so it's just gonna be me A date with myself i seriously really Appreciate time to myself these days jam Nola is new orleans first pop-up that Takes audiences of all ages on a Topsy-turvy stroll through the cultural Gems that make this city so special jam Nola has 12 exhibits celebrating the art Music food and theatrics of new orleans Through the eyes of 20 plus local Artists all right this room is pretty Interactive Apparently if you touch the wall In different places [Music] Plays music how about this one My favorite part of the exhibit was Dressing up in the carnival attire In new orleans costuming is a lifestyle It's a form of self-expression through Crafting and wearing and parading These amazing costumes it creates a Sense of community as well as allows People to create joy to

Others around them Now let's talk about food Because you could come to new orleans And just eat This place knows how to do food so good We ate at some spectacular places which You can read more about on our blog But one place that left us wanting to Come back Specifically for the dessert Was redfish grill You're looking at red pudding with Chocolate ganache on top This is like what i wish was in front of Me every time i put on a baking show on Netflix But i never have it and now Now it's in front of me for real and i Get to just enjoy it Wow Holy i feel like i entered like another Dimension Are you ready for this Are you sure Look at that How is it Good As a Connoisseur of chocolate Feel fulfilled For the next 30 minutes As you can see there's plenty to do on Your new orleans vacation with kids

Me sia and kai had such a great time Together every moment during our five Day adventure was packed with something Fun to do or something delicious to eat So if you're trying to decide on a Destination for your next family Vacation new orleans is definitely a Great choice it's full of rich culture Liveliness quirkiness and everything to Make your stay Memorable for the whole family Be sure to check out the link to our Blog post on new orleans below to get Links to all the places we mentioned in This video as well as some additional Recommendations to help make your family Trip the best see you next time

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