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By | September 25, 2022

Looking for things to do in Toulouse, France? We packed all the top attractions into 48 hours in Toulouse to help you make the most of your visit to this beautiful south of France city. #southoffrance #toulouse #travelvlog
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►What to See in Toulouse in 48 Hours
00:00 – Introduction
00:43 – About Toulouse and Subscribe
01:01 – Toulouse Pass – (Affiliate code)
01:23 – Walking Tour of Toulouse
02:24 – Le Capitole
03:36 – Place de la Daurade / On The River Garonne
03:54 – Pont Neuf
04:13 – Jardin Japonais (Japanese Garden)
04:58 – Basilique Saint Sernin
06:25 – Food and Drink
07:13 – Musee George Labit (George Labit Museum)
07:35 – Canal du Midi (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
08:27 – Grand Balcon hôtel
08:56 – Cité de l’espace
09:27 – Museum de Toulouse
09:44 – Jardins des Plantes / Jardin Grand Rond
10:19 – Church of the Jacobins
10:37 – Cathedral Saint Entienne
10:57 – Carcasonne – Book your day trip to Carcasone from Toulouse (Affiliate Code)

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– We have made it to Toulouse! And this city is bustling,
but not overcrowded. So I highly recommend coming here. (gentle upbeat music) We spent two days in Toulouse, Just before our cruise
down the Canal du Midi In Southern France. This charming city is the
country's fourth largest And there are plenty of things to do In Toulouse to make it one
of the top destinations To visit in France. (gentle upbeat music) We're going to share the best things To do in Toulouse in two days And show you why we fell in
love with this unassuming city In the South of France. (bright upbeat music) Before we get started, Make sure to subscribe to our channel Because we put up new
travel videos each week And make sure you click on that bell, So that you get notified Because you don't wanna miss a thing. One of the best things to do When you come to Toulouse
is to get the Toulouse Pass. It's a great way to get Into all of the top
attractions and museums. The Toulouse Pass offers
one, two or three day access That includes public
transport and free entrance Into most of the city's most
popular tourist attractions, Including its top museums,
monuments and heritage sites, And a free walking tour. (gentle upbeat music) One of the best things to do

Is to take a walking tour
through the tourism office. You meet just behind the Capitol building At this one of the most
beautiful tourism offices, I've ever seen. (gentle music) Walking tours are given
in French and English. So make sure to join the
one that suits your needs. The tours take you to key attractions As well as some hidden gems. It's an excellent
introduction to La Ville Rose. (gentle music) – So this is a pass through for locals From one block to the other. Nice, cool inside. So let's go check it in. (gentle music) This is a secret walkthrough
from one side of the street To the other. – It's very pleasant. (gentle music) Once we got our bearings, It was time to branch out and
explore Toulouse on our own. Toulouse is a very walkable city And you can see many of the sites in a day By just walking around the downtown area. I love this main capital square here. During the day, they
have a great huge market, If you wanna do some shopping. (gentle music) La Place du Capitole is the
main city square of Toulouse, And it is gorgeous. It's also most likely the
first place you'll stop At in Toulouse. The capital building dominates
a square spanning 420 feet

Along the east side. It also contains City
Hall and the opera house. Located in the old quarter of
Toulouse La Place du Capitole Is lined with restaurants, With outdoor terraces
and plenty of shopping. It is a great meeting place. (gentle music) I'm so excited to be in Toulouse, It's my first time here
in this amazing city. I already feel at home here. It's full of energy and friendly people. People are coming out to talk to us. You just don't get this in Paris. If you are coming to France, Make sure to add Toulouse to your list. (upbeat music) Toulouse is located on the Garonne River And you must come down to
the Place de la Daurade To see the Pont Neuf. And all of the sites along the river. It's really funny, They have a Pont Neuf and a Notre-Dame. So you feel like you're
in a little bit of Paris. (upbeat music) Pont Neuf is the oldest
bridge in Toulouse, Dating back to the 16th century. It's the most photographed
place in the city And is the perfect spot
to watch the sunset. (gentle upbeat music) We've come to the Japanese
Garden just outside Of the downtown area. And it's such a quiet
retreat from the city. I highly recommend coming in the morning And going for little stroll.

(gentle music) The Japanese Garden was
an unexpected surprise In the heart of the city. The garden offers 7,000
square meters of green space, Complete with the typical rock
gardens, water and pavilions, You see in a traditional Japanese Garden. While walking through
the Botanical Garden, We saw people enjoying
Tai Chi and meditation. And we spied large golden fish In the koi pond and a couple
of turtles basking in the sun. It was pure serenity. (gentle music) The Basilique Saint-Sernin is dedicated To the first Bishop of
Toulouse, Saint Saturnin. He was a martyr who was
dragged through the streets By a sacrificial bull in about 250 AD. It's an incredible church inside. On the outside, It seems very unassuming,
but when you go inside, It's just one room after another. It is filled with vaults, tombs, And relics dating back to the 6th century. The beautiful marble
pillars reach 21 meters Or nearly 70 feet high. The Basilique Saint-Sernin Is one of the must visit
cathedrals in all of Europe. This massive cathedral is
the largest Romanesque church In France and is listed as a
UNESCO World Heritage Site. This cathedral has been welcoming pilgrims Along the Camino de
Santiago for centuries. And when you visit Toulouse, You really must go inside to
experience all of its glory. (gentle music) – Toulouse is a beautiful city.

There's lots of to see, It's very walkable and there's
cafes all over the place. It's a little different than
your typical French city. The reason is different is Because it feels like you're
visiting more as a local, Rather than a tourist. There's something I love about this city. (instrumental music) Nothing beat French food. (instrumental music) Wow, that's fantastic. (instrumental music) – No trip to any French city Would be complete without gourmet food. And we had two incredible meals, During our two days in Toulouse At La Gourmandine restaurant And L'Air de Famille restaurant. Both are short walk from Le Capitole And both offered exceptional
prefix and alacarte menus. If you have only two days in Toulouse, Choose these two places for your dinners. (gentle music) The George Labit Museum Is worth visiting just for its beauty. This is a small museum, But it's the prettiest in all of Toulouse. And it's included in your Toulouse Pass. If you have yet to visit Egypt, This is a great stop to explore Asian And Egyptian art and antiquities. (gentle music) When you visit the George Labit Museum, Make sure to go around
back to the Canal du Midi,

You'll see the barges on the water And you'll be able to walk along the path. The Canal du Midi is a
UNESCO World Heritage site, And it begins in Toulouse And runs all the way to
the Mediterranean Sea For 250 kilometers. It's a major engineering feat That was built from 1666 to 1681. For centuries, it was an
important mode of transportation, But with the invention of
the railway, it declined. You can take a barge or
dinner cruise down the canal Or you can stroll along its banks. It's very interesting to
see the old barges converted Into houseboats where people
actually live year-round On the historic water vessels. (gentle music) (instrumental music) We stayed at Hotel Grand Balcon, Located just steps away
from the city square. It pays homage to the
aviation history of Toulouse With photos of famous pilots
that frequented its doors. It's a chic boutique hotel With moderate amenities, Effortlessly blending
the history of Toulouse With the standards of
today's accommodation. Toulouse has a huge aviation history. And today, it is the center Of the aeronautics and space industry. Airbus Group has its
headquarters in Toulouse And you can visit the Cité de l'espace To see airplanes from the world wars, Two airplanes of today. It's one of the top
things to do in Toulouse. A fun fact is that the first test flight

Of the Concorde took off
from Toulouse in 1969. (upbeat music) The main museum in Toulouse
is the Natural History Museum. It's a huge museum With 32,000 square feet or 3,000
meters of exhibition space. This is the perfect
place to escape the heat Of Southern France and
to enjoy its displays That take you on a journey through time. When you finish up at the museum, Come on out to the park des Plantes. It's a beautiful park with sculptures, Lots of shade and green spaces. Jardins de Plantes is
located next to the museum To Toulouse. The seven-hectare gardens
house sculptures, ponds, Pedestrian pathways and play areas. It connects with other gardens as well. Nearby, there is the long shaded
pedestrian path connecting To the 18th century
gardens, Jardin Grand Rond. Toulouse is located in
the South of France. So any place you can find
some shade is always welcome. (upbeat music) Another must visit place in Toulouse Is the Church of the Jacobins. Dating back to 1230, it
was built as a monastery, But today people visited To see the magnificent palm tree pattern On its incredible vaulted ceiling. (upbeat music) Part Gothic, part Romanesque, Cathedral Saint-Entienne
traces its roots back to 1071. It houses the oldest
stained glass in Toulouse. And when we went in for a peak,
we had it all to ourselves. (gentle upbeat music)

– Welcome to the beautiful
city of Carcasonne. (upbeat music) – [Deb] A popular day trip from Toulouse Is the fortified city of Carcasonne, Located just 45 minutes from Toulouse. This medieval fortress dates back To the 12th century and was
meticulously restored in 1853. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, And the shining star of the Canal du Midi. The massive complex has 52 towers And three kilometers of rampart. (upbeat music) – And that was the city of Carcasonne. Beautiful! (upbeat music) – [Deb] And that is how you
make the most of two days In Toulouse. If you enjoyed this video,
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so that you get notified Because we'll be putting
up another video next week. Thanks for watching!

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