3 Things you MUST Try in Costa Rica

By | June 1, 2022

Siya’s parents are visiting us in Costa Rica, and it’s their first time here. So, we want to make it extra awesome. That's why we used Viator to book three of the best tours you can do in Costa Rica. From ATVing and Zip-Lining in Jaco with Siya's dad to surprising Siya's mom with a parasailing adventure in Manuel Antonio, we had so much fun doing these MUST DO activities in Costa Rica.

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Sia's parents are visiting us in costa Rica and it is their first time here so We wanted to make it a little extra Awesome see his dad came along with us For some ziplining and atving adventures And we surprised sia's mom who can't Swim by the way with parasailing all This starting now Hello in this video we are going to be Exploring more of costa rica which is Now our home but there's so much for us To explore that we haven't yet and we Have partnered with viator for this Video which is a platform that allows You to book excursions all around the World we've chose a couple here in costa Rica starting off in hakko today we're Going zip lying zip lying zip lining Atving and then there's a waterfall We're gonna get dirty and it's gonna be Fun let's go Costa rica has the best zip lines and I've been on many zip lines around the World hands down close street is the Best when's the last time you went Oh i think it was here like 10 years ago This is sia's dad by the way and i don't Want to feel like i'm flying well you're Gonna you're gonna fly Sia's dad is always down for adventure Which is why we chose some of the best Outdoor activities you can do in hakko Are you nervous at all Yeah

Feels like uh I love you it's been a nice life So i said i'm gardito Take my wife she went Never never you tried tash again all Right Lean back and look at the camera [Music] Goodbye dad Zip lining is an absolute must when You're in costa rica the country has Some of the best zip lining in the world And you can find and book them all Through viator I've been ziplining more than 15 times And it never gets old You got it [Music] You did it buddy grab the cable going Upside down Never done that before in a zipline [Music] Let's Okay [Music] [Music] Just finished our zipline tour and next We're going to be in atv i'm so excited It's three hours the last time i was on An atv i'm pretty sure that was last Time yeah in hawaii and i crashed into a Tree so All right If you're down to get dirty and feel

Like you're a kid again i cannot Recommend atving and haku enough i can Seriously do this every week and have Just as much fun each time [Music] Our atv adventure has begun and i'm Ready Deliciously muddy i love it i love being Dirty it's so fun and look at this view We drove up the mountain I love that our new home is just full of Adrenaline pumping activities like If ever i want a getaway or i want like An experience like this it's literally At our doorstep I want to try and go through the Big puddle though What happened flooded it Stalled Wow Oh my god everywhere [Applause] Wow that is amazing Oh it's great that was great i stalled It halfway through it but That tastes like costa rica taking a 10 Minute break right now We're like halfway through i'd say and There's a little river here that we can Wash off in we can go swimming And then we're going to continue but This is This is a fun experience it's it's a Mixture of cow poo and mud oh yeah it

Did smell like cow poo we saw some cows On a field and we were right beside them And then i think i ran over a big pile That was so much fun the bigger the Puddle and like more mud the better it Was and there were some points where it Was like Could have possibly flipped but i didn't Care i just went like full speed i'm Covered in mud and i'm feeling Alive I love activities like this because it Yeah it makes you feel alive it makes You feel Like a kid And Yeah i just it's the best feeling [Music] The real jungle So many new sounds that i'm hearing I can't believe i live here I was always attracted to the jungle And Now this is home it's So wild just makes me believe that No matter what you want like if you set Your mind to it you tell yourself it's Gonna happen It's inevitable it's gonna happen Wow look at the color of this moss It's most beautiful vibrant green What did you find This is like a beehive like an old Beehive look how beautiful that is

Incredible Look at all these layers Holy That's amazing [Applause] Cia and i love a good surprise so we Decided to surprise sia's mom with a Parasailing adventure we booked through Viator as soon as i saw this adventure Pop up i knew we had to do it it just Looked too good it's something that Cia's mom has never done and would Probably have never chosen to do on her Own we're here in manuel antonio this is Known for a lot of outdoor adventure Activities here in costa rica And a lot of water activities and I'm about to surprise This is my mom She's here from canada visiting us And my mom is about to go [Laughter] Do you know what parasailing is We're gonna be in a parachute being Towed behind a boat Oh that's great We're gonna say goodbye to him now I'm going with you But together you don't see me at How do you feel i don't know [Laughter] Don't do that to me please You can take your dad No you're right we already signed you up

Your weight everything you have to it's Paid for Okay i've been doing it how nervous are You I i have Right now i'm not narrow My mom doesn't know how to swim so I've been told that it's okay it's not a Big deal So we're taking off here Right from the beach Boat is gonna connect to The sail Or the parachute And we're gonna slowly ascend into the Air She's gonna fly like a bird [Music] I didn't think you were going to do this Today [Music] How are you feeling I'm not nervous Honestly i'm not good excited i'm Excited yeah we're gonna fly up in the Air [Music] Here we go [Music] Night [Music] Wow there's some islands over there Look at this I've never seen costa rica like this

We are really high Hey baby they're okay They're just gonna fly around and come Back [Music] Okay we've been up in the air for half An hour enjoying the views having some Quality mother-son time And uh we're about to have our descent Into the water And then we're gonna be picked up by jet Skis Good [Music] How was it Amazing So fun So good So good that's the best experience i Have really really yeah were you scared At all it was great It was so peaceful so lovely thank you [Music] The more time we spend in costa rica the More excited we get to call this Beautiful place home there's endless Things to do here and we've only just Touched the surface [Music]

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