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[Music] Foreign [Music] Do you want to stay at this hotel yes How are we gonna get up there we need That other way though an elevator Wondering what the heck is going on here Will allow me to explain this week Elena And I moved off of our sailboat which Had been our permanent home for the last Five years we're on our way to our new Trim Ram which is in Asia but not Without doing a little World Tour first And ticking off some wild adventures off Of our list this week we're staying in The most dangerous Airbnb in all of the USA otherwise known as the frying pan Located off the coast of North Carolina Upon arrival Elena is going to be what a Little myth to find out that we have to Get into a boson's chair and clip on and Then be hoisted up onto the platform way Up in the air holding on to our kids From a power boat in a pretty forceful Current and I'm going to be in a little Bit of trouble about this one looking Very graceful darling You're going to be one of the first People going up Hand signal right away as soon as you're Secure because I'm backing out all right All right I'm gonna set a drift coming South to North here we're gonna try and Do our best to sideswipe this what are

Some of the problems we're dealing with Here Captain uh running into the tower We got about a four and a half foot Clearance between the Tower and the bow This boat how many knots of tires about A nine and a half here maybe like two Knots in a few spots so we're lucky to Work with it yeah um but when we're Going in this angle you have to go Parallel to the tower the entire way so It's a little bit more complicated than We expect all right here we go all right Justin you're up got it all the way Metal metal Get Low Justin Get Low [Music] Right now holy crap I don't think your Grandma's gonna be very happy about this Money boy Lenny was genuinely smiling the whole Way up yeah I think his eye was pretty Relaxed so he he was because he's Strapped in my chest so he's in sync With your emotions okay That was pretty wild that's not bad that Was extraordinary Where do you want to go What about Mama we're gonna get Mama First Checking all these knots here And everything yeah what on Earth are we Doing Mr darling what is going on here Crap I'm also like having children

And not letting that Change your lifestyle and have them Adapt to you but this is uh prompt where I draw the line oh my God I love you Babe Oh my God I do not want to go falling Down there Looking very graceful darling [Music] Rachel is our new crew who's going to be Helping us out with the kids so you've Done a lot of rock climbing so that's Just nothing to do yeah that felt pretty Good this is wild isn't it Actually nuts okay this is the economist Yeah Still high on adrenaline we moved as far Away from the edge of the rig to the Relative safety inside being a research Platform I was surprised to find the Most random decorations Volleyball says Castaway on it I Couldn't wait to explore more and meet The Eccentric owner of this strange and Wonderful place this is pretty much Exactly the type of place I used to work In babe what do you think I'm trading Going down already so I used to work Offshores this is a very familiar Environment to me I was checking those Uh the lifting gear I was checking that Like a hawk a bunch of Barracuda down There some birds this is this is cool This is so cool

We're just here in the galley absolutely Starving making some coffee getting the Kids some grapes and I think we're about To get a tour of the place we haven't Seen anything yet I'm so excited to have A look at the rooms like on our boat La Vagabond all the organic matter goes Into the ocean and this is where we Throw it here right here [Music] We are sick what do you think Aaron is Awesome I mean it's not five star but I Prefer it I like places like this Foreign No I'm worried about the kids getting Out Come on no one thinks he's going for a Walk but he's definitely isn't it This is a platform that's lower than Where [Music] You want to go back up [Applause] Apparently the birds are really really Loud especially in the night so lucky I Brought my earplugs The laundry Oh no so this place has eight bedrooms That people can stay in and two heads And it's actually pretty nice like I'm Just wondering how they got everything Up here mattresses beds you can see a Lot of it's kind of being recycled and It's made of metal and things so they

Haven't done a bad job of decorating Like he's got an excellent Eye food They're really cute okay let's go see up Top [Music] Solar panels I'm not sure how many watts But I'll ask Richard later did they say On the back there 120 320 watts each there's been some Complaints about Rusty stuff it's only Every second I've been so these ones Have been replaced so to be careful to The trained eye you can see that this Walkway is absolutely fine So I'm in the area now where we got Lifted up and I guess this is some kind Of Workshop I can see a jet ski lots of Tools I can hear a generator running and Actually since we got here Richard the Owner of this oil rig kind of left us to Our own devices him and another fellow Are fixing another generator there's Something technical going on where they Need to like hook up the system so one Doesn't explode when you have this one Running if this one's running and they Hit heads one of these blows up so you Put a special box that goes okay you win Turning it into a two-based system so We've just been left to our own devices We're exploring around it's a maze and Looking over the edge here there are About 100 Barracuda I can see so close To the surface like my worst nightmare

Right down there let's go up [Music] A unicycle [Music] What on Earth Whoa [Music] This is the Riggs version of an infinity Pool check out the bar This is awesome so this is uh just a big Platform on the top I'm guessing this is where people Unicycle [Music] It's Richard everyone Richard you want To say hi Is that why you bought an oil rig It's oil rig what the research platform It is now it wasn't really challenged Uh what's the story what's the story With this thing I actually don't know Much about it this was without me Realizing it my childhood treehouse in Large form and then after I had it I was Like how am I going to make this thing Something we can all use so I said let's Turn it into a place where people can Learn about what's under the water and The weather above and this amazing Beauty out here at night all the Milky Way and I just had to share it so we Turned it into a non-profit wow and we Make our own water and we make our own Electricity so it was right there and a

Bath with fresh water I thought that Would be salt water hey but it's fresh Yeah luxurious that is not a a horse Tank that is our scuba gear rinse off AKA hot tub once we hopped in that bath I was like thank goodness that was so Good for my soul just like we made it We're up here I was fearing how the heck We were going to get down again but Trying to block that out of my mind I'll Deal with that later With the limited amount of luggage and Provisions we could bring up we were Relieved to find that Richard had Stocked up the cupboards and fridge for Us someone staying on the rig is Expected to cook for the whole crew After looking around at the plumbers Welders and scientists on board and Assessing their potential culinary skill Set I decided to take matters into my Own hands Tonight we're doing some VR goggle work And tomorrow night I think we're sending Off some fireworks so apparently we're Gonna have a bonfire up there while we Shoot off the fireworks while we're Looking at the stars Regular night out in the middle of the Ocean [Music] You're gonna feel like a toddler Learning how to do things for the first Time you'll figure it out you're

Squeezing and grabbing there you go Grab Release the grip button to drop it Thank you [Music] We just had Darwin sleeping in the pram While we played with the VR goggles and Stuff It's about to grab him and jump into bed With him we're gonna sleep in this Double bed Um Lenny and Riley are in another double Bed good night you too Sleep well Not Um Ray has her own double bed too This is awesome and just before I jump Into bed I just wanted to say that when We first got here I it was really hot And I just spent the morning rushing Around including doing food shop being In a boat for two hours like no being Able to move around it's a fast forward It was really tough and we got here it Was hot and the kids were in the lounge Room and they couldn't touch anything Like it just it wasn't it's not set up For kids Star Wars in fact the youngest Kid to ever step foot on this rig which We were expecting you know but we just Had this kind of daunting feeling like Oh no this is going to be really really Tough come afternoon we'd hoped in the Tub off on the top platform I realized

It wasn't as dangerous as I thought it Was there's kind of two layers like if You fall off the top deck there's Another bit underneath it doesn't just Go straight down to the water still very Very scary but it just wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and it now Feels at home Rich it's amazing and Bobby the other guy here like they've Really made us feel at home Um I'm looking forward to tomorrow So much [Music] How'd you sleep shrinky very well good [Music] [Applause] [Music] So Richard dropped down a line with like A net in it in case we did get a fish Because there's obviously sharks around So it's nice to get the fish out of the Water as soon as you can but really it Was just Riley and I plonked in the Ocean around this street when I hopped In the water I realized the Barracuda Weren't really interested in us I've Been trained for about credit before saw Two sharks Yeah they were amberjacks and a hell of A lot of Margarita and it is amazing to See the biodiversity there's there's so Much down there I didn't end up shooting anything I was Fine with that I was just sort of uh

Cruising around having a look getting The light of the land rather than really Trying to get We had dinner on board so oh we ate like Kings yeah and didn't we yeah probably Dive down and the African pompano swim Over the top of him he didn't even see Them as soon as we hopped in the water And we thought we'd see more but we only Saw them like four or five more times Apparently the time to get them is like Sunset and the boys went in after us and Got a bunch Yeah she did Amazing we had a field day out there end Of the day Only saw him early Didn't get any Then we cleaned them up in the end yeah Wow we saw full like four different Pie the 50-foot Below us while they're young occupy open Waters adults are often found near reefs Or wrecks or in this case the frying pan Which acts as an artificial Reef for a Variety of marine life these fish feed On Crustaceans are fed on by sharks and Here are surrounded by a diversity of Other marine life including Rays Seabirds lobsters and octopus it's an Amazing place to observe an entire Ecosystem in action you want to go Around the scooter oh yes I do all right Let's go he's riding a scooter in the

Middle of the Atlantic Ocean like where Can you decide to go and get a scooter a Rider in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean Okay [Music] This is our second sunset on the rig and I still just can't even believe that We're here What is this I can ride it with a handle Down [Music] There you know [Music] The fireworks were incredible it was so Cool and again just so unique Foreign [Music] [Music] Protect those guys those guys the fish In the ocean and preserve because I'm Not gonna do this forever restore Protect preserve the tower Life goes on we learn more about these Oceans these are critical if you don't Take care of them We don't live one more quick thing mate What can members of our audience do to Help what can Elena and I and then what Can members of our audience share the Word yep eyeballs mean attention Attention means we get people to Volunteer or buy a shirt or a hat or a Mug it all goes to restore it yeah by

Steal we buy paint we bring people out Here we need volunteers that actually Just want to work we look for their Heart and their head yep we can manage Their skills so either welding or Electrical or sweeping the floor really Takes everybody Takes videographers to hold cameras Hey give me five Thank you young man Spaceship right yeah time for the rocket To go down here we go okay you ready That's uh this is level 10 vlogging Right here You're right babe You actually look very happy mate hey So from frying pan we jumped on a tiny Plane and headed back to the Bahamas Where our friends rented us out a cheap Much safer Airbnb where we'd be staying For a while to recoup sort out the Mountains of footage we'd shot lately Before gearing up to head to Europe and The Arctic Circle we love it here so Much and Lenny has some great friends on The island that he actually goes to School with I have to say that as hard As it's been being off the boat so far I'm so proud of all of us for keeping it All together whilst working full-time Jobs and still managing to spend great Quality time with the boys So I was definitely weary of going out To this rig I didn't do any research at

All it was really high organized at all If anyone's thinking about going there That is it's something it's an Experience that cannot be replicated Anywhere else in the world that is Unbelievably unique and if you think That you might like that sort of thing You should definitely give it a go I Will remember It is so unique to be out there and Richard pulls out Um what's it called unicycle [Applause] So we're just getting to know Richard And off he goes on his unicycle he was Showing off [Laughter] He was if ever I've seen anyone oh hey Going I just got my unicycle over here He's a very he's a legend he's a he's a Nice guy he is so nice and welcoming Clearly obviously very eccentric very Lovely and Um made us feel right at home straight Away it's previously rained and my ass Is getting wetter and wetter okay okay Thank you Richard for the coolest Experience if you guys want to see uh What the rig's about and you know when You got wet shorts and that's fine but If you're sitting on a damp seat it Slowly gets wetter and wetter If you guys want to see and learn more About the rig and what's going on there

I'll pop the link in the description Below and Like I don't love sitting around in wet Shoes okay all right all right Thank you hope you enjoyed that video if You did give it a like and leave us a Comment [Music]

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