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By | October 9, 2022

Looking for the best things to do in Yellowstone National Park? If you are a first time visitor yoy’re going to want to see this! From the top attractions like Grand Prismatic Spring and Old Faithful to Wildlife views in the Lamar Valley and Hayden Valley. We've got you covered, but there are lesser famous places that you must not miss like Roaring Mountain, Morning Glory Pool, Beryl Spring and so much more! Watch to find out! #yellowstonenationalpark #wyoming #nationalpark
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We visited Yellowstone in September and nearly all of the park is open! Yellowstone reopening after the floods was swift and there is no better time to visit than in Autumn when crowds are sparse and the scenery is beautiful.
Here's the Best Things to do in Yellowstone NP
00:00 Introduction
00:47 Grand Prismatic Spring
02:46 Where to Park for Grand Prismatic Spring
03:16 Where to Park Grand Prismatic Overlook
03:34 Grand Prismatic Overlook
04:43 Mammoth Hot Springs
06:55 Mammoth Hot Springs Village
07:31 Old Faithful
09:12 Upper Geyser Basin
10:46 Morning Glory Pool
11:25 Wake up to Wildlife Tour
11:48 Lamar Valley Wildlife and Bison Encounters
13:54 Dunraven Overlook
14:27 Calcite Springs
14:44 Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
15:07 Artist Point
15:20 Brink of the Lower Falls
16:17 Inspiration Point
16:41 Tower Fall Lookout
16:53 Hayden Valley
17:22 Canyon Village – Where to Stay in Yellowstone
17:56 Geysers of Yellowstone and Beryl Spring
18:19 Roaring Mountain
18:57 Yellowstone Lake
19:26 Butte Overlook

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– Welcome to Yellowstone. (upbeat instrumental music plays) Are you planning a trip to
Yellowstone National Park? Well, watch this first Because we've created a list Of the top things to do In Yellowstone to make
the most of your trip. (upbeat instrumental music plays) We drove from Cody, Wyoming Along a legendary
Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway To the east entrance of
Yellowstone National Park, Where we enjoyed all Of these amazing
adventures in Yellowstone. (upbeat instrumental music plays) – [Deb] Before we begin, Make sure to subscribe to our channel And click on that bell so you get notified When we put up a new video each week. (upbeat piano music plays) We are at the Excelsior Geyser, And it is amazing. When you walk through, The steam just hits your
face and it's so hot. Fogs up your glasses. It's pretty incredible to see This massive geyser down here. It had a huge eruption,
eruption in the 1800s, And left this massive
crater, which is really wild. The water is just so
blue and crystal clear. (upbeat instrumental music plays) – [Dave] The walk around
Midway Geyser Basin Is an accessible boardwalk
that is just under a mile long. It begins with Excelsior Geyser Then continues to Grand Prismatic itself.

(upbeat instrumental music plays) – This is spectacular. (upbeat instrumental music plays) So this is definitely one Of the busiest places in the
park and with good reason. This is the Grand Prismatic, And they have a walkway
all the way across it. (upbeat instrumental music plays) – [Dave] This is the largest hot spring In the United States, And even though it's crowded at midday, It is good to see it when the sun is high For views of the best colors. (upbeat instrumental music plays) Oh steam, baby steam. – You can feel the heat coming out. It's actually a little chilly in the air And then when the steam
comes out, it's hot, And at times you can't see a thing. It's pretty awesome. – [Dave] The boardwalk then continues Onto Opal Pool and Turquoise Pool. They are beautiful as well, But often overshadow by Grand Prismatic. (calm instrumental music plays) This is a place in Yellowstone
that should not be rushed. Take your time to really enjoy the rainbow Of colors and this once
in a lifetime experience. – Now, if you are coming in by car Just if you see parking
on the road, just park. Otherwise you're stuck in the parking lot For a good 20 to 30 minutes. Once you get up here,
it's really beautiful And right now it's
cleared up gorgeous like

A few minutes ago it was just all steam But now I can really see the colors. (upbeat instrumental music plays) Now this is just a portion of this. When you come around And do this boardwalk, You then wanna go up and do the overlook. So that's where we're gonna head to next, And I'll tell you how to get there. When leaving Midway
Geyser Basin, turn right And drive about 1.5 miles Following the Fire Hole River. There, you'll come to the Fairy Falls And Grand Prismatic Overlook trail. (calm instrumental music plays) – [Dave] It's about a
20-minute walk to the overlook And offers the best view of
the Grand Prismatic Spring Without having to pay for a helicopter. – Walking up to the Grand
Prismatic viewpoint, It's about a 20-minute hike
and we're nearly there. (calm instrumental music plays) Well, there it is. It's one thing to hike down there, But make sure you come up to the lookout To see the overview. It is beautiful. You get to see the whole Grand Prismatic In all of its colors. (calm instrumental music plays) – Now that's a view. (calm instrumental music plays) The Overlook platform is
small and it can be crowded. There is really only one place
for an unobstructed view, So take your time and wait it out.

The sun was coming in
and out during our hike, And we could see the colors
change before our eyes As they were ignited by
the beautiful sun's ray. (calm instrumental music plays) (dramatic instrumental music plays) – We have arrived at Mammoth Hot Springs, And it's not too crowded yet,
so that's pretty exciting. It was very foggy, And now the sun has lifted
for this spectacular view. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. (majestic instrumental music plays) Mammoth Hot Springs is
located at the north entrance Of Yellowstone and when we visited early In the morning, we had
it all to ourselves. It is truly a spectacular scene With upper and lower boardwalks taking you Through the terraced hot springs. It's hard to believe that anything lives In these thermal gases
here, but there are billions Of microorganisms called thermophiles That are just thriving
in this environment. You don't wanna go in there. That is hot, hot, hot, but
it is so incredible to see. It's just an array of colors. – [Dave] There are three parking lots Where you can park Beside each section, And the walkways take you Through the entire area all the way Down to the lower
boardwalk and Liberty Cap. (calm instrumental music plays) Mammoth is amazing. – So they have really done a beautiful job On this network of trails.

It's all boardwalks going
above the Mammoth Hot Springs, The thermal area. You can, there's all
kinds of different tiers. There's upper, lower, So you can do a whole walk around To take in the entire
geology of the place. It's quite spectacular. (upbeat instrumental music plays) Well, I don't know. I have seen pictures of this before, But I really didn't expect
it to be this spectacular. Really make sure that you walk through all Of the trails, the walking paths, Up here to see every little detail, Because it changes before your eyes. I personally think it gets
better as you go higher up. (upbeat instrumental music plays) – [Dave] After finishing
up at Mammoth Hot Springs, You can pop into Mammoth
Village to grab a coffee And check out the Mammoth
Hot Springs Hotel. While we were there, we had a lucky break Of seeing a large buck with
his harem of female elk. (upbeat instrumental music plays) The next place you must visit In Yellowstone is the most
popular place in the park. The upper geyser basin, which
is home to Old Faithful. (upbeat instrumental music plays) Hi there, Old Faithful behind me there. (upbeat instrumental music plays) – Well, we have arrived at Old Faithful. Now if you go into the Visitors Center, They will tell you the prediction Of when it's going to go off. So we got here about 15
minutes after an eruption.

So we have about an hour to waste, But you do wanna go a bit
early, at least a half an hour, And get a seat because people
are already sitting down. So it gets filled up
quickly, an hour in advanced. So Dave's scouting out
a location right now And I'm gonna go get a snack. This is a perfect time to
relax and have your lunch. (calm instrumental music plays) – You can also watch Old
Faithful erupt right here From the lodge in the shade. (calm instrumental music plays) – All right, we are about
to see Old Faithful. It's the number one thing to do here In Yellowstone National Park. – Yeah, so let's see how high it goes, And if it's as impressive as they say. Old Faithful draws huge crowds every hour, And seating is lined up all around it In front of the Visitor Center And the old Faithful Inn and Lodge. There is a 10-minute grace on either side. So you could be sitting For up to 30 minutes waiting For the geyser to burst into the air. The steam reaches 150 feet And is an exciting, if predictable event. – [Crowd] Whoa, whoa – [Deb] Whoa. – [Crowd] Whoa. – I was really impressed with it. It went higher. I was one of the people that went whoa. – I thought it would've gone higher. Not impressed.

– Really? – Yeah, honestly. – He's hard to impress. (upbeat instrumental music plays) When you come to watch Old Faithful, Make sure to explore more
of the Upper Geyser Basin. There are so many prismatic pools And geysers to see other
than just Old Faithful. Now that's the most predictable, But I find everything
else a little bit more Impressive and beautiful. So take a walk Along this great boardwalk,
and check it all out. (calm instrumental music plays) – [Dave] Old Faithful may
be the most predictable, But there are other
geysers that erupt daily. Crowds along the Upper
Geyser Basin really thin out On the wooden walkways. At least they did when we
were there in September. We loved spending the
afternoon enjoying the views Of all the different
geysers and hot springs As we made our way to
the Morning Glory Pool. Wave Spring. (upbeat instrumental music plays) – So behind me is the world's
tallest, predictable geyser. They can predict it within two hours, And we're lucky right now
because it's about to go Off anytime between now
and the next two hours. So maybe if we stick around long enough, We still have some other things to see, We may, we might be able to see it go off. (calm instrumental music plays) – [Dave] There are so many features to see Between Old Faithful
and Morning Glory Pool.

A straight walk will take 30 minutes, But we stopped so many times, It was at least an hour one way. If you don't want to walk, There are bicycles for rent, as well. (upbeat instrumental music plays) – Well, I think a lot Of people just come and watch
Old Faithful and then leave. But you really should
walk out here to come And see Morning Glory. This is beautiful, and
unlike the Grand Prismatic, You can get right up close. Well, you can get out close and personal To that as well, but this
one, you're looking right Over it and into it,
which is really awesome. I am totally blown away by
Yellowstone National Park. It really lives up to the hype. I guess that's why it was
the very first National Park In the entire world. It's just so beautiful in
every turn that you make. (calm instrumental music plays) A cool thing to do here In Yellowstone is to
Wake Up to Wildlife Tour. You out on this bus here, And you go around looking for wildlife. They have scopes, they have
people who are searching. So it's a great way to
see all of the wildlife. In the summertime, the tops come up And you can get out and take photographs. (cheerful instrumental music plays) So we're looking for wildlife here. We're down at the the Lamar Valley Which is the prime location For wildlife viewing here in Yellowstone.

We've seen some buffalo, We've seen some antelope and some deer. So you wanna get out early in the morning Because that's when the
animals are most active. So, we're just looking around here at dawn And that's when they're all
out relaxing in the valley. Bring your binoculars. Well, we are in the
Yellowstone traffic jam. It's a ton of bison. (chuckles) I've seen people go around them. The, well the Park Ranger went through And just kind of weaved his way through, But I'm a little concerned
about doing that. So we're just gonna wait
it out for a few minutes. No one else is moving, so
we'll see what other people do. Maybe someone will go by me. – Yeah. – And then, I'll follow them. I think they enjoy slowing traffic down. – [Dave] Tell you this much though, When you get this close
to them, you're like, Holy smokes, they're big. – [Deb] Even the small ones are big. – [Dave] Even the small ones are big. (upbeat instrumental music plays) – [Deb] Uh oh. I think we're in trouble. What do you think? (buffalo grunts) (upbeat instrumental music plays) (buffalo grunts) – Okay, that was stressful. I started moving 'cause we
were sitting there a long time. So I thought, oh, I'll follow
what the Park Ranger does.

So I started moving, but then like people, They all moved really quick, But then all of a sudden they came back in And we were surrounded And I started thinking, Oh, oh what if I'm in between something? What if they decide to ram us? But eventually we just made it through. But I'm not gonna lie,
that was very stressful And I don't know if I did
the right thing or not, But I just followed what
the Park Ranger did, And that's what they did. They just drove around
and kept weaving through. As long as you keep moving, I guess. (bluesy music plays) We are at the incredible
Dunraven Overlook. Now this is a popular spot for sunrise. We drove by it earlier this morning, But I did wanna show you where it is. If you are going to the Lamar
Valley from Canyon Village, This is the first stop along the way. So you wanna stop here in the morning For a quick shot of
sunrise over the valley. Can you imagine how beautiful this is? – [Dave] From the Dunraven Overlook, You can see the neighboring Grand Teton mountain range peeking Out from behind the Yellowstone Valley. (calm instrumental music plays) – When coming back from the Lamar Canyon, Make sure you stop at the Calcite Springs. I was just expecting this
hot springs or something, But it's an incredible canyon. So deep.

Just vistas for miles. It's incredible. I said it looked like a painting. (calm instrumental music plays) – [Dave] Speaking of canyons, Yellowstone has its very own Grand Canyon. The Yellowstone River slices Through the 24-mile long Grand
Canyon of the Yellowstone. At its widest, it spans 4,000 feet, And has a maximum depth of 1200 feet. The most iconic place to
see it is from Artist Point. (calm instrumental music plays) – We are on our way to
the Brink of Lower Falls. This is the Grand Canyon of
Yellowstone National Park. We've done our fair share Of hiking on this trip, that's for sure. So wear sturdy boots. So the brink of Lower
Falls is a lot farther down Than they make it seem on the map. You're just going right down
to the bottom of the canyon. So be prepared for the hike
up, if you wanna do it. This is a really popular spot for sunrise. Unfortunately, when we
came it was all fogged in, Really bad sunrise that morning. So now we're just trying For a late afternoon picture to try And see something
beautiful while we're here. (calm instrumental music plays) You could really spend days just pulling Over at all these incredible,
incredible viewpoints. We are at the viewpoint For the Lower Falls right here, And it is just gorgeous Overlooking the Grand
Canyon of Yellowstone.

– Last stop of the day, Inspiration Point. Let's go. (calm instrumental music plays) You can't see any waterfalls
from Inspiration Point, But it's a beautiful
viewpoint of the Grand Canyon Of the Yellowstone, And it's a quick and easy stop On your Yellowstone itinerary. (calm instrumental music plays) Another waterfall in
the park to keep an eye Out for is Tower Falls. It was this view that
helped to inspire Congress To designate Yellowstone
as a National Park. (calm instrumental music plays) – When looking for wildlife
here in Yellowstone, You wanna come to the Hayden Valley, Sunrise and sunset or dawn and dusk. That's when you really wanna start looking Because that's when the animals are out. (calm instrumental music plays) – [Dave] Hayden Valley
is not only the place For wildlife spotting, It is also a beautiful valley
filled with rolling hills. It's centrally located close To where we were staying
at Canyon Village. So, we could easily be out
there for sunrise and sunset. We found Canyon Lodge
to be an excellent base For exploring Yellowstone. – One of the things that
makes Yellowstone so Unique are the geysers everywhere. This is a fantastic overview
where you can just see all Of the steam coming out Of the thermal hot springs that
are just all over this park.

It's truly spectacular, And makes it one Of the very most unique places on earth. (upbeat instrumental music plays) We have come to Beryl Springs And the this geyser is so powerful, It's almost overwhelming. We were driving by and just had to stop. Look at this, coming out
behind me, it's truly amazing. (upbeat instrumental music plays) (geyser blows) Look at that power. (calm instrumental music plays) Something I love about Yellowstone is That you can just pull off the side Of the road with the, for
these spectacular views. So often in other places
you have to hike far For things like this. We were driving just along, Looked over and went,
what the heck is that? I didn't even know this was here. I had never heard of
Roaring Mountain before, But here it is right On the drive here in
Yellowstone National Park. (calm instrumental music plays) – [Dave] Well, Deb should
have heard of Roaring Mountain Because it is one Of the top attractions in
Yellowstone National Park. The mountain is alive With steam vents known as fumaroles, Which create that famous loud roar. (calm instrumental music plays) – Well, the final stop of our
time here in Yellowstone is At Yellowstone Lake.

This is such a vast and beautiful lake, And there are pull offs all the way along. There's some beaches. It is on your way out back,
when you go back to Cody, So I highly recommend
stopping here for sunset. It's absolutely magical. (upbeat instrumental music plays) – The Butte Overlook, It's where to be for
sunset here in Yellowstone. One of the most popular places In all of Yellowstone is
the Lake Butte Overlook. It offers a fantastic view Of the largest high elevation
lake in all of North America. (upbeat instrumental music plays) And that was Yellowstone National Park. If you enjoyed our videos,
make sure to subscribe And click that bell for notifications Because we put up new
travel videos every week.

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