2022 Holiday Gift Guide | Travel Edition

By | December 7, 2022

Your 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for the travelers in your life. Happy shopping!

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Happy holidays everyone if you have been Wondering what do I get The Travelers in My life this holiday season well in this Video I'm going to be sharing my top Gift ideas so keep watching [Music] Next stop clothing a clothing company That has Travelers in mind every Stitch Of the way I made that up that should be Their slogan but they've designed Clothing that allows you to pack less But to do more their clothing is Designed for adventure that doesn't Smell after every use so you can pack Less allowing you to travel just a Backpack or a carry-on and enjoy the Journey without having to do laundry all Of the time not only does next stop make Very comfortable clothing for travel They use sustainable practices they use Eco-friendly materials that are recycled Organic non-organic biodegradable and Virgin synthetic when they're producing The clothing they also use the least Amount of energy in water as possible And the packaging that they send out Their products in is made from a Corn Based bio polymers which compost within Six months for those Travelers who love To get their Fitness on no matter where They are in the world I highly recommend A yoga mat if you don't already have Have one that's not just used for yoga It can be used for any type of exercise

As well as these resistance bands that Just intensify your workout but they're Super easy to pack and weigh absolutely Nothing and they can actually add a lot To your workout [Music] Gifts for kids that travel approved by My four-year-olds first is a company Called I see me and they make Personalized children's books and they Have some travel themed books like this One called whatever your child's name or Whoever you're gifting it to can change The world this is my daughter Kai River Can change the world and what I really Love about this book besides the story Itself it's a great message Is you can customize the look of the Main character who is supposed to be the Child who you're sending it to or you're Gifting it to and you can change their Hair color their skin color And you can personalize it even more by Putting a photo of the child in here in A personalized message and throughout The book IT addresses the child's name So Kai River our world is a big spinning Planet of blue it has seven billion People but only one you such a beautiful Story and when I gave it to her she was Like oh my God I'm in this book this Book is about me my name is all over the Book like this is so cool and then the Picture at the beginning of the book she

Just like could not believe it she was Showing everyone because it was blowing Her mind and I see me has so many Different books for you to choose from They even have a Christmas theme book Zerebi is our last name and so I created This one for my daughter as well the Zerebi family night before Christmas and Again personalized photo at the Beginning of our family and then she's Mentioned throughout the book even like Their stockings with my name Sia's name Kai's name on them I see me books is Giving a hopscotch the glove viewers 35 Off using discount code Kristen 35 I'll Put all the details in the description Box below including the link that you Can click to go check out the books like My family's night before Christmas and Get your 35 off Jet Kids luggage the Ultimate piece of luggage for your child It is the perfect travel companion on a Flight specifically because it actually Turns into a bed where your child can Lay down and sleep throughout the flight There's plenty of space to store Everything that you need and when you're Walking through the airport your child Can actually like ride on top of it Making traveling around the airport not Just like easier for you as a parent but Also fun for everyone this Cloud sleeper Also by jet kids is an inflatable bed You can bring for your child on your

Travels and it's easy to pump up you Don't have to plug it in or anything you Just use your foot you pump it up it Takes like a minute and voila you got Yourself a bed for your child these kids Headphones my daughter has been using These ones the same ones for over two Years now all of the time so they really Do last and they're super affordable Again I'll leave a link to the pair this Pair of headphones in the description Box below and we use them for her to Listen to music or watch a movie on a Flight also great on a road trips when She wants to listen to her specific Music same song over and over and over Again and we're like yeah we're done we Just hook up her headphones to her Tablet and she can listen to her music That same song over and over and over And over again and everyone's happy Foreign [Music] Luggage we have a carry-on as well as a Massive size suitcase and we love our Way luggage we've used so many or I Should say gone through many pieces of Luggage over the last 18 years and Away Has really been thrown around tossed It's Been Everywhere it's been handled Not very nicely and it has made it it's Made it it's intact it still works just The same as when we first got it packing Cubes are your best friend when it comes

To packing they keep you organized and Allow you to bring many items of Clothing because they really compress Them I have several different kinds of Packing cubes from different brands but I'm gonna say my favorite is from light Travel because it has this zipper That goes all around the bag and it Allows you to really compress what you Have in here so you can pack more Essentially stasher bags you can skip The Ziploc bags buy some of these Reusable stasher bags made from silicone They're super easy to clean they're Great to store some snacks for the plane And they got this very well sealed Zipper type thing on the top a nut Pillow every traveler needs a neck Pillow and I've tried all of them all The different kinds and I'm sticking to The you know original Simple neck pillow that you can buy in The airport this one is representing Costa Rica baby You just snap it on like so and good Night this travel size jewelry box Allows you to bring some of your Favorite jewelry pieces with you Throughout your travels keep some nice And organized and safe [Music] A Kindle I'm a huge fan of actually Holding a paper book and flipping the Page and the smell and everything and I

Love it but I was finally convinced to Get a Kindle and I'm glad I did because It is so great to bring when you're Traveling instead of bringing stacks of Books you just bring this one device and It gives you access to all the books and I'm going to leave in the description Box below again a list of some of my Favorite travel books that you're Definitely gonna have to download for Your next trip these Sony noise Canceling earbuds are awesome I Personalize my case these things really Do cancel out all the noise all the if You're on a flight and there's like Babies crying people talking then just The hum of the the airplane pop these Babies in and you don't hear any of that The Sony zbe10 is the perfect gift for That person your life that has been Saying I want to start travel vlogging I Want to start a YouTube channel this Camera is designed for a vlogger they've Designed it specifically for a vlogger It's got all of the features that you Need great price point and I'm not going To go into all of the features but I'll Leave a link to another video below Where we talk about in depth about this Camera so you can go check it out but I think the person that you get it for Is going to be very very happy this Sony Shooting grip would go perfectly with The zve E10 as well as other cameras but

Allows you to have like an extendable Arm gives you a little bit more length Works as a tripod as well and it's got The record button photo button zooming Buttons as well on the front here so you Don't have to use the buttons on the Back of your camera so when you're Vlogging it makes it way easier to Capture the moment this Sony solid-state Hard drive that can hold up to 500 gigs Of your videos and photos from your Travels it's lightweight it's compact It's pretty indestructible too the Sony Bluetooth wireless speaker allows you to Travel and have all your music you can Have dance parties in your hostel or Hotel room just music on the beach Wherever and it's waterproof Lightweight just throw this in your bag You can even like hook it onto your Backpack And go and bring the party wherever You're at in Stacks okay I've traveled For 18 years now taken many many many Many many photos and I will admit that I Have barely printed any of my photos Like epic photos but this camera makes Sure that the moments that I capture are Print captured or printed out Immediately and I have specific albums For these types of photos and now they Are my favorite photos from my travels Like I love this camera I love traveling With it it's just super raw real moments

Captured and yeah it's it might be my Favorite camera and probably the Cheapest one that I have too a portable Charger one that you can throw in your Backpack or your purse when you're out Traveling during the day and you need to Charge your phone or your camera you'll Have something that allows you to do That this one's a little on the bigger Side than the ones you can get but I I Love this this is the light I love this One because I have so much gear camera Gear and phones and everything and this On a full charge allows me to charge my Camera and my phone multiple times Before I have to charge this again An eye mask great for the plan when you Want to get some sleep and it's too Bright pair it with some earplugs run Out that noise and that light and if You're someone who can't typically sleep On a plane this will help you get there Speaking of sleep I always bring Melatonin with me on all my travels it's A natural way to help you sleep Especially if you have a long flight and You're going somewhere where the time Zone is going to change this will help You get into the the new time zone that You're entering by getting some sleep on The plane a reusable straw say no to Plastic straws bring your own reusable Straw that you can just wash and use Over again I have this metal one which I

Love it's great to put in coconuts just Pop it right in no machete required and Then this one here Is you is made using recyclable Plastic and it comes in a few parts that You can just screw together like so and You got yourself a straw comes with a Little straw cleaner as well and you can Put a carabiner in here and attach it to Your purse or a backpack a universal Adapter where you can plug in any of Your devices no matter where you're Going in the world without an issue I've Been using this one here for years now I Can't remember how to say the name of This brand it's like skross s cross I Don't know but I'll link it below a Portable luggage scale this thing comes In so handy for weighing your luggage Before you head to the airport so you Know that you're within the weight limit So you don't go overweight and have to Pay any extra fees go tubes these are Reusable bottles that allow you to Travel with your favorite shampoos Conditioners sunscreens body washes Creams no problem even in your carry-on Because all of them are 100 milliliters Or less compression socks great for the Plane they help to apply pressure on Your legs to maintain blood flow and Prevent any swelling of your legs or Your feet these are especially good if You're pregnant and flying and I need a

New pair because I am missing the other One of these so I'm gonna have to put That on my Christmas list the origins Drink up intensive hydrating overnight Mask that is a mouthful is something I've been using for years it's great Especially on planes where it's really Dry you just put this on men and women Because you know a lot of mass overnight Masks they you can tell you're wearing Them this one you do not know at all and You don't have to wash it off either It's just like a thicker cream hydrate Your skin especially on planes get one Of these If part of your trip is going To be on the water and you're going to To be a Rockin I highly recommend these Acupressure wristbands they're cheap and They are so effective They just go on your wrist like this and There's like a little button that goes On a pressure point just under the top Part of your wrist and I just I recently Used them on a sale sailing trip that I Did and they worked wonders to prevent Seasickness and nausea or at least Maintain it so you don't feel so sick I Mean they're cheap and you don't have to Take medication it's just a natural way Of preventing that or dealing with Seasickness so can't recommend these Enough and that concludes this year's Holiday gift guide for The Traveler in Your life I'll leave all the links to

Everything I mentioned in the Description box below and if you want Even more ideas you can check out our Past holiday gift guides and I will see You in the next video Bye It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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