2 WEEKS IN VENEZUELA (full documentary)

By | October 23, 2022

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Venezuela is one of the most dangerous countries in the world… but it’s also one of the most beautiful. I was lucky enough to recently spend 2 full weeks there – from Caracas to Chuao – traveling alongside my local friend Emmanuel. This video is a full length documentary about our trip. I dig deep into the economic crisis to tell you why a Big Mac costs $17 Million Venezuelan Bolivares and how minimum wage is $1 USD per month. I explore stunning fishing villages along the Caribbean coast, meet the most hospitable and down to earth people, and try the delicious food (AREPAS!). I enter inside the most dangerous slum in the world called Petare, and I also show you what the luxury side of Venezuela looks like.

Join me in this incredible documentary, that gives you a unique look at the good, the bad and the ugly of my favorite country in Latin American nation.


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Venezuela is a wild place as someone who Loves to venture to dangerous and far Away countries such as North Korea Afghanistan and Syria there is no place On Earth that made me more anxious than Venezuela From Street crime to gangs to drug Dealing to the world's largest slums Venezuela is quite possibly the most Dangerous and unstable country that you Can visit and on top of that it was the Hardest Visa that I've ever had to get For five weeks straight I had to meet With the Venezuelan diplomats at their Embassy in Manila prove to them that I Have good intentions and essentially Begged them to let me in and it worked It was my 194th country visited and the Country was completely shut down during The pandemic for eight months I was on The very first commercial plane back to Caracas and as soon as I crossed that Immigration border I learned that it was Not so easy to film there the fear of Getting mugged kidnapped or my camera Stolen was constantly in my head on Every corner I turned but all the fear And tension aside I discovered that Venezuela is beautiful the things I Captured there will seriously blow your Mind over the course of two weeks my Local friend and fellow YouTuber Emmanuel and his buddy gabo who doubled Down as my camera guy took me all over

The northern regions of the country from The vicious slum called patade or not Even the locals would dare to enter to The Ultra Luxury neighborhoods with Swanky bars and exclusive golf clubs I Was on a mission to meet as many people As I could and find out what's really Going on with the Venezuelan economy how On Earth can 17 million bolivares equal 20 US Dollars how did a country with Once the highest wages in Latin America Fall into such extreme poverty join me In this full-length documentary from Caracas to chuwao as I show you how much It costs to travel in Venezuela Introduce you to the delicious Cuisine Like arepas and show you a side of Venezuela that you may have never Imagined I navigate inside the country By foot by Metro by boat by motorbike And by cable car to observe the life and Fully immerse myself in the culture come Witness the longest coastline in all of The Caribbean with Immaculate untouched Beaches remote fishing villages the World's best chocolate and the most Hospitable Lively people in Latin America prepare yourselves for a wild Ride and stick with me until the end Because things are about to get wild in My favorite country in South America This is Venezuela Demonitos and welcome to Venezuela my 194th country and final country in South

America hang tight guys because I have Amazing content coming your way [Music] [Applause] [Music] But if I'm being completely honest with You I am pretty nervous to be here to be Shooting videos it's a different kind of Nervous than being in Somalia or Libya Or Afghanistan there I have to worry About getting kidnapped or bombed or or Being a victim in a terrorist attack but Here in Venezuela I have to worry about Petty crimes and theft and also the Police I got to be really careful I Gotta keep a low profile and I'm going To do my best to get the stories that I Want to get while enjoying this Beautiful country which I've heard so Much about okay let's back up a little Bit pretty nervous Um kind of going on a whim I don't know What to expect I'm going to be meeting My buddy Emmanuel putting my full trust In him to take me around and show me a Good time so I'm really excited to Finally check this one off the list I Know it's not the best of times for the Country but I'm looking forward to Making some good stories and trying to Tell amazing messages about the people And culture of Venezuela so off we go Now boarding my flights to Caracas Got that

And we're off I flew from Ecuador to Panama and then from Panama to the Dominican Republic because that was the Only way that I could fly to my final Destination Caracas [Music] That was tough in the airport but I made It yeah yeah Oh my God I finally made it to Venezuela Holy [ __ ] I did not think I was gonna Make it here yeah you did it with covet And with like all this happening yeah Yeah yeah yeah I'm very very excited to show you my Country so I'm so excited let's begin This trip But right last night when it was dark Outside and I just woke up to these Insane views at emanuel's place look at This [Music] All right well day one in Caracas come On you on the wheel what's up my friend Time to explore this beautiful city Right now I see these big Green Hills And uh I am just so freaking excited to Explore this country it's been on my List for how many years now and uh the Time has finally come do you know what's Crazy to think right now I'm like one of The only tourists right now in the whole Country because my flight was all Venezuelans did you know that there was Like no tourism the government only

Opened the country Two weeks ago for people coming from Iran no one is coming from Iran just the Cash Turkey same story Dominican Republic one Way to Venezuelans that go to Miami it Comes back come by and also Panama and Mexico because he's the only president In whole Latin America that support it [Music] I think it is pretty safe to say that Venezuela is not your average tourist Destination at least not over the last 10 or so years Once Upon a Time this Country was one of the richest and most Prosperous countries in the entire world And now it debatably has the worst Economy that any country has ever seen Throughout the history of mankind in Some ways the capital city of Caracas Feels like Anarchy you can literally Drive as fast as you want and run red Lights in front of policemen and they Won't do anything Because no one respects their lives few Years ago there was a really Danger on Stopping in red lights because you may Get robbed like always when I pass red Line I just watch to the other side just Just like if it was if it was on stop Not the red light according to a variety Of sources this city of 5 million people Has the highest murder rate per capita In the world but the edginess of Caracas

Makes me that much more excited to Explore you really gotta know where You're going in this city otherwise you Could get in the wrong corner or maybe With the wrong people and no bueno look At that You have a really nice view of what Abario is I was thrown right into the Chaos when it was time to fill up our Gas tank at that very moment on my first Morning in Caracas it started to sink in That I was actually in Venezuela right Now we're filling up the car with Gasoline but it's quite Experience it blows my mind that Venezuela has so much oil Yet it's so difficult To find gas right now and to fill up Your car there's no cars on the screen Because the gasoline That that's an advantage for us how long Do you think those people have to wait In line five six hours but if you go Outside you could stay 15 days before You can put gasoline again they give you Like a number and you have to go every Day to gas station to see which number It goes into the line so maybe 15 days Without putting body gasoline it's it's Really incredible how you actually have Free gas though because nobody else has Free gasoline I am not agreeing with That but that was one of the main assets Of the government to buy people's boat

You know like okay I'm gonna give you Free gasoline because we are the most uh Reserved all reserved country in the World you can read this in Valencia Lines to put gasoline are four days Otherwise you have to buy it in the Black market that price is between two And three dollars per liter who told you That a follower someone says the lock is With you because we put gas personally Super fast if you are confused don't Worry because I will be doing a deep Dev Analysis on the oil and gas crisis in Venezuela this is only a teaser of What's to come trust me as someone with An economics degree my brain is Literally exploding right now the city Is a like socially let's say divided by West and East Side West is like the Poor Side and right now we're in the East Part of the city where it's supposed to Be the rich part or the high class but Also there is some slums here newborn Raving dragons yeah I was I was born in A really poor neighborhood because when I was a kid my dad was starting you know He moved from Portugal because of the Second world war my grandpa didn't want His brothers to go into the war there Was spreading news in Europe that there was a Caribbean Country with plenty of opportunities Etc etc so they came in a in a big boat Like for three days my dad moved to

Venezuela when he was eight and then he Started like fisherman then started Working in a meat store hearing Emanuel's background made me realize how Diverse his country is I came to find Out that over two-thirds of the Population are mestizos meaning they Have mixed European ancestry in any Regard there's too much talking and too Little eating going on Emmanuel and his Girlfriend Valerie took me to get one of The best meals in town we come to La Union one specific place to eat cachapas One of our main dishes here in Venezuela Of mixtures I was trying to to figure out how to Make a round number because they don't Have to exchange his mobiles so I was Earning like 10 10 11 and try to make 35 Exact dollars whatever you order I Ordered kachapa there is like a Traditional dish made out of corn they Blend corn with milk and some other Stuff and they put it on the grill and Then you put Venezuelan cheese inside And close it what is Venezuelan food It's the best cheese in the world what Kind of juice is that parchita What what fruit is it you try it and you Figure out It's like a slushie like it's like Blended ice mixed with passion fruit so Delicious when I've had passion fruit Juice in other countries it's not this

Fresh this is the fresh one man Excellent day they just served the Kachapa here which from first impression Looks like a big Looks like a big pancake with all this I Don't even know what this is cheese Pork Yeah all this delicious stuff inside how Do I eat it like a taco no are you good Yeah with that with a knife everything In one bite yeah everything one bite Are you so happy to watch me try this Right now yeah we're super excited about Your impression [Music] Wow That's amazing The pork is delicious it's perfectly Soft and this cheese you were you were Right about the cheese Incredible How is it bro tell me how it is Amazing bro I'm amazing Delicia [Music] From one to ten how good is it Our first meal here in Venezuela it was Amazing I don't even know what to call What's it called again Oh my God it was delicious and now we Are about to hit the streets of Caracas I don't really know what to expect but I Know it's going to be incredible as long As Emmanuel's with me which place are we Going to visit first you can you can see

Their images of chegebara yeah that our President was fan of Juan Chavez and Maduro is the small one and Fidel Castro Also we proceeded to drive around Caracas and it is enormous so many Different neighborhoods so many markets Funky architecture incredible viewpoints And a culture that was very inviting to Learn more about So baseball is the national sport of Venezuela yes and we're just driving on The street and we found like a baseball Game just like a bunch of dudes just Hanging out playing baseball yeah just Hanging out and that guy was pretty good They just hit that ball almost home run Yeah it was very good nice to capture in The moment there are many Venezuelans in The MLB like Miguel Cabrera and yeah Wilson Contreras yeah it's awesome man Venezuela is a hot spot for baseball our Final stop of the day was one of the Main plazas which was a lot fancier than I ever expected we've made it to a Beautiful little Plaza here with a Wonderful Monument with the Venezuela Colors on it nice apartment buildings Around here there's a fountain behind me That's not currently working but it's Just a really really nice place to hang Out and kind of see a side of Caracas That maybe me and you didn't know Existed we are now in Plaza Francia or France Square in Altamira one of the

Nicest place of Caracas you can come Here you see it around the square you Also have access to the subway feels Like a perfectly safe normal life here In this part in this part of the city Yeah you have also you have a lot of Police around National Guards and Everything yeah yeah in this part of the City you're very safe Emmanuel it's been An awesome first day here in Caracas you Have fun yes of course this place is Electric man like yeah So what are we doing over the next week Bro where are we going we'll be sitting In children That are one of the nicest beaches in Venezuela that you can get by car or Just small Dripping boat right after that we're Trying to go to fish with the fisherman Town we're enjoying Tambor that is a Typical music in the town you will enjoy A lot and after that we're going to Moroccoi I could say the best beaches of The country there's a lot I want to see I know that this guy is taking care of Me I don't even know what Mordecai means I never looked it up on the internet but I know it's going to be amazing thank You bro can't wait to see more of your Country man awesome yeah please do this [Music] Today I'm going to show you what 10 or 14 million bolivares can get you in

Venezuela here we go [Music] Whoa guys I have now spent the last 48 Hours in Venezuela's capital city called Caracas and it has just been wild I'm Sure the majority of you guys know has Been happening to Venezuela's economy But if you don't then I'll quickly sum It up 50 to 60 years ago Venezuela had One of the most prosperous economies in The world because of its newly Discovered oil reserves the Venezuelan Boulevard was very strong and Venezuelan Workers enjoyed the highest wages in all Of Latin America but in the end it was All too good to be true the dream life Faded away when oil prices collapsed and A fractured political system couldn't Agree on any policies nor make any of The right decisions when I made this Video a few months ago one US dollar was Equal to 1.4 million Bolivia but now as I speak this one dollar is over 2 Million and believe it is and because of This the minimum wage is less than one US dollar a month Yes you heard me Correctly one dollar a month I our Harbor inflation is that big that Literally we have to check in an Instagram account daily to see the Exchange rate about 90 of the purchases Made in Venezuela are now in dollars Because their currency is essentially Useless but ironically you can't even

Take US dollars out from an ATM because It hasn't officially been adopted as Their currency this morning I was able To exchange some dollars for Bolivia so I'm carrying both currencies in my bag To make this 10 video on today's Exchange rate 10 US dollars equals about 14 million Venezuelan boulevards this is Only about a hundred and twenty thousand Anyways it's time to hit those streets Let's see what we can get Caracas is awesome I truly can't believe How Wild it is here there are so many Different neighborhoods and so many Different fields on the streets that are Engulfed by Massive Green Mountains and A Venezuelan Coastline that is the Longest in all of the Caribbean it's Also the most beautiful my buddy Emmanuel left his car on the other side Of the city so in order to get there he Suggested that we take a moto taxi and Oh man we are starting off this 10 video With a bang and mono what who are these Guys behind us what's happening I called Two Moto taxis to take us to the next Spot where we're picking the car to keep Our adventure and it's going to be our Quickest way because we're always in a Hurry so I decided to call him I don't Feel safe for two reasons two reasons One we're not riding together so what Happens if my guy has a flat tire or if We get pulled over and you're not there

With me you'll have to figure it out bro And the other thing is is where that was My helmet Yeah yeah which one's mine I don't know What do we like On this guy okay [Music] This cannot be safe bro are you scared Bro yeah How long is the drive like 10 to 15 Minutes that's great all right let's go Bro this is crazy man yeah man It's in Venezuela To be riding on the freeway like seeing The street from Perspective That ride was insane my tears are like Flying off my face How much is it two dollars those dollars Okay can you roll this I'm gonna pay him And believe it is We're gonna try I'm gonna try let me see There you have four dollars this is all Four so I'll give him half of this which Is two I'm not even gonna counter Because it's gonna take too long I was Gonna take a chunks All right so I just hit him uh Three million about 3 million believe it For that ride We finally made it to Emmanuel's car and He wanted to take me to try his favorite Local beverage we stopped the card Because he told me I have to try a drink

What is it yeah is made out of water Coconut the skin of the coconut Everything about coconut milk and sugar So we're gonna try it's good Is one dollar this is 1.5 two dollars And three dollars three dollars give me The one dollar one one dollar he said It's 2 million or two dollars I have Bobby various I have I have the money in My bag okay okay let's pay with the Bolivares when you take out the money Their face are like oh my god wow this Is my enemy bolivares maybe if we paid With car they will upset it but the cash Is like unworthy because tomorrow Probably will worth less and less unless We successfully paid for one dollar Coconut with believe it is My first cookout I don't even know what This is but it's creamy and it looks Delicious [Music] It's like pure coconut better than Coconut ice cream because you have all The chunks of coconut inside and it's Really creamy and soft it's like a Amazing dessert man Bro That is so good man really good right oh My gosh I should have got a large Emmanuel suggested that we head out of Town today and save the rest of Exploring Caracas for the end of the Trip so we picked up some local friends

And decided to drive to one of the best Beach towns in the country the crew and I are heading to moroccoi which is a Beautiful Coastal Beach area in National Park of Venezuela and to get there we Have to go through a toll the toll is For cars yeah and trucks layers 50 000 The other one are free totally yeah Okay so it's 50 000 Believers which is Like five cents or something five cents I'm gonna try to pay with a dollar and See if they'll give us change and Believe it is if not we're gonna pay and Believe artists [Music] She said uh if she takes the dollar they Should give you a change it's not It's not even for you fifty thousand Yeah all right fifty thousand Two thousand divided by 1.4 million oh My God it's three cents three cents so The toll in Venezuela is literally three Cents so in one day they maybe make what Ten dollars in pills what can you buy With ten dollars nothing yeah maybe baby Guys working on the toll all right so we Are here on the side of the road we are Driving up to the beach somewhere in Venezuela we see bananas Emmanuel tells Me I have to try them here we have like 1.2 dollars in bolivares I mean one 1.2 Million Believers so 1.2 dollars and we Found two kinds of bananas all grown Here these are each 50 000 bills so I

Got a lot in my hands yeah so let's try To pay with this Okay he said two dollars and we have Like 1.2 so this and this okay okay Hundred thousand two hundred thousand Three hundred thousand yeah one million Five hundred thousand six hundred Thousand seven hundred thousand eight Hundred thousand nine hundred thousand One million one million yes That was amazing Saturday and we got our Bananas this is topocho It's Time tiny Bro try the banana bro Really good right this is amazing it's Sweet yeah super sweet Best in the world in the world that's a Bold statement but she might be right Whoa Holy crap yeah yeah I don't even know What to think right now we're trying to Get another fruit Foreign [Music] Wait let's try it before you go yeah Yeah take a bite I mean he gave it he Gave it for free but we decide by our Own just giving one dollar you you do it Like you you bite it lick it lick whoa The texture is like gooey like yeah it's It's crazy texture You know why these fruits is so good Because everything everything in Venezuela is organic the growing Farms Of this fruits vegetables and everything

They really don't have money to put a Pesticides or things to to try to live Longer so if you get some bananas or Vegetables you have to eat them like in Two maximum three days because they will Get damaged but at the same time you Will have like the best original and Organic flavor of the fruit that's why It's so good because there's no Pesticides finally after several hours Of driving across Villages and getting Caught up in a massive traffic jam where Everyone will stop for hours we made it To a small town called we were in touch With some locals there who offered us to Stay inside of their house it's cool man I don't even like I don't even know What's going on right now I literally Just follow the crowd we made it to Chichiriviche on tomorrow this is the Town and Morocco is like the National Park Oh yes they do [Music] An early morning wake-up call means that We desperately need some caffeine agabo And I are here in moroccoi Morocco yeah What's it called Something I've noticed all around Venezuela so far is that coffee culture Is everywhere yes usually you can just Find it in a bakery or a restaurant or On the street right yeah like in the in A traffic line in a traffic jam you will

Find people somebody's coming and saving Comics and selling your coffee and the Other thing I know about coffee in Venezuela or in this part of the world Is that it's pretty damn good so we're On a mission right now we're walking Through the town to find some delicious Coffee [Music] Foreign [Music] Bakeries are the places to go to get the Coffee [Music] It's very nice how when they serve you Coffee the cups are really small you Don't need like a big Starbucks cup or Anything like that I'm gonna put a Little bit of sugar inside mix it a Little bit [Music] Tennis [Music] [Music] So this man after we walked out of the Of the bakery for the coffee shop just Said something really interesting So he's saying that this is the only Country in the world that when the Dollar goes up the product goes up but If the dollars goes down the product is Still up which makes it really hard just To get basic things like bread and Coffee gracias

After coffee we wanted breakfast so my Friends steered me in the right Direction we're going to eat some Empanadas before heading into the beach But I really love these empanadas Because are made in the moment they have Plenty plenty of flavor empanadas is Like a Pre-cooked corn flour with water a Little bit salt and sugar and then you Fill it up and fry it you are gonna try In the Papillon there's one of our main Dishes in the country and they put all The ingredients inside the Empanada this Is Cherry meat cheese fried plantain and Beans black beans everything inside an Empanada [Music] The best part of the Empanada are the Borders so you don't share the borders Honestly you don't share the borders are Like the best spots yeah I've never seen An empanada this big Mmm that's delicious man yeah man wow It's pretty hold it yeah non-alcoholic Beer no alcoholic okay so this is what You drink too yeah I don't even know What it is Wow it doesn't taste like beer it's Sweet it's sweet it's sweet but it looks Like beer from the outside yeah the Funny thing about empanadas every South American country thinks they have the Best thing for all that if you go to

Colombia if you go to even Panama or Nicaragua they say we have the best Empanadas What do you say about that you have the Last Choice you have been in all those Countries of course I would say my Empanadas my country is empanadas but This is the most unique one I've never Seen one that's this big he said it into The camera he said it best Empanada in The world She is the owner of this place she is Alva what's your secret to making the Best empanadas okay The love that he puts on the the giso is The the part that goes inside it's time To pay for the one Empanada and the one Must be in right yes 1.5 and vanilla is one dollar and the Malta is 50 Cents For the rest of the day we rented a boat To go island hopping around moroccoi and You can probably already tell I'm just Going with the flow all right they keep Feeding me this local stuff pull out I Guess this is the local beer we got Waters we got snacks and we're going Island hopping today On the beautiful Caribbean coast of Venezuela bro I think this Oh my gosh you look like a pedophile bro You look nice yeah it has UV protection I'm gonna need your help to negotiate Because

Of course No He said eight dollars bro bro that's a Lot too much man yeah how much do you Want me to do that do you think five is A good price well they look good good on You man so thank God like five dollars Yes he's saying that this is his first Sale of the day it's really important to Have small bills here yeah because if You only give a 10 they don't have Change so you have to buy another you Have to buy another thing [Music] I actually really needed sunglasses so I'm pretty happy right now five bucks a Little more than I want to spend for the Budget but considering everything else Has been so cheap it fits in the 10 Video so is anyone ready to see the Beauty of Venezuela Foreign [Music] Man Wow this is my first time seeing water This blue in a long long time I'm in Shock I don't know what to say I have no Words to say amazing amazing amazing Wow He literally just cracked me a coconut Holy [ __ ] that is good it's cold Frio [Music] Oh man 11. Oh my God

It's like the best thing in the world Right now and the sun's on your face It's time to swim From the very bottom of my heart this Country is so freaking cool and I am Just so excited to see more Well guys I've been very fortunate in my Life to see so many amazing places all Around the world but what I'm seeing Right now in this tucked away town on The northern coast of Venezuela might Just be the most beautiful hidden Treasure that I've ever seen [Music] Most people have never heard of this Town what can you say about it to people Watching this video They're the people that doesn't know Doesn't know anything So she's saying that this is the best World the best place in the whole world Tell me what it's like to live here She says that is wonderful and she Repeated wonderful wonderful So he loved the quietness the the Peaceful the breeze the sea the all the Things that the lord gave us Foreign [Music] Welcome to chuao Venezuela in my opinion The most beautiful place in all of Latin America but before we dive into why Let's talk about the journey here Because this entire video was made

Spontaneously I don't even know what that means but I Trust you that it's cool Yeah it's amazing it's one of the most Palm trees surrounded beaches in Venezuela I had already been in Venezuela for several days with my local Friend Emmanuel and this morning he Suggested that we take a road trip to See some of the most beautiful beaches On the coast which believe it or not is The longest coastline in all of the Caribbean without hesitation I said yes Because I am a firm believer that the Best moments in life come from Spontaneous decisions that's why I Always wear the two words just go on my Shirt in that same spontaneous mindset We picked up some of Manuel's friends And it was a car full of Venezuelans and Myself driving to experience a slice of Paradise that I never knew existed are You guys ready yeah However getting there wasn't exactly so Easy they're looking for you brother Looking for you watch out watch out They're looking for you dude what the [ __ ] is going on yeah yeah wait what's Like for real what's going on no the cop Is opening the traffic for some heavy People I don't know Yeah So we are not moving like this could Take like hours maybe we're stuck in a

Massive traffic jam but Cabo gave me Some flips yeah what is flips is cereal Yes it's more like candy Venezuelan yeah As soon as the traffic finally cleared Away another problem happened the car is Rapidly losing gas losing Fuel and Because there's a huge gas shortage in Venezuela it's not easy to go and find Gas uh so if they can't fix a leak it Looks like we're gonna have to turn Around and not go to the beach what if We can't fix it bro we live in a road Trip so we have to deal with this kind Of situations every time we're going in The road trip you know we have a leakage For from a manguera a hose yeah so we're Trying to reach the hose to see if we Can't stop the leak let me see your Hands yeah we're losing gasoline that is Not easy to find otherwise it's like oh Normal that's I don't know drain the Tank and repair this stuff but right now It's like stop the leakage we got from The mechanical expert that said that Because that the tank is so full he's Just dropping a little bit extra so We're gonna lose some gas something There's two kinds of people in this World how about you people like me and People like this guy yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm in your team bro [Music] Luckily we're by the mountains

So I'm pretty used to smelling like gas Finally we were back on the road and After a few hours of driving across some Interesting towns and seeing some very Interesting things out the window an Accident bro just a truck went to the Bed to the river that is pretty insane We made it to a colorful Colonial town Called choroni yeah Welcome have fun from here on out I Think you will be unbelievably surprised By how beautiful this place is [Music] Just arrived here in choroni and the Caribbean coast to Venezuela everybody's Happy smiling what are they selling Fishes different kind of fishes like Tuna we better eat some calories Yo should we bring this rum yeah yeah I don't know somebody's gonna drink it No I'm nervous it's starting to rain I Got all my camera here all my bags I'm a Little worried the rain's coming man Where should we go Go fast Dude is starting to pour rain Crazy weather man crazy weather this is What I was worried about I got like my computer all my [ __ ] in Here And this is going to save us on the boat Ride yeah from this crazy rain Israel is Coming with us he's gonna be like our Local waiting Us in the town with the

Food all right the rain is slowing down A bit my trash bags are [ __ ] I need to Put it on here and it's starting to ring What up bro I don't even know where we're going to Be honest but I'm ready Fine I just Gotta protect the gear One mistake and I'm totally And we're off hold up yeah [Music] We are rolling up to chew out you can Only get here by boat literally dude no Roads to this community as they're gonna Smash in the face with water there's About 5 000 people there and we're Spending the night and it's gonna be Incredible you know what's funny is I'm Over here complaining that I'm soaking Wet but Emmanuel has a dog who's just Been here the whole time Literally just hanging out in his lap Hmm Oh my God That was not easy but we're here it is Like Heaven on Earth that we're here your Country's beautiful man we made it thank You so much my friend dude we just Arrived in the gate with food yeah but Just like that we didn't even ask for it It's just here the food was ready for us You add a lot of lemon to the fish It's funny we just saw all the fishermen

Like on the sea yeah so it just makes You like more hungry for fish and then You just grab it with your hands like This like this Mmm Oh There's no bones This place is honestly so cool we're Just walking around making friends uh They love baseball here so this kid is Just playing like a baseball video game On his iPad or something some kind of Game console and everyone just so nice We're hanging out welcoming us we got Cool paintings here coffee which I'm Definitely down to try Um Okay Rico So she just poured me fresh coffee Rico It's so sweet oh my god wow I haven't Had a bad cup of coffee yet in Venezuela Behind me is one of the houses actually The kid right here the baseball kid Lives here and I asked him if I can see Inside the house and he said sure So I'm Gonna go take a look inside the the roof Is made with like everything is made With wooden sticks here's the kitchen we Got limes you know all kinds of stuff Sink I really love the rooftops here Even though they have these conditions And even though the country the whole Country is going through a rough path

She said that this community this town It's very together they they work Together she it's been called La Fortaleza this is the Fortress that's Her right neck or rap name oh she has a Rap name yeah the Fortress [Music] So apparently we're not sleeping here on The beach we have to go in this pickup Truck and drive to the main town which I Don't know a couple kilometers away yeah We have to pass through the cacao Plantation it's amazing let's go dude Let's get in the car right now yeah you Have to get out get up there get up There no problem we just jumped on this Pickup truck all of us are on the back And we are driving to a place that we're Gonna sleep tonight we just arrived here In town there's like a freaking Plaza Behind me which is super cool and it's Like way more developed than I thought Is so cool man as soon as I arrived I Met some friendly locals who told me to Call them negro I was quite thrown off And confused since that would be Extremely offensive in my own country But here in Venezuela I learned that It's a different story all people here Are coexisting as one human race which Is so beautiful to witness Es In here you just call negro to everyone I mean it doesn't matter and it was it

Was funny that the guy said that it Doesn't matter if a wife called me negro If a red hair call me negro blue purple Or whatever anyone can call me negro Because I'm so proud to be negro you Know No bro it's wow honestly in Venezuela it Doesn't exist the racism Maybe xenophobia but racism at all it Doesn't exist at all because also to the Blunt people you call them Katie that is Like blonde some other friendly people I Met invited me to a local drumming Performance called Tambor and two Minutes later we were on our way It's like I mean so many rides with the boat they Have to do to bring up the cement to Build everything you know because there Is no road to get here by with drugs and To bring all the materials to wow Electricity everything bro [Music] This is Some sort of chewing dog but you don't Chew you just put it on your just put it Near your your tooth and it just That stuff would definitely give me a Headache so I opted to try the Homegrown Cacao which is the main ingredient of Chocolate Cacao is this town's largest Export and everyone here claims that They have the best on Earth I was Invited into a house where this lovely

Lady was preparing some cacao in her Backyard and it was so awesome to Experience this is as pure as cacao can Get the main ingredient in chocolate Here in Chihuahua they actually grow It's all cacao Farms here and they Harvest it right in their backyard Mmm it's so crunchy so delicious How good is that it's great it's better Than chocolate it's amazing yeah that Was an incredible experience hearing the Drums and trying the cacao and just Seeing the life in the community here of This place and honestly as I'm walking Through this main plaza right now I feel Like I'm in high school there's all These kids hanging out sitting on the Bench over there everyone's just like Shooting this everybody's friends with Each other it literally feels like a High school this town and that is the Coolest part about it so guys I'm gonna Cut the camera for tonight and tomorrow Is a whole new day of expiration I will See you then Oh man beautiful out here Wow It's like perfect outside right now what Does yes had a great night's sleep here In this little Guest House much more Enjoyable than I was expecting and now The car is picking us up heading back to The beach so it's gonna be another great Day we hopped on the one and only truck

That takes you down the one and only Road in the town to the port Foreign [Music] Right away I discovered my favorite Snack that you can find on islands and In tropical places it starts with a c And ends up with nuts any guesses this Guy just rolled up on the shore with Coconuts that he just caught on the tree And I told him to open it and I thought He was going to take a knife or a Machete but he just banged it on the Concrete and uh he's opening it up right Now for me to try What bro This guy's strong dude All right fresh coconut in Venezuela [Music] It's sour CE you wanna try it [Music] Wow man it's good it's sour yeah yeah Refreshing somehow yeah man I wandered Around the main area and made my way Into the self-declared house of the Socialist fisherman my curiosity led the Way from here what are your thoughts About Travis He doesn't have anything bad to say About Travis Scott the they've been Getting help from from Chavez from the Chavez government so he doesn't have Anything bad to say Well he's saying that that he's not too

Political like he doesn't care too much About politics they his work is is this And well the Chavez helped me him out With with Nets with engines with boats With with a house what's the best and The worst thing about living in Throughout The best is the Sea and the cacao and The worst that can happen is that you Don't get to fish and or the cacao runs Dry why does everybody have these bags Well these bags are government issue Bags they are tri-color as our flag and They are everywhere like every Community Has bags of this it can hold everything In this bag what else do the government Give to the people besides the backpack Well here in the in the rural areas they Have also laptops and tablets they call Kanaima can I mean Yeah he has his laptop He told me that he has the tablet so With the tablet he researched the Homework and he plays have games and Stuff awesome soon after my friends Decided that we should go island hopping Since there is so much hidden Beauty Around this part of Venezuela [Music] [Music] After about a 30 minute boat ride we Made it to another settlement here on The beach called tuja you can see the Sign right here

Bienvenidos tuja And uh it's a lot less developed than Chihuahu maybe about 10 houses here but They got the most insanely beautiful Beach Right in their backyard So it takes about three minutes to walk From one end of this community all the Way to the other end but it's amazingly Beautiful man like we're just surrounded By these trees how many people you think Are here like 20. actually 50 50 people Yeah because in every house can I don't Know feed like eight people or so 50 People living in tuja Venezuela and It kind of reminds me of the Philippines Actually there's a lot of islands out There Um that look just like this same kind of Palm trees same kind of Life very very Similar shout out to all my Filipino Friends out there I miss my home I miss Deanna and and um My favorite country in the world this Really reminds me of the Philippines bro What's this game called So you first throw a little ball or a Little Rock right that's a mingle and There's two teams a red team and a green Team and the The Logical the game is Trying to put as many balls near to the Mingle the team that get the balls Nearest Wings Excellent

The sides of it are all beaten up look It's not even a perfect circle I Couldn't end this experience without a Visit to the local baseball mound [Music] [Applause] I met a young man named Pepito who you Might recognize from the drumming scene From last night he is the number one top MLB Prospect in town growing up a sports Lover especially a baseball lover and Player I am fascinated by different Cultures around the world that play Baseball especially in Venezuela there Are so many really really good Hall of Famers amazing baseball players that Come from Venezuela baseball is our National sport club like every every kid In every town plays baseball I did a Baseball story in Dominican Republic Recently I did something in Cuba about It but to be here in Venezuela is just Different Feels more real and it's his home plate You know First of all how old are you man 28 years old and have you been playing Baseball your whole life Since he was a kid what are your dreams Right now what are you trying to do You say his dream is to play in the Major leagues Also being like the best pitcher of the Mayor Leagues with the best average he

Wants to take out his family from here Or at least give them a lot of comfort And also helps the kids that maybe don't Have those chances that that a lot has So yeah he wants to just gain a lot of Money to help a lot of people that's Awesome guys I just want to say that It's really hard to put into words what It feels like to visit Venezuela it Seems like whenever we hear the name at Least from the Western media's point of View everything revolves around danger And fear and uncertainty but the truth Is when you come here and meet people With your own two eyes you realize that There are millions of innocent locals Living their lives just like me and you Shop owners are busy with their work Days fishermen's are out on the sea Athletes are practicing their Sports School children are smiling in the Streets and family members are filling The air with love and laughter this is The Venezuela that I'm trying trying to Show you the most beautiful country in All of Latin America and I can't wait to See more [Music] It's mind-blowing how long the lines are To get gas that's crazy what do you want To say about the gas situation in Venezuela what it has always been wrong We're having a real world gas prices and And it's all messy despite that we are

The country with most oil in the world We don't produce gasoline in here Because the government has damaged all The gasoline plants and fabrics and Everything so we have to export oil and Buy gasoline from outside stupidly crazy Anywhere there is a gas station there's Conflict struggle there's like bars like Police and military men and Mayhem they Put gasoline again and they kind of Storage we'll be storing it in the Bottom yeah they store it in the bottle Yeah No they don't want anything They have three hours three hours three Hours in this one and this line and After this corner is like two miles to The right to get into the gas station Two miles you want to go no so these People spend all day waiting in line Just to get gas yeah what to get this Subsidiary gas the cheap gas the free One the free one that is like a full Tank one dollar Foreign [Music] Line which is a a pretty surreal Experience here in Venezuela it blows my Mind to think that this country is so Full of of natural oil and wealth in Terms of of gasoline Foreign But they don't even have enough gas to Serve as people there are shortages all

Over the country so in this video we're Going to investigate the oil and gas Crisis of Venezuela [Music] If there's one thing that I've learned From traveling to 194 countries it is That oil makes the world go round it's The most sought after natural resource Our primary Fuel and it's a major force In the production of goods and services And I'm not only talking about gasoline Jet fuel and heating oil but any Products that use plastic asphalt wax or Paint pretty much everything we use in Our daily lives I'm pretty sure you Already know that Venezuela has been Experiencing the biggest economic Downfall in the history of mankind and The main driver for this is well you Guessed it oil they have enough oil in Venezuela to embarrass the Saudis they Are swimming in oil what did they do When they had peak oil prices nothing in The 1920s the largest oil reserve on Earth was discovered off the Caribbean Coast of Venezuela and pretty quickly The country became the world's largest Oil exporter supplying 10 percent of Global needs for a very long time things Were fine and dandy until a combination Of mismanagement U.S sanction and now a Pandemic has crippled its oil production And sent its economy to pieces and the Situation has evolved into more of a

Humanitarian crisis with shortages of Basic food drinking water medical Supplies and gasoline foreign Plastic steel and everything you can Find to resell it then because they're Looking for money of course They said my daily food is breakfast Lunch and dinner from the garbage as I Currently make this video 91 of Venezuelans are living in poverty the Highest proportion in all of Latin America and even worse over 5 million of Them have left the country So do you have the government right now The situation in Venezuela is a bit Difficult let's back up and get a little More detailed about how Venezuela's Mismanagement of oil has led them into This giant economic mess in 1976 President Carlos Perez nationalized the Industry by creating a pero vesa which Is a state-owned oil and gas company at Its height they were pumping 3 million Barrels per day and the money was Rolling in that's how Caracas was built As one of the richest cities in Latin America with a thriving middle class and The strongest currency which as you Probably know is completely worthless Today this is Look look oh they're the same and this Is 50 000. so they just changed yeah the Color and the numbers Wait what it's so lame this doesn't mean

Anything right now anything 500 Boulevard is this and 500 Believers Before they take out five zeros in 1999 President Hugo Chavez came to power and Established a socialist regime he Created programs to help the poor such As raising the minimum wage and Providing free electricity free water And basic food to all households what we Have here is a bag with food of the Subsidized program that the government Has for the people in need they are just Giving like eight kilos of rice three Kilos of flour and two kilos of Spaghettio of pasta totally free yeah Yeah totally free but most of all he Produced heavily subsidized gasoline AKA Free the gasoline prices are so Ridiculously low that if you were to Have a hundred dollars change them at The black market exchange rate and buy Gasoline with them you will have enough Gas to run a few laps around Earth With a hundred dollars yes with even Less you could do a field up to the Whole world that's insane now when Gasoline is very very cheap in Venezuela Compared to everyone else so you have an Incentive to smuggle gasoline and Smalling gasoline From Venezuela to Colombia due to the Price differential it was potentially Perhaps the most profitable business in The history of humanity really well it's

Hard to represent but tell me what other Economic Endeavor gives you return rates Of overt of over a billion percent when President Maduro took office in 2013 Pretty much everything took a turn for The worst within just two years oil Prices fell from a hundred dollars per Barrel to under 30 dollars per barrel Further sucking Venezuela into a Downward economic spiral what is this Building right here this is a fabric or A oil refinery yeah where they track the Oil and also this one like two months Ago was a massive oil spread in the Coast of Venezuela Maduro is now being Forced to import fuel from Iran for the Country's own consumption because much Of their own reserves have run Completely dry as of the Year 2020 International national gas stations with International prices have popped up Around the country we're heading to International price gasoline I think Still the cheapest in the world is 50 Cents per liter I have two tanks so I Have 150 liters that would be like 75 Dollars yeah but that's a lot of yeah Yeah I have 150 liters I put two tanks Because but if you go to the amazing Places of the country you probably won't Find a gas station in 400 kilometers or Something like that so you have to has Gasoline you know however most people Cannot afford to pay the international

Price for gasoline so they are still Going to the heavily subsidized ones Which explains why I keep on seeing Unbelievably long lines to fill up your Gas tank There must have been like hundreds of Cars in that line just now this is a Gasoline line and you see this car for Example is totally empty that he's Pushing the car until the line and also The cop is helping to to push the car They try to keep control of the line and Also help people's favorite completely Ran out of gas yeah yeah totally out of Gas all these cars behind me are waiting In line to fill up their tank and it Just goes on forever all the way down Man you can't even see the end of the Line 500 meters or a kilometer people Have no problem waiting three hours and We are in the middle of the city man What's up bro how are you how does it Feel that you have to wait in line so Long to fill up your tank He said he is already already accustomed To it how do you decide which gas tank To go to and when to go okay It's just random he's like in the Neighborhood and they just go around and They see how how far the line is and if They can you know just not be the whole Day there dude in the US if you have to Wait an hour to fill your tank do you Have any idea how people will be if you

Have to wait five minutes to fill your Tank people will lose their losers and Be like you know it makes no sense to me It's crazy But that's just the situation here in Venezuela there's nobody in the guards Man because probably they start making The line and there was no gas in the gas Station so they just leave the cars to Save the spot for real yeah it's still There oh it's there now it's going that Way Whoa why did I leave the cars just to Save this spot because sometimes someone Says like the gasoline drop is coming They just put the car in front of the Gas station even if there is no gasoline Just to save the spot Foreign I've never seen a situation like this Where you literally have to wait hours And hours sometimes even days and weeks Just to fill up your gas tank and it's Not only occasionally or in one area of The country it's literally every single Gas station in Venezuela all right we Are rolling up now to get gas here in Caracas I just put a barricade behind Your car see they put like a thing no no It wasn't it wasn't so what's happening Right now we're trying to put gas again But today we weren't that lucky they Said that we have to leave a lot of Space because it comes so important or

From the government they have to put it In the first spot I mean like people From the Ministries or whatever they Don't do lines Foreign In the middle of the highway literally Just to go back and make the Line This Is bizarre so like it's just a regular Gas station that we're rolling up to but Some government things going on so we Can't even get in they're making us do The line like I don't know 300 meters Back you see it's like a [ __ ] military Tent what are they doing there's like 15 Military sitting on the wall nothing Nothing why are they here what they Regularly do is Be like in the middle of the highway With a cone in the middle of them just Trying to stop whoever they think is Suspicious ask for papers anything and If they see a possibility to take out Some money they do it so there's a lot Of bribing happening a lot a lot a lot a Lot all right now we just got access we Are rolling up here yep what if they see My camera what happens they just don't Want anything to show what's happening Right And we are in finally so you have time To fill up our gas tank Foreign [Music] So I guess the question now becomes

Where is the end does Venezuela have a Way to dig themselves out of this crazy Economic crisis in my opinion the Government's major objective should be To use the oil earnings responsibly Which means investing back into the Economy by building infrastructure and Educating its people also making sure That everything is done transparently so The locals can know exactly what's Happening and we can try to end all of This corruption for a country that was Once that it was actually Being prosperous that illusion not only Came down crashing but it became one of The worst self-inflicted economic Disasters in the Western Hemisphere and In recent history it's a country that Had that that it looks like he had a Promise in it made a few mistakes But then it made plenty of mistakes And now when people ask me if the Venezuelan economy has a future and it Does it's just and it's not right Thank you so much for your time To somebody who has no idea what it is How can you just explain it to them Well he's saying that has a reputation In like a bad reputation and he think It's because is so big they have like The count of incidents that happens is There are more [Music] Um

Super big so everyone must be like United to make friendship and have fun Normally around what's the um the Typical jobs of the people here He said people works in local markets Like Selling fruits vegetables and those Stuff also works in constructions a lot And in small shops what would you say is The average daily monthly wages of the People here He said that public worker living in Here earns between seven and eight Dollars you mean per month per month Yeah yeah like like less than 30 cents Per day Yeah is it true like the danger that has Happened here with the drug deals with The killings with the violence [Music] He said that there's one spot called Jose Felix Rivas that is like controlled By crime however they think they also Believe that it's more safe for the People when it's controlled by crime Because the thugs like want to people to Be safe and happy and if they have Everything under control like the Day-to-day life is easy Foreign [Applause] Every year since 2004 the Venezuelan Capital of Caracas has been listed in The top 10 for the world's most violent

Cities in Caracas like 10 years ago I was robbed with a gun Much of this is due to the economical Crisis that has been taking place which Is now more of a humanitarian crisis Where over 70 percent of its residents Are living in extreme poverty Good evening while the dangerous Situations on the streets have been Getting more stable in recent years some Districts are going in the opposite way And nothing is more intense than the Slum called pettade what do you think Would happen to me honest question if You guys drop me off here right now And I had all my bags on me and I just Walked around with my camera if you're Going with your business In here yeah during the day patada is a Human conglomerate with everything Smushed together among its windy narrow Streets that trickle down from the top Of a mountain the vast majority of Potato lacks running water a working Sewage system and really any kind of Planning whatsoever By Night the District of over 1 million residents Transforms into a Center for Crime Aggression and gang activity nightly Police squads can be seen monitoring the Streets to fight against drug Trafficking and the growing Black Market Which has been getting out of hand During this crisis for the past 20 years

Patada has been notorious for having the Highest murder rate per capita in the World and it is not recommended to visit As a tourist especially if you're alone Or without a local friend I first heard About patada years ago and I wanted to Visit because I know that there is Another side to the story that's the Same reason why I went to the durabi Slum of Mumbai the kiberi slum of Nairobi and the San Andreas slum of Manila through my travels to these areas I've realized that there is an indirect Correlation between money and happiness Put in other words being rich doesn't Always equal happiness and in fact it's Usually the other way around at the end Of the day the things that matter most Are a loving relationship with family And friends our health and our ability To have a roof over our heads and food On our plates the rest is irrelevant my Two buddies Emmanuel and gabo who have Been showing me around Venezuela for the Last 12 days it joined along for the Adventure we also picked up a new local Friend how are you man you're good how Are you That is Daniel durres you might Recognize him from his six gold medals In the X Games how many Broken Bones Have you had I have broken lumbar bones Ribs fingers teeth kneecaps I don't know Sprained ankles wrists he is one of the

Most decorated BMX riders in history and Despite living in the U.S for the last 20 years he originally comes from Caracas so we're in Bolivar Square in Chicago this is I think the first square That I come to When I was starting to ride and the guys That I met here they taught me you know How to jump how to do things so I Remember you know jumping the sixth There Daniel is so famous here that Someone painted a giant mural of his Face downtown and there is a skate park Named after him where he used to Practice growing up I connected with Daniel on Instagram last night because He happens to be in town and he has a Friend of a friend who is from petate lo And behold the four of us headed out There for the very first time We're about to ride the Metro here in Caracas apparently it's free so we're Just going to show up and uh hopefully Be safe Nothing I'd be careful across the street Yeah like one of them yeah boom you know When to go I'll probably get run over so There you go I was totally free here Free this is the only free Metro I've Taken in my entire life Okay here we go [Music]

Away Foreign Interesting experience the facility is Really nice but it's just not well kept And as my friends are telling me like in Its Heyday this place was super busy Like fancy almost like European And now it's pretty run down I'm Surprised it's still functioning like This used to be like the prices what I Don't even know I don't know you know Like eight oliveres I don't even know Like so this used to be the price how Many years ago do you think I don't know Man I think nothing that long ago You know how much that's worth it's like Comma zero zero zero zero zero one okay I still got some advertisements on the Walls pay phones yeah yeah they they run On Wi-Fi There's no way we're like that was like Uh being in a time machine going back in Time seeing like the old system and the Pay phones it is a lot to get in the Metro here through and I need to do this Every day and like you were you'll wear You down as soon as Emmanuel picked us Up from the crazy Metro station things Started to get real after all this is The world's most dangerous neighborhood You're doing crazy content here maybe You're gonna be like one of the only few People maybe counted by hand YouTubers That have gone stupid like actually

Inside like inside potato walking uh I Don't know speaking in English Also because I saw one that is speaking In Spanish I'm gonna get nervous I pull my beard So you can see how I feel yeah at the Moment I'm also a bit nervous you know Because you're leaving tomorrow but I'm Staying Linking up with our contact here making Sure that Everything's good right I look pretty Pretty white and red hair yeah like here We we all are yeah we all are foreigners Here but I'm red bro He's gonna Park his car I think he had An accident so he's not walking very Well I think that's why he wants to like Oh man He had an accident today So this is the part of the colonial part Of Italy got it so it's pretty chill Like his dad's house is over there he Grew up here These houses are incredible Wow man this is beautiful though Yeah well this is the lower the lower Part yeah It starts this is where Pottery starts Got it ask him how many years he grew up Here until he left [Music] Um But most of people here knows him so we

Shouldn't have that's why we're with you Man [Music] All the buildings are like brick cement And they're all right next to each other And they're fun to do just hanging out Yeah yeah [Music] Stopping at marquito's cousin's house Here I gotta see what's going on Hold on I figured out pretty quickly that it's Hard to navigate these streets oh we're Walking here and you get that smell of Trash and pee mixed together Is people playing baseball no signs no Organization and Google Maps doesn't Even pick up the side streets because There are just so many stairs we call it Like escalera And it's it's a way a pathway to cross Cross yeah to get to another house Whoa It's like literally like these like Really narrow staircase it just goes Straight down I don't even know where We're going okay This is so cool As you're walking around like people Hanging outside their houses and they're Just saying hi like just hey what's up What's going on you know people are just Chill [Music]

One of the uh Like it's pretty common like half your House is a sport oh they live here yeah Oh and they just sell like below you Have like this is like the the lower Part of the stairs that go to the house So they they took that place and make it A store it makes sense to me of course They do as well they they take credit Cards they take US dollars they take Everything finally we found our way to Marquito's cousin's house Amigo [Music] It seemed like a never-ending staircase To get to the top level because Everything here is built on top of each Other Dude wow incredible view man that's the View if I've ever seen one before There's another place it's kind of of Another country man this is pretty Awesome there's a very very famous rap Song that is called Pakistan Pakistan yeah Pakistan like Because you know we think Pakistan is Insane and so is [ __ ] Pakistan is not insane for the record It's a cool country but no that's the Song is interesting but that's you know That shows you the misconceptions you Get from countries you know like that's Why people think Pakistan is and you Know all my friends I've gone including

You is like dude is amazing so it's Crazy because you know this is different The View up here overlooking Allah Karakas is incredible Um behind me there's still like all These houses and and it goes way up up Up on the mountain but what I'm seeing Behind me is just fantastic and a lot of Them even have satellite TV you can see Here all those blue bins that you see on Top of the houses are for water for Collecting rain water so when it rains They collected and they use it for Showering and cooking and also for Drinking they boil it before they drink It so the the Palo Verde song and that's Trip of building he's like a a medium Class workers neighborhood that kind of Got stuck in the middle of patare in Order to go in you must cross some parts Of pedare go out you must cross and it Looks pretty those buildings look really Nice wait wait where's the bathroom yeah That that white tuber yeah white tube Where does the pipe go down to where Were we going I don't want to pee on Someone's living room it's not gonna pee In somebody's living room here go be There seriously yeah it's gonna be fine Man probably they wear this place where You pee yeah You're rolling on that thanks [Music] Like just driving through the streets is

An experience in itself just like Looking out the windows so Where we are man I look at the whole the Whole extent of the burial we're just Right here man look at the whole this Thing You just Unbelievable you know it's kind of like Oddly quiet like where like there's a Lot of houses but where's the people That's game of life is so quiet It's not like that weekends like you You'll see people and you will hear them Even though the the times are tough like People will be like outside the house And drinking beer and having fun and Here like it's quiet because right now Because people mostly they are working So we just uh we're driving around Potato and we just found a bunch of kids Playing basketball like literally on the Street so I want to go join them play a Game together [Music] I'm Michael Jordan mural right there on The wall I thought we were military yeah Those police like that like Special Forces and those guys come on they start Shooting if they're looking for someone Here they go and Erase I mean the the five yeah really so So the one that I told you that I used It like The Punisher so they thought Potentially we could be those guys yeah

Yeah they're worse they were like pens Yeah they were quite Windows they couldn't see us our white Faces So interesting Yeah they did seem like intimidated yeah I was scared because they were scared of Course man there was a time where tons Tons of cops enter and cleaned the Entire Hood but if you talk to the local People they they hate police you know Because of course they kill a lot a lot Of people and they were family friends Or whatever everybody's looking at our Car like yeah I know if you look at their eyes the People they're like what even though It's been pretty nerve-wracking to visit Potatoes so far the district has been a Lot safer in recent years and I learned This by speaking with the locals I asked Him what could he say to those people That thinks that petara is the most Dangerous hood or Islam in the world and He said take the adventure take the trip This is not how it was 20 years ago or Even 15 years ago because he said that Like the most dangerous time from petari Was from 1992 or so until 2007 2008 After that the crime has decreased so Far there was a soccer match and like a Little feel and so you see kids he's Having a regular childhood you know it Definitely looks crazy if you live in

The city and you come to this part of The city but people live normal lives [Music] Is super big but also it's super fun so Everyone must be like United to make Friendship and have fun normally around He said in Venezuela everyone is happy Everyone shares everyone party Yeah There are some dangerous spots as well Are some safe spots and you're just Gonna behave yourself and be chill be Good with everyone so everyone knows you As marquito dos and make some friends Here and after that you're really good To go in here All right we're just now leaving katare And it was actually a lot more enjoyable Than I thought what did you think about It me too bro it was pretty safe only When we approaches Guys near to the Basketball court just like three or four Second stance but after that I felt Pretty pretty safe you guys want to say Anything about this place yeah man loved It it's good to see how people live in This part of the city right you know Being born here never come here it's Kind of crazy to see but it's really Like you know is not what you hear in The news that everything's Insanity it's Actually cool man people just trying to Live totally man exactly I feel just the Same for me it's like eye-opening it's

Like another world and it's so close Totally it's such a great opportunity Man to use to meet people and see for Sure marquito thank you for gracias Without him we don't see anything no so There's a lot to take away from today's Adventure in pitate what seemed so Intimidating from the outside is Actually not as scary on the inside There's a bunch of cash there He's trying to find 100 In Venezuelan cash I think it's going to Be impossible mission I I don't think It's gonna be possible it has to be Possible I don't have Venezuelan Currency in my pocket since I think two Years ago really I haven't been into a Bank I haven't used a ATM today I'm To take a hundred US Dollars and see how Much bolivid us we can get with that Money it must be possible in cash I Don't know I don't know man really where To find it I don't know where to find it Someone has it so maybe we will go to Local markets bakeries small businesses Who can manage bills because as you saw The breakfast was 36 dollars or in the Exchange 43 million Believers how could You carry 43 million Believers in cash The biggest note right now I think is Fifty thousand yeah [Music] Foreign [Music]

These bills are different colors but They have the exact same pictures see The face of the man and when you turn it Around they're exactly identical look so We're going to the west side of the city Where are we heading first we're going To go straight to Katya and Katya is What Aslam a very hark or slum even There's lumps in Caracas I mean if you Go like to the bottom of the Islam for Example you can see the mountain in Front of in front of us if you go to the Bottom I mean nothing will happen if you Go straight to the top maybe you are in Risk you know right maybe in the Afternoon we're going to that bar also In my left side there is a police Department yeah so be careful with Cameras yeah be careful with cameras Crazy no you should be This is wild can anybody see inside here No oh great there's no way to see inside That's really nice then because I I Don't feel bad shooting [Music] We are now heading into what's it called Mercado Mercado in uh in Caracas my First taste of the of La Vida Pizza sauce sugar I don't know how many Sugar but Lambs it's all one dollar yeah Yeah yeah sauce sardines salt plantain Leaves this is a plantain yeah plantain Are huge here wow this Market is hopping And always in the end Salsa Salsa is the

Music we hear [Music] If people ask me can I say I'm American Or it's a bad thing should I say I'm Canadian or something Can we Gringo either way yeah yeah yeah We proceeded to ask a few vendors if They have any believe it is or if they Could exchange even the smallest amount Of dollars and it wasn't looking good I Started to realize that this was not Going to be an easy challenge Already Nah nothing zero no bro next If I was here just one year ago when a Dollar equaled thirty thousand believe It is it would have been much easier but Now with a dollar over 1 million the Local currency is becoming obsolete Foreign He said that it's almost impossible to Find bolivares also the prices are in Dollars everywhere that's kind of that's Kind of new oh you haven't seen that Before well this is this is this Believer Three million they just avoid three Zeros really yeah yeah this is three Meal three and a half million so the Prices are in both Rivers but you have To pay in dollars yeah you could pay Bolivars with debit card because there Is no credit cards in Venezuela also our Final Hope was a vendor selling cheese

This is one of the best cheeses is of Venezuela you could try it looks like The one that we had in uh similar but It's not the same Wow That is really good man we paid in Dollars and he said he could give us Only part of our change in Bolivia's Count it he gave me one hundred thousand One hundred thousand Believers is like 10 cents a dollar Less than 10 cents like 8 10. so we have A long way to go to hit a hundred Dollars so we have a lot with a lot of Work to do 10 cents bro it costs more Money to make the money than the actual Cost of the money This is less than one ticket of the bus I'm gonna say in English new translate Yeah I'm doing a story where I'm trying To take 100 bucks and see if we can in The whole day get it and this is not Much for the goals He thinks that we will make it this is Literally like nothing they said that in This side of the city it was to be super Difficult to get some cash so let's head To Katya and start looking in businesses There let's go to your man have you ever Had enough of this Market yeah we had a Deeper into Katya to seek out a bakery Because we figured that a small food Shop would have a higher chance of Having Bolivia's in their cashier after

A very anxious walk across the district We found our Bakery We're in the bakery so this piece of Bread is almost a million yeah almost a Million There is almost one dollar just For this piece of bread from one piece Of bread yeah so let's ask him if he has Oh yes Can I go with you yeah yeah Whoa Mama all right somehow we're going Upstairs in the shop in the back oh my God Wow so we're in the office now yeah We're in the office we're gonna ask if They have enough money I want to see if You guys have bolivares I want to Exchange Ticket see Okay He said he's going to take out all the Money that he has so we're gonna come How much Insane look at this there's more yeah oh My God [Music] Because it's 10 000 bills 200 bills here So 200 bills per 10 000 per 10 000 that means two million Believers So two dollars This big stack of money is two US Dollars yeah holy crap man here the Green ones are four dollars because it's Twenty thousand

Bianca Yeah You you understood no I didn't get that One this is socialism here is ten Dollars Okay I just made a mess Everywhere so we're gonna recount Everything just to avoid confusion we Have we have these ones are two dollars And we have one two three four five we Have ten dollars here then we have these Ones are four dollars so we have one two Three So 12 dollars plus 10 22 dollars in here And these ones is the biggest bill Fifty thousand two hundred bills per 50 000 is 10 million so we have ten dollars Here so one two Three Four so forty dollars plus twenty two we Have sixty two dollars here and I'm not Going to count this forget that is it Okay if we give you dollars for all of These Boulevard Right now 20 okay 40. 70 right yeah 70s I mean 62. He's supposed to give you change but you Know that in Venezuela there is no Change no change so I'll just give him Seven if you left Oh he won't take that one no he won't Take that yeah Yeah this is the story of Venezuela Perfecto

Okay Now we have the luxury of putting all This money in the back yes okay here we Go I feel like in a mafia oh my God Imagine how many dollars would be oh my God this even if these are one dollars Dude I can't even you can't even close The bag so this entire bag is full right Now 62.62 we couldn't make 100 but let's Figure it later yeah we're gonna keep Finding in other places see to see if we Can get the other 38 dollars okay which Is Miss gracias This Bakery ended up being a huge Success and a wonderful experience to Hang out with the guys in the back room Some of those 10 000 banknotes that I Got are going to be used in the giveaway So make sure to participate but our Mission today is not yet complete we Still need to exchange about 38 so we Headed to a local supermarket to get the Job done all right let's move yeah you Hold this now Well hopefully the guy in the black Shirt behind us the movie's coming but He's undercover yeah and we recruited Him to come with us and to make sure That we're safe whoa in case there's any Problems but It's pretty intense I want to see if you have any dollars I Can exchange for Boulevard You have for maybe twenty dollars

Okay we can go yeah these people are so Nice they just let us pass like again he Invite us to the office Yeah yeah It seems like crazy mod where are we Going now I don't know let's see It's so crazy Again I feel taller in here yeah check it out Let's see a meal okay Okay I think this is not gonna work why Because these are all bills their old Bills before they took away the the five Zeros for example look at this one dude This is the the one that we were talking About this It's 100 this is the first one with Oliver and that kind of design This is crazy wow one oh my God what is This worth one multiply by one point one Two three four five zero one believer is Now that and then divided I don't know Between 1 million believers Yeah the calculator doesn't even uh It's like zero point zero zero zero zero Zero zero zero zero zero one dollar Since this coin we have delete eight Zeros wait so this is less than one Boulevard whoa This is how many zeros one is This is one tenth of this Wait is this 500 boulevards or 500 of

One no I don't I don't even know bro Uh-huh this is daughters bro five cents So this is where this nickel is worth Like more than um This build that this guy has here it's An antique I mean uh this this worth a Lot of money this bill you know it's 20 Bolivares but you know prince in 1995 in Those uh times with this bill you don't You don't even imagine how much you Could buy uh in the in the streets my Mom used to give me like one believer or Half believer daily for the school or Whatever so 20 maybe like monthly uh Payment for me as a kid in the 90s this Is worth nothing Literally it's not even like a penny Like it's worth literally nothing Nothing nothing I mean maybe the paper I Have to sit and write an essay just to You to understand all the bills let me Ask him yes can you try to explain to me Why this money is worthless like what's The reason this again He said that is because of the monetary Reconversion they did it twice in the First one they took three zeros in the Second one they took five zeros and Because of the hyper inflation and also Devaluation of the coin you cannot buy Anything with that like anything at all So what they do in first place they Bring higher bills for example in the Beginning was just like 2 5 10 20 50 and

100 for example after this money was Worthless they start printing like five Thousand ten thousand twenty thousand And then they just caught five zeros and Start the process again two five ten in The 80s or when when the economy was Good how much US Dollars would this be That's my question So only with five Believers you could Get two dollars so this is up maybe Millions of dollars millions of dollars Yeah Millions Our intention coming in Here was to try to get 30 US dollars Worth but this is zero it's always worth Zero he's just giving it to us as a gift To bring home like just because we like Its own collection to advance the story We haven't really Advanced the story While you're getting into your pocket Right now is five different times a Printed bills crazy Dude that was insane holy crap can we Talk about what just happened the first Place we went he only gave me this much Remember you gave me like 10 cents this Was the first one I got it's worth Nothing right yeah nothing then we went To the bakery Place who gave us open it Up we got all of Look at this Okay and it's full it goes all the way Down there okay and that was only 60 Bucks 62 62 and we tried to get more so We went to the other shop uh the

Supermarket and the guy gave us just Like like Worth nothing yeah so we only spent like 62 maybe 63 dollars we only exchange I Think we should just give up I don't Think we can I think it's impossible Yeah do you think it's possible to Exchange 30 more dollars right we'll be Very very difficult to try to find Another place it will be so difficult we Try like three four places different Um whoa absolutely insane guys Um this video really blew my mind to Make I mean I hope the country gets Better I hope this is not going to be The future of Venezuela let's hope no Yeah I hope that too and I hope you Spend that money before tomorrow because It will go up for like half Yeah so the real question is now what do We do with this bag I don't know we have To spend it like today let's go spend it Today [Music] What's up everyone I'm here in Caracas With my boy Emmanuel what's up bro we've Been having a great time here over the Last week and a half amazing country but A lot of my stories have been revolving Around the economical crisis and the Situation here in Venezuela and it may Lead you to think that everybody here is Poor but that is not the case at all Right no not at all they're still middle

Class and high-class peoples and that's Where they're gonna head out and watch Today exactly so the point of today's Video is we're gonna hit the luxury Parts of the city we're gonna go to Restaurants we're gonna go to shopping Malls we're gonna see some neighborhoods And I'm gonna show you guys that there Is an alternate side of Venezuela that You might have never seen before [Music] It's like a bubble okay you can go with A fancy club and you can see the people Often expensive Champion expensive Vodkas fancy whiskey whatever but it's Like a now it's a type of people my Buddy is Emmanuel and gabo join me today To experience the luxury life in Caracas And we kicked off the day in search of One of my favorite meals Sushi Look at that pink Damn look at this place that is where We're going for lunch the pinkest Building I've ever seen in my life Is a restaurant Wow man this is sick Bro look at all this candy This restaurant is incredible like we Just sat down at Super luxury they have A whole nice menu with sushi and all These fancy drinks we are living life Right now I'm hungry I can't wait to eat The food This is forgetting cocktails

Foreign [Music] Yeah yeah can I ask you two questions Three all right great when did you open It four years ago the restaurant was Found by my father in Margarita my Father used to have a a partner in the Restaurant in Margarita that in Venezuela is famous is Guillermo Fantastic he was from the TV and that's Why the concept is about TV and Cinema And try the sushi and the pasta they're Really good wow Foreign Like a dog when you show them a meat [Music] Bro my first uh passion for mojito Holy crap that is good it's amazing wow Man You don't even taste alcohol so the food Just arrived and uh Let's just say it looks pretty damn good Bro this is incredible bro wow 98.84. 100 Bucks is a pretty expensive bill for two Rolls of sushi and two drinks by Anyone's terms I mean I'm all down to Spend some money on this video and shed Luxury life but honestly speaking that Was kind of a lot but um if you asked me It was totally worth it we're now in the Elevator and uh we're gonna go walk Around and see what they have here that We can get

Oh wow Right like Bakery and ice cream store Let's hop for dessert [Music] I got Chips Ahoy on top and pistachio on The bottom That's a pretty damn good ice cream I've Been craving ice cream for so long and I Finally got it you gave her twenty Dollars and it was only 12. so she owes You eight and change and they don't have Change if they don't have change I will Buy some extra things to complete the Twenty dollars like beverages or Desserts to take home that's literally The situation here nobody has changed so It's everywhere you have to have really Small bills yeah everywhere so you can Pay exact price or you give a large tip Or you just keep buying things until you Exhaust all the money if you're planning To come to Venezuela I recommend you to bring small wheels we Proceeded to find a shopping mall to Investigate what we could find inside I Think it might be like empty yeah maybe Maybe we know people but definitely will Be full of stores and fancy clothes and Everything everything is super super Expensive in here you can find prices Like twice the prices you can check on Amazon we're passing through a danger Don't cross literally to get into the Mall you have to cross

Time so we're taking the escalator up There's like I don't know seven levels One two no it's like five levels and uh Pretty nice in here and it's very Crowded we were expecting her to be Nobody but that's certainly not the case It's crowded in there there's a line Something's going on there you can see He's out behind me I feel like I'm in Europe or somewhere really fancy and the Line is super long if you break your IPhone this is the kind of store that Would fix it I don't think I sound would Be do you think that's like affiliated With apple or is that just a random shot That set up I think this one I think is A random shop this floor is like regular Shopping Mall food court like McDonald's Arturo there is kind of KFC so it's Quite interesting we went to the top Floor which is the most luxurious and It's pretty dead I mean there's like Very few people around here one of the Restaurants is full but these designer Shops are empty this scene has been like One of the most populars of the city It's like quite expensive in comparison To a regular price while you can get a Regular Cinema ticket for five dollars Here cost you 15. we are like in a fancy Camping store in here you can find like Everything you need to Overland around The country or even abroad you can find It here literally like every brand that

I've seen back home is sold here Foreign [Music] For your truck it has a really good Mattress inside it's like the top of the Top of roof tents that was uh pretty Awesome experience in the in this mall In this complex not only just because We're in Caracas like anywhere if you go To Bogota if you go to Quito if you go To Santiago you don't find products like This like it's extremely unique to find These like really upscale products so The fact that it is in Caracas makes it Even more interesting Our final stop in this mall and one that I was pretty excited to see is the Supermarket there are lots of videos out There about supermarkets in Venezuela Being empty and I was really curious to See if it's actually true we're about to Enter a supermarket in Caracas this Market is stacked with goodies mostly Imported from the United States but if I'm being completely honest with you it Is pretty challenging to shoot in here Kind of like the gas stations for one Reason or another they want to keep These places as secretive as possible And in this market there are a lot of Employees staring at us but I get my GoPro discreet I have every kind of Cereal I've ever seen in my life Literally more than Walmart Cocoa

Pebbles tricks Lucky Charms cookie Crisps it's like my childhood we're in The frozen section right now what is This these dragon fruit this is the First time I see a dragon fruit in Venezuela In Venezuela 70 inches 800 bucks so We're gonna have like KitchenAid and all The stuff yeah yeah man [Music] Oh [Music] What an interesting experience uh they Had everything in there like wow every Product every brand that was really cool Well you may not realize it this video Has been a wild ride to film so far so We decided to head back to gobble's Place to chill out for the night and Prepare for another day of exploring the Luxury life of Caracas tomorrow believe Me when I tell you that the best is yet To come I'm exhausted the streets are Busy I'm tired I want to just enjoy a Nice beer in the view here Cheers bro cheers Good I I wear my shoe [Music] The next morning we woke up early to Explore a special part of Caracas Would be a hotel only like for residents Uh Prime Ministers and those kind of very

Very wealthy and important people I Don't know the prices but I have heard That is minimum 300 per night we're on Our way now to go investigate this hotel Sitting on top of the mountain twenty Dollars Foreigner and three dollar for Venezuela 25 yes wow so it's really expensive for Me bro 20 bucks for 430 bucks for a Venezuelan how is that fair honestly I Don't agree so we're in line now to take The cable car [Music] Just now getting in the cable car we got A private one which is there's an Indonesia ad to visit Indonesia I don't Think there's many Venezuelans now that Are traveling uh overseas because of the Situation so it's kind of funny to see That look at these views though We've been in here for no longer than What three minutes less and we are like Flying high like overlooking the whole City already cable car is going to freak Me out it's like what if the string Breaks Bye-bye we all die so about 20 minute Ride later we are like in the clouds About as high as you can get in karaka That's all ocean in front of you yeah The sea ocean Whoa man is this the Highest point in karaka one of the Highest yeah the ones that you can reach By Cable Car even by car is one of the

Highest and I can already hear it's like A party up here you can hear the music Steve oh there's a bunch of stores Shopping Yeah this is what I was looking for my Friend that's our destination The five-star hotel but I think he's Seven star hotel okay we're not gonna be Able to film in here not surprisingly The hotel security would not let us pass But it's okay because this entire area Is a great spot to hang out this is like A fantasy coffee shop here in Venezuela This is the silhouette of all the Avila Mountains of Caracas this coffee shop is Pretty much as fancy as the coffee shop Can get and there's like some techno Music playing outside there's like a Rave happening a rave starting out here [Music] This place reminds you of somewhere you Go in Hong Kong like the big Buddha Statue you take the cable car and it's Like all these activities I've been to Hong Kong no right now it just feels Like Hong Kong like straight up right Now look at this Fine dining oh This is Fork ribs chicken wings smells Good hot chocolate caramel apples it's Crazy when you're up here you forget About some of the struggles that the Country's having if you decide ask me to Keep living here you have to adapt

Yourself you cannot be like every day Struggling and being very painful Because of the situation you have to Overcome however you can and just try to Be happy as the guys from the slum Yesterday said to us they try to be Happy we headed back down the street Level to quickly grab a bite at the best Arepas in town if you don't know what a Rapists are you're in for a real treat Foreign [Music] Flour with water that's it then you make Like a like a doll a doll and you put it On the grill or even fry and then you Open it and fill it with a lot of stuff The first thing they brought us is these Drinks I got weavano juice But in in other countries they call it Guavano it's this big green fruit that's Sweet and it's amazing bro [Music] This one is guayanese cheese one Venezuelan cheese with pork And this one is Reina pepia you can see The chicken and avocado and they put a Little bit of mayo oh my God I'm attempting to hold my camera in one Hand And eat it with one hand but it's gonna Be almost impossible because this thing Is so freaking big Even pick it up Oh my God this is what you call Bro

Foodborne it's amazing belly's full we Headed to explore the richest Neighborhood in Caracas and I could not Believe what we saw look at these ones They're super beautiful and fancy bro Wow we're now driving through a super Ultra wealthy neighborhood these houses Are huge huge like you can't we're Driving and we can't even hit the end of The house look at this wall there's a Whole Bluff man Like Fruity is it is this government People or just rich businessmen or both Involved here maybe both yeah you can't Even see it's like Los Angeles they they Block the wall so high you can't even See inside Wow man holy [ __ ] [Music] So the people who have money like these People they're too kind one that made Their money like 20 years ago old money All money yeah all money recycle money And the second one there are the ones That working with the government yeah or Just few but like count like one hand to Count like very good entrepreneurs that Make boof but apart from that working With the government Is Venezuela as well Passing by one of the few golf courses Here in Caracas and I'm really dying to Get on that course so we're gonna see

Probably not gonna happen right no but We're gonna try they're exclusive for Members only but Emmanuel asked his 250 000 how many followers 230 000 followers Who are mostly Venezuelans if anyone has Access to a private golf club and I'm 90 Sure we will get a yes within just a few Minutes we got an invite to one of the Most exclusive golf clubs in Caracas for Some background context I am obsessed With golf and I've played in over 40 Countries Venezuela is a pretty special One to cross off The Bucket List hola Murphy Secret access All right I got my clubs Okay And uh it's a little tricky they didn't Know if I was able to go at first and Then they called the boss and the boss Said yes the courses are so Ultra Exclusive that there's like nobody here Right now there's probably only like a Hundred or a couple hundred members yeah I'm guessing I don't know how to do it You have time you try first uh because You want me to make ridiculous enough Yeah [Music] I told you that was a fault [Music] We're here at the Country Club this is a Beautiful pool Palm trees beautiful mountains and the

Restaurant slash hangout spot of the Country club pretty much as nice as it Gets to end one hell of a day exploring The rich side of Caracas we headed to an Underground bar that was recommended by A friend after we valeted our car it Felt like we walked into an elite Lounge In London or New York but there was a Bunch of men in bow ties and earpieces Leading us to our seat by the bar I'm Just trying to keep it casual and go With the flow so we entered this like Luxury bar that's kind of a VIP entrance Actually we had to valet our car to get In here and uh we're making us a drink All right [Music] Whoa That's amazing man Rosemary Peppermint and Um And cinnamon cinnamon If water is on fire yeah no it's not Water that's the gene the Gin is on fire Sorry Holy crap man what just happened of all The stuff we've done so far in karakas That was the sketchiest thing like okay I'm gonna explain what happened so we Walked inside it was sketchy when we Parked like hurry up hurry up the police Are here the police say we're like okay Whatever we sit down there's like 15 People working inside bro I would say

Like 25 30. 25 30. crazy yeah and we Were the there was one other table People sitting and it was just us and we Sit at the bar and we start shooting First he said we could shoot you asked Him he said yeah you could shoot so we Started shooting and then they said no You can't shoot it was so sketchy they Were watching us they were on the phone They were like wearing ties and then We'll start shooting on the phone Because it seems to be not suspicious or Or calling the attention as the camera Is and then became the guy again and Just said it please I would let you know That if you don't save your phone There's going to be the owners call the Security and they will take out your Phone and start tracking your phone he Said those exact questions really Tracking in your phone and they will Make you delete all this so please put The phone down and enjoy your drink what Yeah you were scared I've never seen you Got scared before I was shaking anyways That was a cool experience that was like Super luxury that place like the drink Was really good dude thirty dollars for Two drinks 30 bucks for two drinks but Uh the preparation was amazing and and Man that was awesome This has truly been one of the most Eye-opening and memorable trips of my Life and I can't wait to see more make

Sure to subscribe to this channel for More epic travel stories from every Country hit up my podcast called roots Of humanity and I also have a second YouTube channel where I share more Unseen travel stories until next time Stay safe be well and just go

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