12 INSANELY CHEAP Budget Travel Destinations to Visit in 2023 | Told By Expert Travellers

By | January 11, 2023

The TOP travel experts and travel content creators share 12 of the cheapest and most incredible budget travel destinations in the world to visit in 2023.

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So you want to travel this year and You're wondering which destination is Going to give you the most epic Experience at the lowest cost well in This video I've gathered together the Top travel content creators slash Travel Experts who are going to be telling you The most amazing affordable budget Destinations to visit in 2023 and be Sure to watch this video all the way Through because cni will be sharing our Top picks at the very end now let's get To destination number one hey everyone It's Mark Wiens and thank you so much Kristen for having me on this wrap-up of Budget destinations the place that I'd Really like to highlight is Bangladesh And this is a country I I just Absolutely loved visiting it's one of The densest countries in the world and So when you're there there's just so Much action happening everywhere you Look the people are extremely friendly And then I mean the food is one of my Priorities that's one of the reasons I Visited I mean the reason I visited Bangladesh and the food is so good with So many spices and so many unique Ingredients ants like mustard oil which Gives such a unique flavor to the food When it comes to budget it is definitely Very affordable to travel and to eat and To do things when you're in Bangladesh Let's start with the food you know how

When you travel a lot of places I mean a Dollar is kind of a common like snack Sometimes especially in Asia you can get A lot of things for a dollar in Bangladesh take that dollar and move it To 50 cents and like snacks that you'll Find on the streets one situation I Remember is when we ate fuchka and Fuchka are similar to panipuri which are Little little crispy fritters which then You're dipped and then are dipped with a Variety of spice Waters and potatoes and Chickpeas and spices and I ate like a Whole plate of it and it came to 50 I Did the conversion it was 58 cents and It was like one of the greatest Little plates of food that I've had in a Long time for 58 cents and then that Goes for full meals is too I mean you Can have a full meal it's extremely Affordable as for accommodation I mean There's basically every level that you Can imagine I mean if you want something Really budget you could get something For five or ten dollars for a room and Then finally transportation and again There's every Transportation imaginable But taxis are very affordable and one of The things that you have to take Especially when you're in Dhaka are the Rickshaws the bicycle-powered rickshaws And so they're yeah very very affordable But Bangladesh an amazing country to Visit and a budget destination we're

Karen Nate and the most affordable place That we visited this past year was Bulgaria we were so shocked when we Booked our Airbnb in the middle of the Capital city it was three bedrooms Perfect location beautiful apartment Less than a hundred dollars a night and The city is amazing then we rented a car Because you can pretty much see the Entire country in a week and we drove Into the mountains where I kid you not We ate at a restaurant three people our Bill was 13 that included wine Appetizers and a coffee to finish the Meal and dessert unbelievable crazy we Also slept inside of a monastery Surrounded by the mountains for ten Dollars per night not to mention the Nature in Bulgaria is absolutely Incredible and there are tons of hiking Trails which are of course we love Bulgaria you won't be disappointed if You go put it on your list for 2023. Hello my name is Mike Corey I'm an Adventure travel YouTuber with the Channel fearless and far as well as a Adventure travel TV host and my Recommendation is Romania I was there Just a year and a half ago and I was Blown away because the country still has Some magic you know what I mean I was in Cluj which is in Transylvania and I made Some notes we spent about 40 US dollars A night in the city center in a great

Airbnb in Cluj about two bucks for a Half liter of beer and two people for a Date night with wine maybe a dessert was About 35 US Dollars and I gotta say Romania is one of my favorite countries I will definitely be back if you're Looking for a country that still has That magic And also it doesn't break the bank check It out hello I'm Elizabeth I'm a nice to Travel movie and my budget travel pick For 2023 is going to be Lebanon I went Last year and I had an amazing time Sadly their dollar is devaluated right Now which is great for US USD people but Not great for them unless you go there And spend a bunch of money which I Highly encourage doing so you can start Out in Beirut rent a car for about 15 a Day and head up to my favorite area Called batron where you can stay at Patron Suites cool rooftop pool and Vibe Right in the middle of downtown area and From there you can get all the cool Beach clubs my favorite Beach Club is Probably Butler's Beach and Bolero it's About 10 15 for entry but it goes Towards your drinks or your food hey I'm Louis Cole and my top affordable Destination for 2023 is Guatemala the Beginning of 2022 Rya and I got to visit Whilst we were driving through Central America in our school bus it was so rich In history and culture and has quickly

Become one of my favorite countries and Although there are expensive options if You know where to look and with help of Locals you can find some incredible gems One specific second-hand clothing Market We visited in Antigua was unbelievably Cheap there were great pieces of Clothing for less than a dollar each and The hike we did up where you go volcano Was one of the most incredible Experiences of my life and also very Affordable to get a guide for the day we Also stayed in an RV campsite for only 16 a night and they had quirky Accommodation available to stay in Including a helicopter and other school Buses one tip for affordable food like Anywhere you visit is asking where the Locals eat so if you're looking for an Amazing country to explore and to keep Your visit affordable Guatemala is perfect Everyone I'm Heading preserved ancient structures From both ancient Greece and Rome you'll Find ancient walls towers and the famous Hadrian's gate right inside the main sea Center but I'd also recommend taking a Day trip to both aspendos and per gay While you're there we traveled there in 2018 and our hotel was pretty nice for Only fifty dollars a night but you can Get even cheaper hostels in the main City center if you like the food is also

Affordable where you can get a good meal For like three to five dollars so add Antalya and add turkey to your list this Year hey everybody it's Deb of the Planet D and my favorite budget Destination is Havana Cuba as a Canadian We all know that Havana is a go-to Budget destination for all-inclusive Resorts and package tours but my husband Dave and I found that going downtown Havana was a far more authentic and Fulfilling experience instead of Choosing an expensive hotel or Resort Stay at a casa particular Casa's Particulars are locally run home states That include breakfast you'll not only Save money but you'll immerse in Cuban Culture and support local owners you can Get a good bed and breakfast for as low As 30 dollars but very Savvy budget Travelers can find it for as low as Fifteen to eighteen dollars Havana is Really cheap to explore most of its top Attractions are all within walking Distance of Old Havana or Centro I Suggest starting at Old Havana and park A central and that's where you'll see All of the major classic cars lined up If you haggle hard you can get a good Deal on a tour in a convertible however For those on a tight budget instead of Paying for a tour all you need to do is Hail a collectivo colectivos are shared Rides that locals take so you'll be

Joining a group of three to five locals That can take you on all kinds of routes Throughout the city Old Havana is a UNESCO world heritage site and most of The sites are free to end enter you can Get lost visiting its Cathedrals and Museums on your own or you can join a Free walking tour in Havana but the best Way to see Havana is at night and it Really comes alive you can spend all Your time Outdoors since you're mingling With all the families and musicians out On the streets grab some Cuban Raw and Head out for a night on the town we Stayed away from the all-inclusive Resorts and the state-run restaurants And instead ate at paladeros they're Easy to find when you're walking around El Centro or The Prado or the old town Just look for the locals go inside and You'll have some delicious and Affordable Cuban food what's up guys my Name is Christian and uh I've got a bit Of a cold so hang in there with me my Country of choice is Indonesia it's Where I've chosen to live after seven Years of travel about 80 plus countries This is my home I'm here in Bali Indonesia and while we've all heard of Bali at one point or another let me just Say that's just the starting point Bali Is incredible but there is a list of Dozens of islands that you've not even Heard of that are incredible Adventures

Just waiting for you the first reason Why you should consider Indonesia is the Price it's so cheap to travel around Here especially once you get outside of The most touristy areas you can travel For a fraction of the cost of North America South American or European Travel secondly is the beauty of this Destination some of the most incredible Cliffsides mountains volcanoes it's Truly a fairy tale whip that does come One drawback and that is going to be That you will most likely find trash the Plastic pollution is sadly the Achilles Heel of this destination the third Reason is it has something for everyone If you want to be partying meeting new People drinking in fancy coffee shops And having top of the line dinners then Bali has you covered if you want to get Adventurous well you can actually do That here in Bali but look no further Than the surrounding Islands to have Incredible hikes to the top of an active Volcano to go to one of the most Lush And beautiful flowing waterfalls you've Ever dreamed of I have been traveling This country now for several years and I Have to say I'm just getting started Hope that helped and maybe I'll see you Here hi everyone Kiki from the blend Abroad here sharing why I think South Africa should be on your budget-friendly Travel bucket list for 2023 so I'm going

To narrow in on Cape Town because it's Really hard to talk about an entire Country Um but I moved to Cape Town in 2017 Planning to stay for six months and I Ended up staying for four years so I Have a lot to say about South Africa and Cape Town um but focusing in on why it's Such a great budget destination Um the brand is 17 to the US dollar and You can get a lot of bang for your buck Here Um if we use my favorite coffee shop as An example you can get a Milky coffee Like a cappuccino or a flat white for About two US Dollars and a really nice Breakfast like avocado toast with Poached eggs and smoked salmon is only Around seven dollars so this is like a Fancy coffee shop you can do it a lot Cheaper but if you're considering that The high end is less than ten dollars It's a really really good value another Thing that makes it so affordable is That Uber is really cheap you might Spend two or three dollars to get from One part of the city to the other and a Lot of neighborhoods are very walkable Um in terms of activities there are so Many any free things to do you have Beautiful white sand beaches and lots of Incredible hiking one of the coolest Things to do in town is visit the African penguins at Boulder's Beach that

Is a national park and I believe Admission is something like 150 Rand or About eight dollars to visit I could go On and on about all of the reasons that It is such an amazing budget-friendly Destination but I would recommend going And seeing for yourself happy New Year Everyone and safe travels hi I'm Juliana Brosti traveling jewels and my amazing Affordable destination is Sri Lanka There is so much to see all packed onto One Island you can enjoy the hustle and Bustle of the capital city Colombo and Climb to the top of the lotus Tower the Next minute you're on Safari seeing Asian elephants in the wild at a Wildlife sanctuary they are so cute you Can explore ancient cities in Candy and of course you've got to see The candy dancers they are so cool their Costumes are so intricate kit and as Well why not visit a Tea Plantation Where you can see how tea is plucked From the fields it's quite an Interesting tradition Lonely Planet Estimates daily costs from 5500 to 20 000 Sri Lankan rupees which is about 14 To 54 US dollars a day so you can see Your money goes a long way in Sri Lanka And I promise you'll make lots of Memories from the beautiful scenery to The wildlife to the rich culture you're Going to fall in love with Sri Lanka and It won't break the bank hey everyone my

Name is Sia Zerby and this is my Recommendation for a budget destination To travel to in 2023 and it's where I am Right now Costa Rica we've made Costa Rica our home we fell in love with this Country 10 years ago when we visited so We ended up buying land here and that's Where we are today there are so many Ways to travel in this country cheaply First of all its location is very Central which means there's a lot of Flight options to help you get here as Cheap as possible a typical dish here is Called a Casado which is rice and beans And a protein and veggies and that costs About three thousand to four thousand Colones which is about five dollars U.S But if you really want to be budget Conscious there are so many fruit Vendors and Fruit markets in this Country you can easily get a huge mango And a banana for under a dollar even Cents now activities this country is the Most biodiverse country in the world Which means you are guaranteed to see Natural beauty and Wildlife everywhere You go there's so many free things to do In this country to keep yourself Occupied the cheapest form of Accommodation here is a hostel or you Can even rent a tent and go to like a Camping area and hostels will be about 10 to 20 dollars a day they can be Twenty to thirty dollars depending on

The amenities available you can also Look at renting a vehicle cool and they Come with tents on the top and you can Drive around this country and have a Vehicle and your accommodation in one Because tourism is so big here there's So many options for you to find a rental Or an Airbnb anywhere you go in this Country and those will range on the Cheaper end from 20 to 40 dollars a Night but we're sticking to budget so go With the budget option I would highly Recommend adding Costa Rica to your 2023 Travel plans for Budget destinations hey Everyone Kristen here again my top pick For the most amazing affordable budget Destination to visit in 2023 is India I Have spent six months in total in the Country traveling all around from the North to the very south and it is the Most budget-friendly destination I have Ever been to out of all 70 countries That I have traveled to to date and not Just that but India is one of my Favorite countries in the entire world I Actually did a budget breakdown of one Month I spent in India which you can Find on our blog and although it's from A few years ago prices haven't changed Very much a typical Indian dish that You'll get in a restaurant will cost Around two to three dollars U.S and that Also includes a drink and it's a a lot Of food that you're getting like a

Typical dish with some naan and then a Chai let's say if you want to pay even Less than that you can check out a local Daba where the locals go and you can get The same dish for about one dollar when It comes to accommodations as a single Traveler you can expect to pay anywhere Between two to eighteen dollars to spend The night in a guest house or a hostel Style accommodation and obviously the The closer you get to the 18 Mark the Nicer the guest house or hostel is going To be but even for forty dollars U.S a Night you can stay in complete luxury All over the country the transportation System in India is very convenient There's many ways to get around you can Get an Uber in Delhi for an an hour to Go around the city it'll cost you seven Dollars you can take a train which I Highly recommend you have to at least Take one train ride in India it's quite The experience but a train ride from Delhi to Agra will cost you 16 and that Will be in Comfort class which is really Nice so now that you know the most Amazing affordable budget destinations To visit in 2023 you may also want to Know some more Budget Travel hacks that Are going to help you save even more This year if that's you be sure to check Out the video that just popped up for More tips and tricks and I'll see you in The next video Happy travels

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