12 French Phrases Every Tourist to France Needs to Know

By | November 16, 2022

If you are heading to Paris or Bordeaux or Strasbourg one of the best ways to enjoy France is to get to know the people. One way to get to know the people is to try and speak a little French. This video gives the best phrases that tourists should know when they visit France.
Filmed in Strasbourg and Paris, France

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Bonjour fellow Travelers Market with Walter's world and today what I want to Do is just give you a few tourist words In French for you to know so you can Enjoy your time here in France just a Bit more because honestly people really Appreciate when Travelers come here and Just try to speak a little French when They're here instead of just going Straight into English or German or Something else so I want to give you a Few words and the first word you need to Know and this is something you're going To say every time you walk into a Restaurant or you walk into a store or a Museum you're going to say bonjour Which is good day that is just a nice Greeting you have and if you go into a Store and they'll say bonjour to you if You don't say bonjour back it's kind of Not a cool thing so make sure you have That one down bonjour okay now we want To be polite tourists when we're here so Two words that you really should know Are merci and sivu play so merci is Thank you so when people give yourself Mercy they pour that wine for you I'll Messi thank you you want to use that as Much as possible because being polite in The local language no matter where you Are in the world goes a long way so Messi is thank you and then sivu play is Please sivu play if you please is what It actually means and you'll see that

Sometimes on on signs it'll be SVP play Please so you have that now if you want To make sure you can say yes and no Which is always important they'll ask You if you want something you're like we Is is yes we and no is no so pretty Pretty simple stuff right now also for One thing you have to realize is in the US not many many people are learning French anymore and around the world French is not as popular as a foreign Language as it used to be so it would be A good idea to say you don't speak French so you could say That's I don't speak French So I don't speak French and don't worry If you have a horrible accent like me They'll understand that you're Understanding that you don't speak French it's okay another thing if you Want to get somebody's attention you Want to say excuse me or you're passing Through because there'll be so many Tourists you want to get through to Something excuse him is excuse me excuse Him So you have that now when you're going Out to eat or you want to buy something You want to say I want something it's Jevu jevu is I want but you want to be Polite when you're a tourist right if You really want to impress them with Your very limited French you say Je Voudre

That's I would like oh I would like what A what a polite young man I would like please little things like This just a few word combinations go a Long way and yes the people will speak Back to you in French and you'll have no Idea what they're saying but you just Smile we know And people a lot of times even they Don't speak English as they say they'll Still speak enough to help you out I've Also found that here in France you know A lot of the restaurants will have it The menu in French and then they'll have An English menu Um sometimes though it's funny is if you Speak a little French at the beginning You're like bonjour Um It's like I would like to eat here Excuse me like oh you speak French and They'll give you the French menu right Away don't don't feel bad say angle English That will help you out a little bit okay Now a few other words I think you should Know when you're here is you want to Know where something is and where is is Where is okay So where's the bathroom So always an important one to have and And as a tourist you know when we come To France we want to enjoy some of the True French amazinesses that are here

And one of the big ones is the wine and Wine is fall it's v-i-n vong uh you'll Have that pretty much anywhere you go Here and the wine is different Everywhere you go in the country so make Sure you're trying the local wines here For example we're in our sauce and and There's The Alsatian wines that are here And they make really great white wines You go down to Bordeaux they've got Great red wines down there I mean you And anywhere you go you have these Regional Specialties and that's one of The things you're going to see you'll See facilitate local which is local Specialties on the menu that's where you Want to focus when you're traveling Around here okay another sentence that's Probably important for a tourist to know When you are here is if you want your Bill because they will not just bring Your bill to you in in France you Usually have to ask for it and if you're Gonna ask what you say ladicion Si Vous Play That's the bill civil plays please see We're already building our own sentences Right so Leticia and see the play and Then they'll bring it to you and you'll Be fine Um also do know you don't have to worry About a tip when you're here and ask About that because there's a 15 service Charge already included in the price of

The food so you don't have to tip now You can tip a little bit extra No One's Gonna say no about that but as a tourist It might be helpful to know that service Is included regardless if you speak French or not anyway I just want to give A few quick French words to help you Have a better time here in France we've Got some other videos on how to learn French that are older you can check Those out and see me with more hair on Top less hair on the sides and no beard Always a fun one to do anyway I'll say Oh that's another one you want to learn How to say goodbye is a great way to say Goodbye here in France Goodbye my friends we'll see you later Of what [Music] Let's face it none of us speak French at Least none of us speak French well Enough for anybody here in France so but We can at least admit to that so the Whole phrase is excuse him Which is excuse me I'm an idiot I don't Speak French can you help me and this is A phrase that I use all the time and It's amazing how it will really Break Down The Walls and people really want to Help you because if you just go and Speak in English people are going to get Upset so just try to speak some French This is a great phrase so if you want to Learn more about visiting France and

Other countries in Europe check us out Our website at Www.waltersworld.com and please like and Favorite this video and we're on Twitter And Facebook and over there we got some Old guys that will definitely help you Out and a little view of the Eiffel Tower to finish it off bye

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