12 Cheap Countries in 60 Seconds #travel #budgettravel

By | January 15, 2023

One of the greatest little plates of Food that I've had in a long time for 58 Cents we ate at a restaurant three People our bill was 13 40 US dollars a Night in the city center and a great Airbnb inclusion rent a car for about 15 A day and head up to my favorite area And with the help of locals you can find Some incredible gems and our hotel was Pretty teens for only fifty dollars a Night but very Savvy budget Travelers Can find it for as low as fifteen to Eighteen dollars it's so cheap to travel Around here especially once you get Outside of the most touristy areas you Can do it a lot cheaper but if you're Considering that the high end is less Than ten dollars it's a really really Good value you're gonna fall in love With Sri Lanka and it won't break the Bank there's so many free things to do In this country to keep yourself Occupied if you want to pay even less Than that you can check out a local daba Where the locals go and you can get the Same dish for about one dollar

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