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Tigernut Milk | Enjoying this Journey...
Tigernut recipes and posts at Enjoying this Journey…

AIP Brownies | Enjoying this Journey...

AIP Brownies

It wasn’t long ago I was planning The Mister’s birthday dinner. He requested Roasted Leg of Lamb with Garlic Rosemary Sweet Potatoes and “just a chocolate cake”. *hangs head* It’s not often I bake anymore, but because #loveeg and all, I quickly lined up a recipe to tweak for him and the kids. The end result was a chocolate cake… Read more →

Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp

With well over 100 pounds of apples still left to go, I’ve been slowly but surely chiseling away at our supply. Last week, I found myself experimenting with an apple crisp recipe. With The Mister out of town for work, he nearly pouted over the phone when I told him I made an apple crisp… He was missing out. So… Read more →

Tigernut Caramel Apples

After picking a crazy amount of no-spray apples, I’ve been busy putting up apple sauce, apple butter, dehydrating apple slices, and baking apple slices. But even still, I have more apples than I can shake a stick at. The Mister and I were talking about our Halloween plans, I mentioned I ordered a few paleo treats for her so we… Read more →

Tigernut Milk | Enjoying this Journey...

Tigernut Milk

I heard about tigernuts what feels like forever ago and finally decided to get some to experiment with them. And while I’ve already shared my recipe for Tigernut Raisin Cookies, the very first thing on my agenda was milk! During the week I guest posted on the @autoimmunepaleo Instagram account, I shared this milk. There were LOTS of questions about… Read more →

The Low Down on Tigernuts | Enjoying this Journey...

The Low Down on Tigernuts

Before you close your browser thinking, “Nuts aren’t allowed on the autoimmune protocol!!” Trust me. Tigernuts aren’t actually nuts. Tigernuts {aka chufa, nut grass/earth almond} are the tubers on the cyperus esculentus plant. It grows wild as a weed in many places around the world {Spain and Africa for example}. Just because tigernut has nut in its name doesn’t mean… Read more →

Tigernut Raisin Cookies | Enjoying this Journey...

Tigernut Raisin Cookies

Anytime I reach for my jar of tigernuts, I hear that delightful one-liner from those Slap Chop commercials. You’re gonna love my nuts! I digress. I’ve experimented with a couple different cookie recipes using tigernut flour and so far these are my family’s favorite! They’re slightly reminiscent of an oatmeal raisin cookie. Read more →