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Slow Cooker Brisket | Enjoying this Journey...

Slow Cooker Brisket

A couple of weeks back, I pulled a brisket out of the fridge and my initial thought was to prep it for the oven (see that recipe here). A long to-do list was looming and my motivation (and energy) wasn’t exactly up for babysitting a brisket. I pulled out my slow cooker and quickly threw together some aromatics that could… Read more →

Mushroom Onion and Beef Soup

Mushroom, Onion, and Beef Soup

I was prepping some ingredients in the kitchen recently, almost laughing at myself. Years ago, if you were to say I’d be making a mushroom soup for myself to eat {not just the fam}, I’d say you had lost your ever loving mind. But there I was. Lovingly wiping and slicing portabello mushrooms for soup. Read more →

Hearty Beef Soup | Enjoying this Journey...

Hearty Beef Soup

Several weeks ago I foraged around for ingredients, laid them all out on the cutting board, and thought a while. *willing the inspiration to come* It was an abnormally chillier day than we had been having so I decided on soup. Branching out from my usual soups, I decided to make a truly “hearty” soup. Yep! Using beef heart. Read more →

Tarragon Beef Stew

Tarragon Beef Stew

Because of its anise-like flavor, tarragon works well with many meals. I love to add fresh tarragon to salad dressings, tarragon takes center stage in French sauces like the classic Béarnaise sauce, and it’s delicious with chicken and fish. Surprisingly, tarragon also works wonderfully with beef. So when I noticed I was down to my final stew meat pack from… Read more →

Apple Butternut Curry Soup | Enjoying this Journey...

Apple Butternut Curry Soup

Many many years ago, I would make a real deal curry version of this soup once autumnal months came around. Since the elimination stage of the paleo autoimmune protocol (outlined in The Paleo Approach) does not include the typical curry spice elements (read: nightshade- or seed-based spices); I worked with what I could to make it hit the same bells… Read more →

Party Meatballs | Enjoying this Journey...

Party Meatballs

You know those SAD (standard American diet) party meatballs, right? The sauce is made with store bought chili sauce and cranberry sauce. You simply throw a bag of frozen meatballs into a slow cooker along with the sauces and wait for the party meatball magic happen. Since we were hosting a simple {who am I trying to kid?} Thanksgiving feast… Read more →