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Scarborough Fair Chicken | Enjoying this Journey...

Scarborough Fair Chicken

While I was in treble choir, we sang Scarborough Fair by Simon and Garfunkel. At the time I thought it was strange to be singing a song whose most memorable lyrics involved herbs, but I did like the song. My teacher did too {I suspect that was why we sang it} . Her eyes would light up when we hit… Read more →

Rotisserie Brined Ham


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Growing up {and even in early adulthood} I wasn’t a fan of ham. Unless you count the Carl Buddig ham… and I wouldn’t.

At any rate, I didn’t like ham and did my best to suppress my disgust for it in the company of others and would simply pass it by on the table, hoping no one would notice. I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings after them spending hours slaving over their honey glazed, pineapple adorned meat.

The Mister echoes my thoughts on ham and we’ve verbalized our distaste many times together in the eleven years we have been together. Then he threw a curveball at me and came home with a brined ham from the butcher shop.

Rotisserie Brined Ham | Enjoying this Journey...Read more