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Chicken and Apple Sausage | Enjoying this Journey...

AIP Chicken and Apple Sausage

Since I have some successful reintros under my belt, I have some more (convenient) options available to me. But one thing I’m constantly seeing in AIP groups is “is this sausage safe?” – and 9/10 times they’re referring to Aidells’ chicken and apple sausage. Unfortunately, it’s not elimination stage safe. BUT I’ve recreated a crumbled sausage that is. Read more →

Sweet Potato Turkey Meatballs | Enjoying this Journey...

Sweet Potato Turkey Meatballs

I’m continually looking for ways to incorporate organ meat into our meals. The kids already love pâté, heart, and tongue so “hidden liver” is more for the sake of supplementing, not necessarily sneaking it in (unlike zucchini, ha!). These turkey meatballs were a hit from the start. Both kids loved them (even as cold leftovers) and The Mister nodded his… Read more →

Scarborough Fair Chicken | Enjoying this Journey...

Scarborough Fair Chicken

While I was in treble choir, we sang Scarborough Fair by Simon and Garfunkel. At the time I thought it was strange to be singing a song whose most memorable lyrics involved herbs, but I did like the song. My teacher did too {I suspect that was why we sang it} . Her eyes would light up when we hit… Read more →

AIP Leftover Turkey Recipes

It’s safe to assume if you are celebrating Thanksgiving next week you’ll end up with copious amounts of leftover turkey. That’s not a bad thing in my book! In fact, my family has been eating turkey for the past several weeks simply because The Mister did the math and found it to be more cost effective than our usual chicken… Read more →

Roast Chicken – Two Ways

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All the rotisserie recipes I’ve forged work equally well for roast chicken. So I thought it’d be fun to highlight a couple of my families’ favorite ways to season a bird. I’ll make it a point to share all of them eventually. But for now, here are two!

Roast Chicken - Two Ways | Enjoying this Journey...Read more

Balsamic Wings


This post may contain affiliate links to products I own or swoon over… See my full disclosure here.

These Balsamic Wings are a crowd-pleaser, whether you bring a double {or triple!} batch to a pot luck or make them for a weeknight meal.

Balsamic WingsRead more

Spatchcocked Turkey #aip #autoimmuneprotocol | Enjoying this Journey...

Spatchcocked Turkey

We have had the smallest oven ever… a half sheet pan barely fit. So when we bought a 16-pound pastured turkey to serve for a paleo Thanksgiving we were hosting, we were throwing around ideas on how we wanted to roast it. When I first saw a spatchcocked turkey I showed it to The Mister and we agreed, we had… Read more →