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Cherrywood Bacon | Enjoying this Journey..

Cherrywood Bacon

Our bacon making comes in waves. There will be times where we are in a groove: brining, smoking, and slicing. Then we’ll take the easier route with storebought (compliant) bacon. I’m the first one to tell you, making bacon requires time and fridge space. So I get when people are turned off at the thought of making their own bacon.… Read more →

Herbed Bacon | Enjoying this Journey...

Herbed Bacon

The Mister was inspired by our butcher shop’s “house” bacon. A delicious paleo bacon in its own right, but unfortunately for me, it is not autoimmune protocol friendly. After conferring with our lovely butcher, The Mister rolled up his sleeves and made some modifications so that I could enjoy it without worry {or regret}. Gee, he’s swell. Read more →