#PrimalKid Lunches: Week Three

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Another week, another example of the healthy school lunches that fueled Luv. I love that I’ve been able to revamp leftovers more often with her lunches!

Last week she informed us that a boy in her class likes kiwi and so she’d like if we packed her some kiwi. Uhh… So what does The Mister do? He comes home with kiwi while out grocery shopping with Luv. When I ask if that was her idea, he smiles. Oh no. It was HIS idea to buy kiwis in the first place. 😛

Plus, later in the week she told us about a few people that were sick – you know that means bone broth {and spoonfuls of elderberry syrup at home}.

PrimalKid Lunches: Week Three

Choice Containers

choice containers

Fun Extras

fun extras

    1 :: Colorful Silicone Cups – keeps the container cleaner and allows you to separate a couple foods in one section of the LunchBots container.
    2 :: Nori Stamps – to inspire a contagious smile at the lunch table!
    3 :: Rice/Egg molds – making some otherwise mundane sides extra special.

Luv’s Lunches:

PrimalKid Lunches: Week Three

  • Day one: Smoked Salmon. Cran-Basil Pâté {recipe to come}. Carrot sticks. Local no-spray apple, cut into wedges. Macadamia nuts. Water with lemon slices. One square of fair trade organic soy-free dark chocolate.

PrimalKid Lunches: Week Three

  • Day two: Garlic Sauerkraut. Local no-spray peach. Leftover {from breakfast that morning} roasted Brussels sprouts with Smoked Salmon and white rice.

PrimalKid Lunches: Week Three

  • Day three: Leftover fig and lamb mixture with leftover rice, topped with dulse flakes. Carrot Ginger Sauerkraut {made with purple cabbage instead of green}. Local, no-spray apple. Trail mix.

PrimalKid Lunches: Week Three

  • Day four: Hot dog {as the bun} with Garlic Sauerkraut and Kombucha Mustard. Ants on a log {almond butter in celery sticks with raisins} and carrot sticks. Leftover roasted sweet potato slices. Kiwi slices {peeled with serrated peeler}. Bone broth.

PrimalKid Lunches: Week Three

  • Day five: Kale soup {unstrained – loose recipe here}. Leftover roasted sweet potato slices. Local, no-spray peach. Smoked Salmon.

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