#PrimalKid Lunches: Week Seven

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There was no post last week since I took the week off{line}. But here is a look at the lunches I packed for Luv THIS week. She had her first excused absence, but I still included her lunch because it would pack well.

#PrimalKid Lunches: Week Seven

Choice Containers

choice containers

Fun Extras

fun extras

    1 :: Colorful Silicone Cups – keeps the container cleaner and allows you to separate a couple foods in one section of the LunchBots container.
    2 :: Nori Stamps – to inspire a contagious smile at the lunch table!
    3 :: Rice/Egg molds – making some otherwise mundane sides extra special.

Luv’s Lunches:

A healthy school lunch can be simple to assemble the night before, especially when using leftovers!

#PrimalKid Lunches: Week Seven

  • Day one: Ham {not AIP, though there are one or two Applegate varieties that do not contain off limit spices, only cane sugar}, carrots, half an orange, bone broth, and Garlic Sauerkraut.

#PrimalKid Lunches: Week Seven

  • Day two: Leftover burger patty {seasoned with garlic, oregano, and smoked sea salt}, half a pink grapefruit, carrot sticks, and celery with almond butter… I guess that makes it an antless log. 😉

#PrimalKid Lunches: Week Seven

#PrimalKid Lunches: Week Seven

  • {at home due to dentist appointment and not feeling well} Day four: Sardine salad {same as day three} and local no-spray apple wedges.
    #PrimalKid Lunches: Week Seven

  • Day five: Leftover burger {seasoned with garlic, rosemary, and smoked sea salt} with kombucha mustard, a cutie orange, celery sticks, leftover homemade guacamole {avocado, fresh garlic, lime zest and juice, green onions}, carrot sticks, and Garlic Sauerkraut

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