#PrimalKid Lunches: Week Two

Here is another example of the healthy school lunches that fueled her days last week. I’ve noticed that I am getting a mix of “convenience” foods {packaged nuts for example} with homemade food and whenever possible: leftovers.

Primal Kid Lunches

Choice Containers

choice containers

When I don’t have extra containers to pack {such as our Pyrex containers} the Trio or Quad container fits nicely in a lunch bag that was a gift from The Mister’s parents. But on the days she has more, I break out her felt insulated bag. It’s taller so I can fit more containers in it without issue.

Fun Extras

fun extras

    1 :: Colorful Silicone Cups – keeps the container cleaner and allows you to separate a couple foods in one section of the LunchBots container.
    2 :: Nori Stamps – to inspire a contagious smile at the lunch table!
    3 :: Rice/Egg molds – making some otherwise mundane sides extra special.

Luv’s Lunches:

day one

  • Day one {returning after Labor Day}: The oh-so brilliant #hotdogasthebun with a “smoked” garlic dill pickle and kombucha mustard. Green beans {frozen, but thaw overnight in the fridge}. Macadamia nuts. Gummies {made with beet juice, blended kale and berries, grapefruit sparkling mineral water, gelatin, water, and honey} and pomegranate arils.

    day two

  • Day two: Onigiri. I seasoned the rice with sea salt and sea vegetables and filled with some leftover fig jam, onion, and beef. Dressed with a strip of organic nori {stamped out with this ridiculous cuteness!}. Dried berries. Plantain strips. Flower cucumber and carrots
  • .

    day three

  • Day three: Leftover fig meatballs. Rice heart. Broccoli slaw. Star gummies {made with beet juice, blended kale and berries, grapefruit sparkling mineral water, gelatin, water, and honey}. Half of a Qi’a bar.
  • day four

  • Day four: leftover slow cooked beef stew {stew meat, veggies, bone broth, finished with dulse flakes}. Trail mix. Dried berries.
  • Still Adjusting.

    Luv and I both are still adjusting to her going to school. She prioritizes recess over eating and some days comes home with a nearly untouched lunch bag. It’s a good time to remind her that the food I pack her is to help fuel her for recess and get her through until I pick her up. She knows she gets grumpy and feels sick when she doesn’t eat for a long time, so she’s been working on it.

    Plus, we’ve had an agreement that anything leftover from lunch serves as her snack once she’s home. That has proven to help show her just how much she’s not eating at lunch. I just hope she makes an effort to eat more of her lunches at school instead of at home. *snicker*

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