Halloween Treat Swap: 101

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For the past couple of years we’ve swapped out the kids’ Halloween candy.

*dun, dun, dun!*

Breathe. It’s not such a scary idea. Luv has had an open mind with all dietary changes we’ve made as a family {because we’ve had some before “going paleo”} and Bugsy knows no other way. But. They both LOVE trick-or-treating. The excitement of dressing up, going door to door, blurting out the obligatory phrase, and rushing off to the next house. Seeing all the fun decorations. Spotting cool costumes on other kids. It’s a fun night for our family and one we look forward to as a family each year.

Halloween Treat Swap: 101 | Enjoying this Journey...

What is this “candy swap” you speak of?

The idea originally came to us via the kids’ former dentist. His office did a buy back {for mouth’s sake} and sent the candy to soldiers. Back in 2013, we planned on participating in this buy back, but Luv was sick. So she bundled up with her costume on and knocked on a few neighbors doors before dark {they were expecting her} and we swapped out paleo-friendly treats and bought the rest her candy from her {for more than her dentist would have given her anyway, ha!}. We called it the Sick-or-Treat year.

Still not sure?

If you think your kids will be resistant to the idea, try having a conversation about it with them. Pose questions that will inspire them to truly think about it…

Do they feel a certain way after they eat typical Halloween candy? Are there any treats *they* can think of that would be a healthier swap? Are there any books or board games they would like to “buy” with their Halloween candy?

If they’re still putting their foot down – compromise. Come to an agreement that you all can live with.

Let them eat cake… er treats.

By now, I’ve probably made it known how I feel about treats. By no means are they a daily thing for our kids, not a weekly thing. They are a special occasion thing. Hence the word treat. πŸ˜‰ The last time our kids had treats was for Bugsy’s birthday on September 24th, and I made it clear that there would be no treats till Halloween {because there will be plenty; albeit, less than the typical haul, but plenty for them}.

I will also note that our kids also have no known autoimmune diseases or allergies, so it’s more a matter of living a healthy lifestyle and opting for real food treats and books/play things. If your kids have health concerns or diagnosed autoimmune diseases, you may not have so many choices with their treats. And that’s okay. That’s when other “fun things” come into play. πŸ™‚

This Halloween, I’ll be making Tigernut Caramel Apples {per Luv’s request} and we’ll have hot organic apple cider warming in the slow cooker with cinnamon and cloves while we are out.

Halloween Treat Swap 101

I’ve already ordered some paleo-friendly treats for them to swap out. Just a few for them to split. I’ll portion out the Coco-Roons as well. I can’t recommend the $5 or Less section enough – there’s no need to break the bank!

Halloween Treat Swap 101

Fun stuff.

Raid your local Target, craft store, dollar store, or window shop with Amazon and/or Oriental Trading Company {order online stuff ASAP unless you’re using Amazon Prime} and pick out some fun Halloween crafts, pencils, hacky sacks, bracelets, bookmarks, and/or small board games.

Halloween Treat Swap 101

And after chatting with Tiffany on Instagram recently, she had the fantastic idea of including books in a candy swap! So you know I had to add in some Halloween books for our bookworms. πŸ˜‰ We already own number one and number three. The kids LOVE reading them {year round, truth be told} – but I had to include them in my recommendations.

Halloween Treat Swap 101

Buy back.

This year, assuming they’ll bring home close to what they did previous years, we will swap out more candy than we buy back. People are mighty generous with their full-size candy bars here. And, no, teal pumpkins aren’t a thing here. Unfortunately. I will also say, if the swap items are cool enough “buying” won’t even need to come up in conversation. But if you must — I don’t know of any kid that will turn their nose up at money. The amount is definitely a term you’ll have to negotiate with your child. Perhaps, by the pound? Or by the handful? In the past we made the swaps for “better choice treats” and non-food items first, then made an offer on the remaining. Last year we didn’t resort to buying any candy, for what it’s worth. They were quite pleased with the books and play things they got. I suspect the same will happen this year. Woot!


There are a couple of options for sending Halloween candy to US soldiers, but the one we’ve used before {and also use to donate our old cell phones} is with Operation Gratitude. Follow that link and get all the deets for sending in your donation {the deadline is mid-November}.

Halloween Treat Swap 101

Halloween Treat Swap: 101 | Enjoying this Journey...
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  1. October 23, 2015 at 7:17am

    What a cool idea! i’m LOVING that Day of the Dead coloring book too! Very cool!
    Lisa Brown recently posted…Finding Picture Perfect Artwork For Our HomeMy Profile

    • October 23, 2015 at 10:17am

      It’s such a fun one, it even has patterning techniques and color theory/tips to keep a somewhat traditional look to the pages. Each page has a quote on the back, so no worry about taking a page out to give to someone πŸ˜‰

  2. Gram
    October 26, 2015 at 6:36pm

    Mmmm. Those ginger honey patties look good….

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