Grapefruit Avocado Salad


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As I approach my second week, I love how my tastebuds have adapted. Foods that I used to consider tart are now surprisingly sweet. Like grapefruit. It is as sweet to me as a Navel orange would be!

My experience on the The 21-Day Sugar Detox so far has been fantastic. I love that this plan is flexible and accomodates athletes, pregnant and nursing moms, autoimmune protocol, etc. Taking into account that I already eat paleo I was set up for level 3 automatically. I do have some modifications in place for following AIP and considering that I still nurse Bugsy {often} – so I am allowing myself some good carbs {like sweet potato} when I feel the need.

There are three fruits I am allowed on this level; grapefruit, green tip bananas {which is how I prefer bananas anyway!}, and green/tart apples. So I’ve gotten creative with different ways to zhush up these fruits.

Grapefruit Avocado Salad
This is one of my favorite salads to enjoy. I just threw it together one morning while bacon was cooking. Remarkable things happen when the smell of bacon is in the air. Ha!

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Grapefruit Avocado Salad

Grapefruit Avocado Salad
Recipe type: Salad
Cuisine: Paleo, Primal
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
Refreshing and satisfying - this salad is a fantastic snack and would complement any breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner.
  • 1 organic grapefruit
  • 1 organic avocado
  • sprinkle of organic dried mint
  • sprinkle of Himalayan sea salt
  1. Peel the grapefruit, removing any excess pith and seeds. Divide into segments and slice each segment into quarters. Place in a bowl.
  2. Slice the avocado in half, running the blade along the pit, twist to open. Remove the pit and carefully score the fruit into cubes. Scoop the fruit out with a serving spoon and place with grapefruit. Reserve the skin to use as a bowl.
  3. Gently toss together with mint and sea salt. Serve in the avocado "bowls".

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