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Stage 1 reintroduction recipes while following the Autoimmune Protocol Paleo at Enjoying this Journey.

Mushroom Onion and Beef Soup

Mushroom, Onion, and Beef Soup

I was prepping some ingredients in the kitchen recently, almost laughing at myself. Years ago, if you were to say I’d be making a mushroom soup for myself to eat {not just the fam}, I’d say you had lost your ever loving mind. But there I was. Lovingly wiping and slicing portabello mushrooms for soup. Read more →

Vanilla Salt

Vanilla Salt

This Vanilla Salt is sure to be ridic-delish used on roasted fruits, caramel, used when making baked treats, homemade marshmallows or chocolates. Ooh, quite possibly even meats. I’m definitely going to try that as soon as my current batch is ready! 🙂 Read more →

AIP Chai {tailor your tea for AIP!}

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Chai is one tea I often see questions about. As a huge lover of chai tea, my heart goes out to those initially starting the autoimmune protocol. Giving up something as simple, warming, and soothing as your favorite tea can be pretty disappointing.

Considering I am finally reintroducing foods myself {after several failed/premature reintros last year} I thought I’d tinker with an AIP Chai tea!

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Kofte Bison Kebabs


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When I saw a kofte kebab for the first time years ago, truthfully, I wasn’t impressed. Let’s be honest. Ground meat manipulated around a stick isn’t exactly appealing to the eyes… While it didn’t seem extraordinarily special, I am glad I gave it a shot. Köfte kebabs open up a world of possibilities for skewer-ed deliciousness! These kebabs are also easier on the budget!

he origin of the word köfte is the Persian word کوفته kufteh meaning “mashed.” ~ Wiki

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