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PrimalKid Lunches

#PrimalKid Lunches: Week One

Hey all! I hope you have had a ridiculously fabulous summer {even though it’s still summer according to the calendar}. I’m easing myself back into the blog dashboard and dusting off my keyboard. We’ve had lots of changes {and there’s more to come} happen. Perhaps the biggest is Luv enrolling in public school. I’m sure I’ll share more on that… Read more →


I wonder if I can be influential about bacon on Klout?

Strawberry “Shake”

It’s still not often I have dairy, but when I do? I do whole fat (when I see low fat/no fat I shudder – to me, that is not food). A good brand is Nancy’s. This is also loaded with probiotics. Even better, you can make it yourself!

Are you familiar with the health benefits of fermented and cultured foods? Another reason to love whole fat yogurt… I like to serve this primal shake in addition to veggies for lunch.

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