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Erin is a hopelessly devoted wife and momma striving for a healthy future. She is an experimental cook, DIY dabbler, appreciator of organics and green{er} living, and continually seeking knowledge about food and its effect on autoimmune disease.
Pumpkin Tapioca Pudding | Enjoying this Journey...

Pumpkin Tapioca Pudding

The kids had requested pudding. Taking note of what I had in the cupboards, I knew it’d be tapioca-based. And I figured since we were in the middle of autumn and I had one lonely can of pumpkin left from *last year’s* case (yes, really), I may as well make it a pumpkin pudding. Of course, I intended to share… Read more →

AIP Charcuterie Recipe Roundup | Enjoying this Journey...

AIP Charcuterie Recipe Roundup

Ah, charcuterie. My favorite type of “batch-cooking”! Today, I’m sharing plenty of nutrient-dense, flavorful charcuterie recipes that happen to be in line with the paleo autoimmune protocol. In my mind, charcuterie ranges anywhere from homemade bacon, home smoked meats, delicious pâtés, and homemade sausages. Charcuterie also includes dressed up meat dishes like galantines, roulades, confit, and terrines. Read more →

Harvest Duck Soup | Enjoying this Journey...

Harvest Duck Soup

A co-worker recently gifted us with seven freshly hunted ducks. While I’ve cooked duck a few times before, we’ve not yet had the full prepping/de-feathering experience. A mess was made. Luv helped The Mister and Bugsy curiously watched. I helped where ever I could and went to town, cleaning the kitchen afterward. With plenty of duck to experiment with I… Read more →

Tongue & Plantain Soup | Enjoying this Journey...

Tongue & Plantain Soup

This soup is inspired by Luv and her unquenchable curiosity and desire to learn. See, we’re no stranger to tongue or plantains. She and I were talking about different meals commonly made with those ingredients. And she broke out a little Spanish (show off 😉). sopa de plátano So I asked if she knew there was also a tongue soup,… Read more →

Slow Cooker Brisket | Enjoying this Journey...

Slow Cooker Brisket

A couple of weeks back, I pulled a brisket out of the fridge and my initial thought was to prep it for the oven (see that recipe here). A long to-do list was looming and my motivation (and energy) wasn’t exactly up for babysitting a brisket. I pulled out my slow cooker and quickly threw together some aromatics that could… Read more →

Chicken and Apple Sausage | Enjoying this Journey...

AIP Chicken and Apple Sausage

Since I have some successful reintros under my belt, I have some more (convenient) options available to me. But one thing I’m constantly seeing in AIP groups is “is this sausage safe?” – and 9/10 times they’re referring to Aidells’ chicken and apple sausage. Unfortunately, it’s not elimination stage safe. BUT I’ve recreated a crumbled sausage that is. Read more →

Camp Food: Veggie Soup | Enjoying this Journey...

Camp Food: Veggie Soup

We went camping over Labor Day weekend and The Mister and I keep talking about how much we loved it. This was (despite forgetting a few things) one of the best trips to date. We hiked, we saw horses, we visited the fairy garden, we chased after Bugsy… Of course, after a full day, our appreciation for real food is… Read more →

Smoked Salmon Blackberry Salad

If ever there were a quick, fancy pants salad! Each time I’ve made this, I’ve had it for breakfast (and the kids split the other half). It’s light, flavorful, and satisfying all at once. Do you, boo. The smoked salmon I use is homesmoked. Don’t hate me. BUT you could also substitute a salmon that was grilled – even better… Read more →

Sweet Potato Turkey Meatballs | Enjoying this Journey...

Sweet Potato Turkey Meatballs

I’m continually looking for ways to incorporate organ meat into our meals. The kids already love pâté, heart, and tongue so “hidden liver” is more for the sake of supplementing, not necessarily sneaking it in (unlike zucchini, ha!). These turkey meatballs were a hit from the start. Both kids loved them (even as cold leftovers) and The Mister nodded his… Read more →