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Let's have one last frozen treat hoorah! Grab your spoons and make room in your freezer.

The temperature is still in the 80s where I live. While I admit, I am ready to bring my autumn sweaters and boots out, but I’m always down for a frozen treat! Of course, if the temperatures are already dropping where you live, you can squirrel away this roundup post for next year. *wink*

I’ve gathered some of the tastiest frozen treats in the autoimmune protocol blogosphere!

AIP Frozen Treat Recipes

We're dragonfruit noobies.

Until recently I had never had dragonfruit. Let alone purchased it. It’s probably one of the most curious looking fruits I’ve seen! The color is magnificent and the inside is not what I expected.

Dragon Fruit Sorbet

Luv was especially curious about this fruit. I asked what color she would guess the inside is…

“Pink, like the outside.”

I slowly sliced, careful to keep it hidden as her neck craned towards me to try and sneak a peek…

This sorbet might surprise you!

Sometimes I’ll see a recipe and think, what the…? Curiosity usually gets the best of me and I have to try it for myself.

Pomegranate and Mint Sorbet

The only thing better than peaches is ginger with peaches.

And the only thing better than ginger with peaches is ginger with ROASTED peaches.

Ginger Peach SorbetAll up in my mouth.

After getting my IgG results {so long, coconut!} I threw a mini pity party.

One thing I have learned since then is that life goes on {quite deliciously} without coconut. Even on hot summer days when a scoop of ice cream/coconut ice cream seems downright necessary.

Strawberry Balsamic Sorbet

Because those of us on an autoimmune protocol can never have too many compliant salsa recipes...

For this salsa, I’m combining two favorites; ultra-hydrating cucumber and luscious peaches!

Cucumber Peach Salsa

We love salmon.

Yes, we still eat Pacific caught seafood. Check out Chris Kresser’s post regarding Fukushima Radiation if you’re interested in his thoughts on the subject.

Ready for the recipe now?

Wild Salmon Cakes