Reawaken Your Intuition | Enjoying this Journey...

Reawaken Your Intuition

This post serves as an AIP PSA of sorts. I’m joining many other bloggers this week in sharing how I live the manifesto. Every so often we have what is commonly called a “gut feeling”. From friendships to relationships, work decisions to parenthood, even when it comes to “healing protocols – I’ve always taken advice (especially unsolicited) with a grain… Read more →

Real Food Hauls: Grocery Outlet | Enjoying this Journey...

Real Food Hauls: Grocery Outlet

I freely admit living on the “moss side” of Washington state spoiled me. Incredibly. Coming from the epicenter of crunchy moms and green living aficionados; a place where co-ops and farmers markets thrive (almost) as well as Starbucks. Where Whole Foods Markets and Trader Joe’s make for a casual, convenient place to stop for “just a few things”. Adapting has… Read more →

Tongue Tacos | Enjoying this Journey...

Tongue Tacos

Tongue gets a lot of attention on Instagram. More than liver… Why is that? The first time we tried tongue it was quite the experience to prepare it, but I was genuinely eager to try it. I’d heard that it was an incredibly tender cut (when done right) and made incredible tacos – and I couldn’t agree more. Read more →

Plantain Pork Hash #aip #autoimmuneprotocol | Enjoying this Journey...

Plantain Pork Hash

Next time you find yourself feeling uninspired with leftover shredded pork, I hope you’ll try this recipe. It became a favorite last year when mangos were at their peak. Even better – the kids love it and it’s relatively quick to throw together. Read more →

Golden Tapioca Pudding

Golden Tapioca Pudding

Turmeric is the spice I refill most often in my kitchen. It is also one of my favorite anti-inflammatory food tools. Turmeric is an herb that has traditionally been used to aid and treat inflammation; especially interesting, is its effects on arthritis[1]. In fact, there are many studies on the anti-arthritic efficacy of turmeric in preventing joint swelling and destruction.… Read more →


No fair! I want Batman undies!! (when she sees Bugsy’s new underwear)

2015 year in review

2015 Year in Review

I know one card is still incoming to family currently living over 6,000 miles away, but I think everyone else has theirs. At least I assume. So that means I’m free to share the blog version here. 🙂 For those who are new to Enjoying this Journey, every year we send out Year in Review cards to family and friends.… Read more →

Perfect Scallops

Perfect Scallops

My first experience with scallops was… underwhelming. I had ordered a seafood pasta for my lunch break {long since removed from the menu} at one of the restaurants I gave nearly a third of my life to used to work at. If you’ve ever had an overcooked rubbery scallop, you’ll nod along in agreement when I say: Scallops are delicious…… Read more →