Back to the basics with my blog, our food, life in general, and Enjoying this Journey...

First came the apricots... then we were drowning in plums! Without complaint...

After picking 29 pounds of {no-spray} plums with the kids and my niece a while back, I was itching to try my hand at jam. While plums are naturally high in pectin – the jam just didn’t set up enough to my liking. So, I took my “snafood” and turned it into a thick butter.


For most of my life I had a fear and loathing of dentists.

I was the kind to only visit a dentist when I was in pain. Tsk tsk, I know. While I was pregnant with Bugsy, a molar was causing me great pain. Even with applying Thieves oil to it… I talked with my ND and relented to the fact that I would have to see a dentist. Long story short{ish}, the first dentist I called was the one I went to. Apparently I didn’t have time to bother calling anyone else, they had an opening that week – I was going. And I am so glad… He made me feel completely at ease. It turned out I just needed a deep cleaning on that tooth. But he was so great that I continued to see him for regular visits from then on.

It took over a year of appointments, cleanings, and diligence on my part before the unthinkable {at least in my mind} happened. I was paid a compliment by my dentist{!}.

We love fish. How could we not, living where we live??

Roasted Rainbow Trout

Anytime we stopped by our {old} co-op with fish on my list, Luv would be in charge of picking out the fish. She’d thoughtfully make her selection and the fishmonger would wrap it up and hand it to her. It always made me smile!

Roasted Rainbow Trout

Alternatively titled: One helluva busy weekend.

August 2

After just a few hours of interrupted sleep, The Mister and I got out of bed. Early. On this particular day, we had big plans. He started the coffee and started loading the rig while I got the kids and breakfast ready.

Is it just me or does actually getting OUT the door take for-ev-er. Even when you’ve planned and prepped ahead of time. It boggles my mind.

Operation: HealTHY Gut's newly eliminated foods include...

Basically any that are identified as a reaction class level three and higher on my antibody assessment test. I also have to give caution to a few of the class level two items {because they were high twos, almost threes}. Additionally, I have to take heed to the “Food Family” for each food that I have antibodies for.

Using Caution/Eliminated Two Foods

  1. Egg whites . My ND said to not bother trying to reintroduce egg yolk {lower on the two scale} or whites until after six months – so eggs are still eliminated.
  2. Baker’s and Brewer’s Yeast. That includes kombucha and nutritional yeast … and I need not go crazy with lactofermented vegetables. While their yeast content is lower than what is found in kombucha, it is my understanding that it can still be present in other lactofermented foods. It seems so strange and counter-intuitive to not eat ferments for optimal health.
  3. White rice. Sadly, it looks like I won’t be able to try out for #teamwhiterice any time soon!

  4. Broccoli. And its food family: The Mustard Family. This includes: Bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celery cabbage, Chinese cabbage, collard greens, horseradish, kale {!!!}, kohlrabi, krout, mustard greens, mustard seed, radish, rape, rutabaga, savoy cabbage, turnip, turnip greens, watercress, canola, and cress.
  5. Carrots And the carrot food family. This includes: Angelica, anise, caraway, carrot, caleriac, celery, celery seed, water celery, chervil, coriander, cumin, dill, fennel, ferula gum, gum galbanum, kummel, parsley {!!}, parsnip, samphire, sumbul, sweet cicily, and dong quai.

**There are a few others, but I don’t eat them anyway because they are grains. For example; barley and corn. Also white potato, which I don’t eat. Nightshades. Devil’s work.

Eliminated Three Foods

  1. Pineapple.
  2. Cranberry. Now, this gets tricky, because the cranberry is in the Heath Family. That includes blueberry, bearberry, bilberry, cranberry, huckleberry. But blueberry was a zero on my test results, whereas cranberry was in the reaction class of three. I think I’ll keep blueberries around and just tune in…
  3. Banana. And its food family which includes plantains. So long plantain pancakes!
  4. Coconut. And its food family: The Palm Family. This includes: dates, coconut, coconut oil, palm oil, sago, palm cabbage, and saw palmetto. Yes, I pouted in my ND’s office. Goodbye coconut milk {whipped cream/ice cream}, flakes {macaroons}, flour {and any chance of AIP baked goods}, and oil! Ah, and I’m looking for a new oil to use for oil pulling, too. Any suggestions, feel free to comment. I was thinking sesame, even though it is no allowed on AIP – on my IgG it is a zero for antibodies. I’ll think it over a while longer.

**There are a few others, but I don’t eat them anyway because, again, they are grains. For example; rye and spelt.

Eliminated Four Food

Yes, there is only one that was in the reaction class four range. Oddly enough it is WHOLE WHEAT. Something I have not eaten since…well, since I started this blog February of last year. Color me confused. My ND did suggest I could still have those antibodies in my blood stream because I am just someone who had no business eating whole wheat. Although I found it curious that wheat gluten and gliadin where both a reaction class of zero. {?}

Oddly enough almonds {you know, the evil nuts that make my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis flare up as if I am pouring gasoline on a fire?} Those are a ZERO. My ND and I agreed, just because it isn’t an IgG reaction doesn’t mean it can’t be a different antibody reaction. Almonds and I just don’t need to be friends.

So there you have it! My tailored AIP/IgG protocol. And a slew of supplements.

I should also warn… any recipe you see posted that includes these above foods may just be a recipe that I have been sitting on for months now. Trust, I have dozens of food photographs and recipe drafts on my desktop. Neglected and glaring at me as I work on newer recipes.

This is the last of several posts sharing my journal entries and some everyday photography during our move to Wenatchee.

In Transplanted Pt. One, we were staying at Mister G’s until our new place was ready. In Transplanted Pt. Two we were all moved in, but the journaling continues until I have internet again.